Is the number of earthquakes increasing? Why Virgina may be a preview of things to come

September 6, 2011VIRGINIA – Is the number of earthquakes increasing?  Are major earthquakes becoming more frequent?  In the aftermath of the magnitude-5.8 earthquake in Virginia, a whole lot of people are asking those questions.  All over the mainstream media, “experts” are coming on and assuring the public that all of this is “normal” and that the number of earthquakes is not actually increasing.  The USGS continues to insist that the frequency of major earthquakes has been “fairly constant” and that there is no reason for alarm. The truth is that this year we are on pace to have more than twice the number of major earthquakes than we did just 10 years ago.  The mainstream media is much more interested in keeping people calm than it is in telling them the truth.  Our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, and the magnitude-5.8 Virginia earthquake that we just witnessed might just be a preview of things to come. The Virginia earthquake is already being called a “once a century” earthquake for the east coast. The earthquake was felt from Georgia all the way up to Ottawa, Canada. It was felt as far west as Cleveland, Ohio.  It prompted the evacuation of congressional buildings and the Pentagon.  The earthquake actually cracked the Washington Monument and now it is closed indefinitely for repairs. But that was not the only major seismic event in the U.S. that day.  A magnitude-5.3 earthquake rattled the area along the Colorado/New Mexico border.  That was the largest earthquake that region had seen in more than 40 years. What do the hard numbers tell us? Well, when you take a look at the numbers it quickly becomes clear that the number of earthquakes is increasing. Back in 2001, the world had 1361 earthquakes of magnitude-5.0 or greater.  This year, we are on pace to have over 2800.  In fact, the number of major earthquakes this year is going to be the highest number we have seen during this past decade by far. Yes, technology may enable us to detect more earthquakes than we did 50 or 100 years ago, but there has not been a quantum leap in earthquake detection technology during this past decade. But what we have seen during this past decade is a definite rise in the number of major earthquakes. The chart at the top of the article of earthquakes magnitude-5.0 or greater over the last decade comes to us from

Please keep in mind that this year (2011) we are on pace to have more than 2800 earthquakes of magnitude-5.0 or greater.  Once that number is included, the chart will look even more dramatic. The following chart shows the number of earthquakes having a magnitude of 6.0 or greater since 1973.  This chart comes from, and it includes data for this year. As you can see, the number of magnitude-6.0 earthquakes for this year is “off the charts” because we are on pace for well over 200. –Endoftheamericandream
contribution Gary
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17 Responses to Is the number of earthquakes increasing? Why Virgina may be a preview of things to come

  1. Pastorken171 says:

    Well I am still interested into what is causing the increase. I am a Pastor and over this past two years I have done alot of study into other cultures historys and find most of them move in step with the biblical narrative up to the tower of Babel story. I have always been interested in the one verse in Genesis 10:25, where it mentions an individual named Peleg, and says, “in his days was the earth divided.” I believe this year we have entered into a Tower of Babel moment where “God” or “Gods” (original Hebrew rendering in Genesis is “elohims”)come down once again and possibly hit the reset button because we have gotten to smart for our own good. I am not a “Sitchinite” but a real lover of Jesus who can’t deny the truth out there. I am not saying Nibiru but definitely a cycle of sorts where humans crawl out from there places of safety and start counting time again and using a new calender. Just some thoughts. Believe me I am not trying to convince anyone. I just am finally being brave enough to even think outside of orthodox thought.


    • truth_seeker says:

      pastorken171 I’ve had a tower of Babel theme running through my head for the past day or so but had other things in my mind I’ve been looking into also. Thanks so much for the Genesis ref. I think that’s what I need to look up.


    • maurice chaney says:

      Very well said, I too was a pastor, but, i knew something was missing from the story.


  2. Danny says:

    TIME WILL TELL… thats my MOTO


  3. J Guffey says:

    Until recently I had never heard of the North American craton. About a week before the Virginia quakes, I had noticed quake activity from the northwest dipping south and east, then up to the northeast. This seemed odd to me as most of these areas in the eastern US seldom have quakes.

    Then, boom, the 5.8 Virginia quake and the aftershocks. To me, it just seemed as if we were approaching or crossing an invisible threshold. Of course, I was taking into account the valuable info Alvin and many of the others had been posting on EP over the passed months.

    So glad to have found this site and you guys. God bless.


    • Joseph says:

      I actually noticed the same exact thing the very night before the attack. I was looking at the google earth map and called a family member in to the room to show him the line being cut across the United States. I just said “That’s weird, wonder if something big is gonna happen.”


  4. Pharisee=Modern Zionists says:

    I have a complete record of quakes since 311 Japan. They have increased in size, intensity, frequency and to depths reaching into 500-600+ feet. That is profound displacement. And in areas where the minimum tremors rise weekly in places not usually affected.

    The Xtian minister neednt look at Sitchin. Just read his own scriptural references in Book of Revelation re: WORMWOOD. Why isnt this material common knowledge already among Xtians, esp CLERGY??? Most have no idea of the time we are in- in fact among the last to comprehend, while even many atheists, Muslims, Buddhists etc ‘get it’. Spiritually blind.


