Typhoon Talas carves trail of destruction through Japan- 34 dead, 56 missing

September 4, 2011 TOKYO – At least 22 people have been killed and more than 51 are missing after powerful Typhoon Talas ripped through western Japan, local media reports. The storm brought heavy rain and winds of up to 108km/h (68mph) after making landfall on Shikoku island on Saturday. Talas has now moved over Japan and into the Sea of Japan (East Sea), Japan’s Meteorological Agency said on Sunday. But it warned that heavy rains and strong winds will continue – raising the threat of floods and landslides. Nearly 500,000 people in parts of western and central Japan were issued with evacuation orders and advisories, Kyodo News agency reported. Some of the worst hit areas appeared to be in Nara and Wakayama prefectures, with reports of homes being swept away by flood waters and landslides. –BBC
UPDATE – Tokyo  — Western Japan struggled Monday in the aftermath of Typhoon Talas, which swept across the area with record rainfall that triggered landslides and flooding, killing at least 34 people and leaving 56 missing, local authorities said. “I have been working for the prefectural office over 40 years, but this is the worst in my memory,” said Tsutomu Furukawa, spokesperson of Wakayama Prefecture. Wakayama is one of three prefectures on the mountainous Kii Peninsula, where damage from Typhoon Talas was concentrated as the storm swept across the area on Saturday. In the town of Nachi Katsuura in Wakayama, eight people died and 13 were missing after a river flooded into a residential area and mudslides swallowed several homes, officials said. Rescue teams could not reach the area by land, and continued search-and-rescue operation from helicopters. “The (assessment of) damage by the typhoon might increase once the rescuers can reach the area on land,” Furukawa said. More than 16,000 residents were ordered to evacuate from the Kii Peninsula, and another nearly 30,000 residents were encouraged to evacuate voluntarily. According to Japan’s meteorological agency, Talas brought record rain in the three prefectures over three days, with the rain continuing until Sunday night. The Japanese government set up an emergency task force for search-and-rescue operations, and to begin reconstruction of damaged communities. –CNN
(c) Al Jazeera 2011
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3 Responses to Typhoon Talas carves trail of destruction through Japan- 34 dead, 56 missing

  1. luisport says:

    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Update: Typhoon Talas kills at least 18 people in Japan; more than 50 missing – BBC http://bbc.in/qVMp1H
    há 2 minutos


  2. Warren says:

    Powerful typhoon triggers mudslides in Japan, at least 20 dead

    Heavy rains and mudslides from powerful Typhoon Talas left at least 20 people dead in Japan on Sunday as it moved slowly northward past the country’s western coast. At least 50 others were missing, local media said.

    Evacuation orders and advisories were issued to 460,000 people in western and central Japan. At least 3,600 people were stranded by flooded rivers, landslides and collapsed bridges that were hampering rescue efforts, Kyodo News agency reported.

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  3. rogerthepoet says:

    My sympathy is with all those in Japan, I wish I could do something to help.


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