19 Responses to Nearly 40 percent of Europeans suffer mental illness

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I would think being overworked, stressed about maintaining employment, relationship dysfunction
    would create panic attacks, anguish,anxiety,anxiousness, and paranoia as posted.
    I tend to think humans are spiritual creatures as well as physical and when one part is neglected
    then the other part suffers. There has been reports that mental illness is on the rise in the USA.
    I wonder about the suicide rate in Europe. Japan has one of the highest in world. Ponder the USA
    if the stock market crashes and 401 K’s are gone and other investments.


  2. When people turn away from God they are clearly in the snare of the devil. The sad part is many Christians can be counted among these numbers. I am currently working on an iPhone App that will help Christians to stand firm in the Last Days, by overcoming the wiles of the devil, freedom from drug addiction, and how to remain faithful to Jesus. Thank you all for your comment. God bless you dear brothers and sisters in the Lord.


  3. Wendy Scott says:

    Perhaps a cure would be to eliminate global sized governments and economies and encourage people to rebuild their local communities, socially, economically and through strong meaningful local governance. This might go a long way to address some of the issues raised in Dennis E’s comment above.


    • LA says:

      Spot on, Wendy!! relocalization will be the way things turn around again.
      Strengthening local economies, networks and kinships AND seeking God again. Our lives are a gift from the Creator. People think they dont need God and can handle everything on their own. It appears that belief isnt working out too well.


  4. Jake says:

    “Two natures beat within my breast: one is foul, the other blest; The one I love, the one I hate; the one I feed will dominate.”

    Europe is learning the hard way that the pursuit of material gain and social status comes with consequences when priorities do not remain in order. I’m afraid secular psychology is not going to solve the problems outlined in the above article.

    “You shall have no other gods before me.”

    “God is a jealous God.”

    My prayer is for Europe to run into the loving embrace of Christ, The Mighty Counselor, and show the world a glorious example of how bondage can subside when one starts feeding the right nature.


  5. Charlotte says:

    Dennis and Wendy are right on target. We are created to be healthy and live long lives. What happens in between is largely a result of our choices, individually, and nationally. Humans, spiritually, mentally, and physically, need love (family,) freedom, faith (God,) and work to be healthy; then all else pretty much falls into place. Socialism, communism, and materialism are systems that pervert and destroy the fulfillment of those basic needs, and invite dysfunction into countries. The contraceptive mentality (coupled with selfish aims) has almost destroyed the diverse European ethnicity as demographics predict a dying population. Atheism is the enemy of the soul. Socialism kills passion and motivation. Communism annihilates liberty. Globalization, leading to one-world government, is a disaster in the making as it destroys community life, local productivity, and introduces power-mongers onto the world stage. We have no excuse to be ignorant of this: Hitler was a prototype of a global power-monger. Globalization of the 21st century is setting the stage for someone worse, if you can imagine that. Ora pro nobis.


  6. Davek says:

    I know this will sound like a downer , civilization IS circling the drain and more people as what little time we have left goes on will become more unhinged as they wake up to the reality we are faced with. This will get much worse for those who have clung to their narrow bands of reality as being the only way things are. I was there myself back in the day, yet even in my thickheadedness I knew change was and still is the only constant . One can change and evolve and grow as best they can or stay stuck in their self imposed mental prisons, I tend to think most of us will be forced to shift into somewhere in between and grow from there. Now many people are chemically unbalanced from birth,social conditions and diseases or drug addictions or just plain forgetting who they are as spirit having a human experience, too much emphasis on throwing “DRUGS” at the situation to make it go away, has it worked out so far? This will get worse and all we can do is attempt to help those who are becoming unglued as best we can ,although some are now beyond reach . What a dilema, a planet that is literally falling apart and trying to maintain our own sanity while helping those who have no real context as to what is occurring now due to a mental disconnection along the way. I hope all of you have strapped in and are have put on your crash helmets , along with all the other dynamics staring us in the face this is another straw on the back of the camel.