  5. pastorken171 says:

    I am aware of wormwood and revelation but feel it is a little to blury for me to figure out. John had a hard time describing what he saw so I feel unqualified to guess at it some 2000 yrs. later. Quite a bit of alegory also.


    • Dennis E. says:

      pastorken171: Dennis E. Here. UH, in regard to your basic question/comment about earthquakes increasing, Alvin has provided on this site archive postings on this very subject. He has also posted that the Atlantic sea floor is expanding and that tectonic plates are moving and also magma is on the move.
      I would suggest that you consider purchasing his published book and no doubt you will find it a wonderful resource for study material.
      I might want to suggest that if you do make such a purchase, skip ahead to page 554. Very interesting reading. Don’t waste valuable time………….
      And finally, some of us, I know it did me, when I first came to this site several months
      ago found that the information posted on this site made matthew chapter 24 and Luke 21 and those selected verses come alive, as in real time prophecy fulfillment.
      Others found the posted information useful for New Age followers in that mother earth was in turmoil and was trying to get our attention or stuff like that. Just an opinion.
      A little bit here for everyone to comment. It can get a little firey, but we are almost one big happy family here.

      Have a nice day……….


  6. “The mainstream media is much more interested in keeping people calm than it is in telling them the truth.”

    I just “love” how the mainstream media and “experts” love to withhold information from the people. I would prefer to have the knowledge so I could prepare. On the other hand, quoting “Men in Black” – “a person may be smart but people are stupid”. Maybe they’re on to something. Even with knowledge, they might not have the common sense to know what to do with it. One can shout themselves hoarse warning people, but they won’t listen, or they’ll panic, or they’ll call you a lunatic. So sad.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


    • nickk0 says:

      The fact is, people have a hard time accepting, let alone comprehending, what is “outside of the norm”.
      It seems that we are now entering a phase that is well “outside of the norm”.

      Life for most people will change drastically at some point – Are people ready to accept that ? Let alone, how to prepare ??

      – Nick


  7. radiogirl says:

    Pastorken.while there are indeed a number of clergy that are watching,studying and preparing their church for approaching dangers many are not.The latter includes my own church.So many in our church are expressing concern that we are indeed in the end times,it is on their minds.Oddly we have no sermons concerning these events even though our lessons are good ones,nothing on these fast changing dramas of the day.What is your opinion on this? My own observation is there may be a concern about frightening people .Our Pastor meets with area Ministers once a month and if you do as well insome capacity ,I would be interested to know what the thought of clergy today is.Thank You,Radiogirl


    • Peter says:

      I can say for a fact that several pastors I know believe that preaching on the end days is a distraction from the Gospel of salvation! My pastor says it is her job to prepare the congregation spiritually, not phisically. That is why it is important to study out of our own church environments.. I appreciate the teachings of Perry Stone on the end times..
      To all the amazing people on this site ..Jesus loves you … Pray that He shows you the way.. God bless..


  8. Gen says:

    Pastorken, you wrote:

    “John had a hard time describing what he saw so I feel unqualified to guess at it some 2000 yrs. later.”

    I can’t agree with you there. One example, if you read Revelation 9 and then read Joel 2 you will see that both John the Revelator and Joel , it would seem, are describing the same event.

    If you read Revelation 17 you will find that John explains the meaning of certain things that he speaks of in earlier chapters of his revelation.

    Wormwood is a bitter herb. Wormwood is used is the context that the waters will be made bitter. I would not, personally, be trying to connect Wormwood with what they call Niburu.

    You will notice in chapter 9 “I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given they key of the bottomless pit”. To him. To me this indicates the star is one of Satan’s demons.

    We are told that Satan will be given great power in the last days up until the time he is cast out forever.

    Daniel 7 is also another witness unto John.

    Throughout the Bible God uses two or more of his prophets to convey the same message. He did this is His wisdom as He knew mankind would misinterpret or change the meaning of vital messages. Unbelieving men or those who wish to deceive usually slip up.

    I pray that as you continue your journey you will pray for guidance and understanding and may God bless you.


  9. There are some who focus on the advent of technologies, medical marvels and the science of restortative ecology and say we have moved back from the precipice. If you see the growing tension in the world, financial degradation of economies, civil unrest, escalating series of natural disasters and threats to gobal food security; you might feel differently. I always say we don’t wish to disturb people’s fixated transquility- there is just a message that change is upon us and yes, I think the clock’s hands have inched ever closer to midnight and have brought the harbingers of possible catastrophe with it.


  10. I agree! There is something BIG about to happen and my guess is the New Madrid Fault Zone is about to give way. This is why FEMA conducted their NLE 2011 and directly mentions the NMFZ.The huge amount of MRE’s FEMA has requested can be found on “, enough to feed 14 million a day.
    I live in Florida and even it’s under watch with the US Array Network setting up over 500 transportable seismic monitorig stations from Mich thruFL. to watch the NMFZ. Go to (Earthscope ANF Website on line tools and prepare to be shocked! The CUSEC website gives the most extensive info on the NMFZ and preparations being made. So the next time the “experts” say; Oh theres no more EQ’s than normal, You now know the truth. Arm yourself with info.


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