6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Fox Islands chain off Alaska

September 2, 2011ALASKA A 7.1 (6.8 downgraded USGS) magnitude earthquake has struck the Fox Islands chain off the coast of Alaska. The earthquake struck at a depth of 35.5 km and the epicenter was 45 km (27 miles) SW of Amukta Island, Alaska and 1658 km (1030 miles) WSW of Anchorage, Alaska. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck nearly the identical region at a depth of 62 km on June 24, 2011. The region is prone to large earthquakes. According to USGS data, the average number of 7.0-7.9 earthquakes that strike the planet a year is 15. Today’s earthquake would have made the 13th this year but the quake was later downgraded to a magnitude 6.8 by the USGS. The quake prompted the issue of a tsunami warning for the Aleutian Islands but they were later canceled.  –The Extinction Protocol
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24 Responses to 6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Fox Islands chain off Alaska

  1. Warren says:

    I can hear it now, Sarah Palin announcing “I can see Fox Island shaking from my house”


  2. AWatchman4Him says:

    Go To : http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/heli2.shtml , go ASAP before they remove the info on the seismic servers, this is much more than a simple 7.1, the activity is happening all over the world (the earth is trembling).


    • I see that AWatchman4Him. Thanks for the notice.



      • AWatchman4Him says:

        Do you suppose the ring of fire is moving all together? What are your thoughts on this global seismic activity or are you in the blue like me? By the way, how you doing today?


      • Doing good, AWatchman4Him. Thanks for asking. I don’t think the Ring of Fire is moving as the Atlantic sea-floor is spreading and everything is converging into the Pacific. We’re seeing more activity there because there are more holes in the lithosphere, mantle plumes, and there is greater tectonic plate subduction in the Pacific Ring of Fire region. Needlessly to say, we will see some of the most violent changes yet to come happen here during this period. The process is already escalating but won’t register as a planetary upheaveal event with the public en masse until we see an unimaginable tragic loss of life in one of these episodes. As I described in my book, this process will eventually diffuse across the entire planet as that’s what seismic waves do- they propagate through the planetary medium. They will destabilize faults, agitating pressurized pockets of magma- triggering volcanic eruptions, and nudge tectonic plates into new catastrophic paradigms.


      • AWatchman4Him says:

        Can you imagine what that 6.7 in Argentina would be if it was at a depth of 200 miles or even 100.


      • goodbyemilkyway says:



    • Wiseguy says:

      @ AWatchman4Him, during Japan quake, it was pitch black all over the world. Wait and see… Earth is ringing like a bell…


    • Wow. Thank you AWatchman4Him. I knew there was a lot of activity but this is amazing.

      For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. Romans 8:22

      Be blessed and Maranatha


  3. Yamkin says:

    USGS has amended the magnitude from 7.1 to 6.8


  4. Paula says:

    Seismic Activity spiking at each server..


  5. Tiamat says:

    there was also a 6.7 magnitude that just occur in Argentina not too long ago sure looks like an active day!


  6. radiogirl says:

    What area is likely to give way to this ….anyone want to wiegh in!


  7. Gen says:

    AWatchman4Him, the seismic database automatically updates every half hour so it is constantly changing.


  8. barge says:

    there was a 4.7 earthquake in Utah but USGS has not registered. They do not want to frighten the people by declaring that the earth moves under the super volcano. it is not breaking the thermometer that we removed the fever.

    you can see here :



  9. Jeff Miller says:

    I say California…they’re way over due


  10. goodbyemilkyway says:


    oh no…………………………….6:21

    what the….closes eyes


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