Fall in temperatures in the Pacific leading to return of La Nina warns UN

September 3, 2011SOMALIA – There is a 50 percent chance the climatic condition known as La Nina — which is associated with droughts in East Africa — will return this year, the UN weather agency said Thursday. “We are increasing the probability of La Nina from 25 to 50 percent,” Rupa Kumar Kolli, a climate expert at the World Meteorological Organization said, explaining that the rise was due to recent temperature observations in the Pacific. “La Nina is associated with drought conditions in east Africa. The last La Nina situation was believed to have caused the drought condition in the greater Horn of Africa,” he told reporters, referring to the La Nina event which ended in May. He however stressed that meteorological predictions were difficult to make and depended on a variety of local conditions. “And even if a La Nina situation reemerges, it is very likely it will be a very weak La Nina event,” Kolli explained. Over 12 million people across the Horn of Africa are reeling from the region’s worst drought in decades, which led UN in July to declare the first famine this century. According to a WMO press statement, La Nina is characterized by “unusually cool ocean surface temperatures in … the central and eastern tropical Pacific.” The weather pattern was blamed for extremely heavy downpours in Australia, Southeast Asia and south America over late 2010 and early 2011, the WMO said in May. Although the ocean temperatures in the Pacific leveled to their long-term, or “neutral” conditions that month, “observations during recent weeks indicate a drift toward the cool side … in terms of surface as well as subsurface ocean temperatures,” WMO said today. “If this cooling persists … for another few weeks then we will be going into another la Nina situation,” Kolli said. “For (the Horn of Africa), this can be understood as a cause for additional alert,” Kolli added. –Terra Daily
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4 Responses to Fall in temperatures in the Pacific leading to return of La Nina warns UN

  1. Stephen says:


    Are you expecting big and surprising things this month of September?


    • Stephen, I believe indications show some troubling signs of escalation and I think we should be ready for the potential outbreak of a black swan or shock event that will galvanize the public’s attention to the front of the class like nothing before. I don’t think there is a time frame for it but I it will happen. As always, in the meantime, we continue to affirm the message that inevitable changes are upon us and that this is the preamble to a new Earth.



  2. Messenger Spirit says:

    Should the heading be ‘A FALL in temperatures ……’?


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