Indonesia adds 3 more volcanoes to the August 7th alert status list of 18

September 2, 2011INDONESIA – JAKARTA: The Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG) has elevated the status of three volcanoes in Nusa Tenggara from normal to alert, according to an official. “The volcanoes are Anak Ranakah, Tambora and Lewotobi Perempuan,” National Disaster Management Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said on Thursday. Sutopo said that a higher intensity of deep and shallow eruptions of Anak Ranakah in East Nusa Tenggara led officials to increase their warning status to alert, the third-highest level, on Aug 26. Twenty-four deep eruptions and 10 shallow eruptions were recorded near the volcano on Aug. 24. Despite the status change, Sutopo said that nearby residents were still safe and did not need to evacuate. However, he advised the local government and civil society groups to remain alert to the changing conditions. “Those who want to hike should postpone their plans. At the moment, hiking routes are temporarily closed,” he said. –Jakarta Post
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2 Responses to Indonesia adds 3 more volcanoes to the August 7th alert status list of 18

  1. Gen says:


    We might need to add to that 3 day survival/emergency kit.

    Like 12 months supply of BASIC ESSENTIAL LIFE SUSTAINING food.

    Water, rice, salt, water, sugar, honey, water, wheat, other grains and/or lentils, water, nuts, canned or dried fruit and vegetables.

    Also canned or powdered milk and eggs; herbs and spices.

    Some comfort food, e.g. chocolate.

    Toileteries, medications, multi vitamin and mineral supplements, batteries, packets of vegetable seeds.

    Remember salt and water can be used to bath wounds and honey or gum tree sap to heal.

    Do a test run. Go a day or two without using any electricity or tap water.

    You will very quickly see what needs to be on the list.

    I fill clean 2 or 3 liter laundry detergent, bleach etc. bottles up with water. NOT for drinking but for flushing toilet etc.

    Please prepare for the worst and have that peace of mind.


  2. It won’t be long before one of these volcanoes in Indonesia really blows. It is to be expected though since the island chain is made up by volcanoes.

    @Gen – excellent advice. I’m sure there are many people on the East Coast, especially up in Vermont, who wished they would have listened to survival advice. I’m starting my winter time survival storage once again. I live in the snow belt. Last winter, when the storms started coming through, I didn’t have to make a mad rush to the store. I did discover I am no where near prepared for longer periods. And one more thing to remember – plenty of water and pet food for our four legged members of the family. And if anyone is a smoker (which I used to be) lay in an extra supply of cigarettes. Nothing like going through a crisis and having a nicotine fit. (When i quit smoking, my husband couldn’t believe all the cigarette packs I had stashed all over the house. And I did rotate them.) Also, watch expiration dates on canned and some dried foods.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


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