Iceland’s Katla volcano hit by third small quake swarm in 6 days

September 3, 2011ICELAND – There may be inflation going on in Katla volcano, at least according to the automatic GPS data that IMO has on its web site. But this might be error in the data. But for the moment I do not think it is. Today (3. September 2011) at 16:45 UTC a earthquake swarm did start in Katla volcano. So far this earthquake swarm has been small, with the largest earthquake just with the size ML2.7 at the depth of 1.1 km (automatic data). But the quality of this earthquake was good, so location is accurate from what I can tell. I am not sure at this moment if there is a harmonic tremor spike following this earthquake swarm or not. As the earthquakes are long period due the fact that they are created by magma movement in Katla volcano. This might be dike intrusion. But for the moment it is hard to know that for sure. –Jonfr  excerpts
contribution Luisport
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9 Responses to Iceland’s Katla volcano hit by third small quake swarm in 6 days

  1. Kelly says:

    Alvin when do you think it will erupt?


    • Kelly, we will have to watch for more signs. I don’t know what the exact state or stage of activity is at with the volcano but I will defintely keep the site updated with the most relevant information. As always, we wishing and praying for the safety of the Indonesian people in the interim.

      peace and blessings,


      • This doesn’t look good for the Icelandic or Indonesian people. Praying that this is releasing pressure and not a precursor for a big eruption. Thank you Alvin for keeping us informed.

        Be blessed and Maranatha


  2. David J. says:

    I think Katla will take more time yet to fill up with enough magma and therefore, pressure. I think it’s almost impossible to predict where in the caldera the eruption will take place, there have been dense swarms in the south (the 1823 and 1918 vent), the 1755 vent, and in the east of the caldera!


  3. SSS says:

    It looks like both Katla AND Katia are causing trouble! May the Peace of GOD which exeeds all comprehension be ours!


  4. luisport says:

    Jón Frímann says:
    September 3, 2011 at 21:43
    The energy of earthquakes in Katla volcano caldera can be found here,

    Currently it stands at 6e+08 and is rising fast.


  5. luisport says:

    The swarm on the border of Germany and the Czech Republik (Vogtland – Cheb) seems to get stronger, there was a 3.9 and a 4.0. People tell about the 3.9, at 2km depth that is was rather a ‘bang’, compared to earlier quakes that were more ‘rolling’.


  6. luisport says:

    Increased earthquake activity in Katla volcano during the past year
    Posted on September 4, 2011 by Jón Frímann
    In todays news at Rúv News there was a report about Katla volcano. This news has a interview with a Einar Kjartansson geologist at Iceland Met Office about the earthquake activity in Katla volcano. Einar speaks about the earthquake activity in Katla volcano yesterday (3. September 2011). But he also speaks about how activity in Katla volcano has been increasing during this year and it is more then it is normal in Katla volcano. But it is important fact that Katla volcano always has earthquake actvitiy, even with earthquakes up to ML4.5.

    He also says that this increased earthquake activity in Katla volcano is due to dike intrusion into Katla volcano or some other activity that is currently taking place in Katla volcano.

    Flood in Múlakvísl glacier river

    During yesterday and during the night there was a glacier flood in Múlakvísl glacier river. This time around it was not connected to the activity in Katla volcano. But due to heavy rain in this area and melting of the glacier in the heat that has been in Iceland for the past few days. Since then the flood has subsided and Múlakvísl glacier river is back to normal and the flood has subsided.


  7. luisport says:

    Jón Frímann says:
    September 4, 2011 at 16:15
    Today is going to be busy I suspect. A minor harmonic tremor spike on Lágu Hvolar SIL station, it stands out from the normal background activity.

    I am going to make a blog post about if something more happens if it comes this type of activity.


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