    • In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the majority of the world is unified under the New World Order of The World State and the opiate of the masses was the drug Soma. One wonders how far we are from planetary sedation as this global crisis deepens?

      “In the book Brave New World, soma is a hallucinogen that takes users on enjoyable, hangover-free “holidays”, developed by the World State to provide such inner-directed personal experiences within the socially managed context of State-run ‘religious’ organizations, social clubs, and the hypnopaedically inculcated affinity to the State-produced drug as a self-medicating comfort mechanism in the face of stress or discomfort, thereby eliminating the need for religion or other personal allegiances outside or beyond the World State.” –Wikipedia

      People’s ability to cope also deteriorates as the planet’s magnetic field weakens further. Scientists have used magnetic field therapy to treat psychosis and depression in Europe for many years. It’s called trans-cranial magnetic stimulation. So this problem will only worsen as earthchanges intensity .

      Earth’s magnetic field fluctuations linked to suicides and depression: http://www.thetechherald.com/article.php/200818/823/Earth-s-magnetic-field-linked-to-suicide-depression


  7. sophia carlson says:

    I understand that these countries have high rates of alcohol dependency and less sunlight hours than other areas of the globe. Excessive alcohol depletes vitamin levels and causes brain damage over time which can manifest in different brain disorders. Lack of vitamin D from sunlight also has wide ranging effects on the brain.


  8. nitewarlok says:

    just a thought,,for satan to control and confuse the masses into believing that he is the CHRIST it seems to me that it would be easier if the peoples were mentally challenged so to speak or unable to make rational decisions,,easier to be fooled,,he will after all do many incredible wonders like signs in the sky,rise from the dead i.e. shot in the dead and live,holograms no doubt in the sky causing many to be fooled,making it easier to accept the mark to many who know it is wrong but will do it anyways being fooled under false pretenses,,mentally man is a weak creature,,there is no denying that,even according to the apostle paul or was it john hmm uh for those of you who do have the good news which i do not you know what iam saying and meaning,,,,those who know CHRIST are always doing what we know we are not supposed to be doing,,,,,i forget the verse,,,and i apologise,,,the gist is we are weak minded,,,mental destability would make the masses easier to be controlled,,,may HE continue to BLESS us all


  9. BBI says:

    I think it’s more that people today are less ashamed to admit mental problems, visit a psychiatrist or even go to a psychiatric hospital. They consider it an illness to be treated. Decades ago, there was much more shunning by society, labeling people “insane”, “mad” and perhaps locking them away. So people would avoid to admit any mental problems. This is what has changed!


  10. M. says:

    Hi there,

    This is not surprising with the rise of microwave radiation in the world. Scientists are linking these neurological issues with the opening of the blood/brain barrier, which is the filter around your brain that protects it from toxins. Doctors have actually used this to get chemo into the brain of patients with brain cancer. There has been a lot or research done on this and you can find many sources on the net that explain it. This document explains the mechanism, but I encourage you to look into it yourself from different sources.


    They are linking exposures to everyday wi-fi, cordless phones, cell phones, baby monitors, cell towers, call phones, smart meters, etc to possibly be connected with the rise of autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Chemical sensitivities and other environmental sensitivities, insomnia, depression, some forms of tinnitus, electro-sensitivity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and more. If you think you might be affected try this link to an Electro Sensitivity site.


    This is a good starting point to finding help. I myself became sick from living by a couple of cell towers last year. Reduction of exposure if the only thing my doctor recommended. Alternative medicine can also help. I also recommend seeing an Occupational Health Doctor and going to the Environmental Health Clinic at Women’s College Hospital for a diagnosis. If the doctor you see doesn’t know about it, try another. It’s a big topic in Occupational Health right now, with doctors on both sides of the fence. My doctor has other patients with the same problem as I do, but he’s not going to Health Canada with this information as other colleagues of his have stuck their neck out and had their funding for research cut and their reputation damaged. He actually told me that. Of course that’s not what I wanted to hear as I was really suffering and helpless to do anything about it, but I do understand why he would feel this way. I hope all doctors with this knowledge will change their minds and do something now to stop more people from being harmed and for the technology not to proliferate anymore, which it will continue to do.

    We are not meant to be bombarded with these frequencies. There are a lot of people out there working to have this technology stopped and to have affected person protected, but it’s not hitting the media as much as it should. I imagine you can figure out why. If you are feeling unwell, think back to when it started. Did you or a neighbour just install wi-fi, a baby monitor or a cordless phone in the house? Did they put up a cell tower around your part of the city? Has a smart meter been installed on your home, especially near where you sleep? Did you get a smart phone and start sleeping with it beside your bed? If so, try not using these devices for a while and see if it helps. If you notice a change then you know you are being affected and you should seek some help and change your lifestyle. The illness I now have happened almost overnight. You can feel better but you can’t go back once you’ve crossed that line. So please do something and don’t end up in my situation.

    These sites are also helpful and I suggest you taking you look. If you need scientific literature the people involved with the below organizations can find it for you.



    Kelly Crofton’s book “Wireless Radiation Rescue” is a great reference and gives a overview of everything and solutions to protect you and your family. I really recommend getting a copy. It also refers to scientific papers on the subject and where you can find them.


  11. My question is: are the mental illnesses causing the social and economic burdens, or are the social and economic burdens causing the mental illnesses. Although many of these illnesses do require medication, be aware that many of these medications also have side effects which can also cause other mental illnesses. Sort of a Catch-22 situation.

    @Dennis E – So true. I have suffered in the past with depression and panic/anxiety attacks. Remember the Big Crash of ’29, there were many who lost everything (material wise) and figured their lives were destroyed. I have heard stories of people jumping out of high-rise buildings because they couldn’t handle it.

    @Wendy Scott – I agree. And I also believe in strong family unity where families stick together instead of moving hundreds of miles away just to live out a dream.

    @Jake. Amen. “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

    And I truly appreciate all the other comments on here. However, I believe that there are those in power who would like to keep the people under medication/alcohol/social drugs, so the masses will be easier to control ala “Brave New World” like Alvin said.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


  12. truth_seeker says:

    What I find most concerning having thought about this (and suffered depression myself), is that a massive proportion of people in Europe have detailed records of their vulnerabilities. The I is now more important that loving your neighbour as yourself. So many are so isolated. Now it seems they have all this data stored up and a lot of it highly personal. These drugs they now hand out like sweets have side-effects and who knows how they are altering our brains without our knowing. What we need is that rest Irene talks about. And the love of God for our fellow man.


  13. Brian says:

    The only way for us to end this sickness is to keep the faith and bide our time for the second coming.
    We must abide by Gods plan, seeking only his glory and the kIngdom of Heaven.
    While spreading his word…
    Beware of Satans spawn who have infiltrated every nook and cranny of world governments and places of power…
    And never forget ~ your enemies greatest weapon is Deception…
    May our Lord God Almighty grant to you the strength and sanctuary to survive the coming mayhem !


  14. Tina Marie says:

    I too was reading the post and all the comments wondering what the statistics are for the U.S and how this is connected to the magnetic field weakinging. I’ve read Brave new world and saw the movie. While the drug Soma is real, it isn’t a hallucinogen, it’s a rather strong muscle relaxer but I get the premise of a world “sedated” into compliance. We really need to start trying to understand the origins of these disorders and stop trying to medicate people out of it. As someone who has also had experience with depression and been given drugs that caused awful side effects and never helped, I agree with most of the comments, that until we reconnect with our creator and true purpose in life, these problems will only get worse. As the world plunges into chaos, drugging the masses is not the answer. God is the only one who can give us peace and restore us.


  15. nickk0 says:


    I wonder what the ‘criterion’ are, that the European psychologists are applying, to qualify up to 40% of the population as being mentally ill ??
    That seems kind of high…… But then again, maybe it is not.

    – Nick


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