Awakening? More rumblings from the world’s super-volcanoes

Long Valley, California – Japan – New Zealand

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24 Responses to Awakening? More rumblings from the world’s super-volcanoes

  1. Wiseguy says:

    Naive question… Isn’t there any way from satellite imagery to detect magma flowing underground. There should be a way to see three dimensional view of magma flow underneath volcanoes and earth. This way we would know exactly how deep and how fast it’s reaching the top.


    • Nothing naiive about the question, the technology exists- The U.S. can make detailed surveys of the ocean from space. The question is, who exactly is using it and what and when will they share what they find. Example of technology below:



      • RainMan says:

        Always wondered about who controls the controllers, the ‘dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t’ theory comes into the holistic picture again.


      • Wiseguy says:

        Thanks Alvin, I don’t like conspirations but I’m pretty sure they know about magma levels worldwide and this is why they might have tested with N.Y. evacuation, studying if a major evacuation was possible without chaos. Irene was a good reason.

        I just remember a few months ago, you had an article about Yellowstone, they found out that the caldera was larger than expected using satellite imagery I think…


    • sosogood313 says:

      I have a very basic understanding of the catastrophe that would follow should Yellowstone blow. However, I don’t understand those graphs – would you mind explaining what information they are presenting?


  2. docatomics says:

    …despite the best efforts to shield the volcanic magma chambers and radioactive hot spots with the Chem Trail Technology
    ~you are all going to need to turn in your gold that we may ionize it above the ionosphere to modulate and defect this cosmic ray/particle heating before the runaway nuclear chain reaction begin to cascade and set of rapid thermal expansion earthquakes and super volcanic eruption, which is natures way of restoring balance


  3. Leprechaun says:

    I don’t understand the Long Valley Seismic map being used for this article. Long Valley always has minor tremors, throughout the decades I lived nearby. Could someone be kind enough to clarify? Thanks.


    • Tremors are normal, a spherical pattern of tremors indicating a possible movement or expansion of magma announced by heighted seismic activity may be another. I’ve been monitoring Long Valley for years and there is usually never more than 7 or 8 quakes on the map at any given time. The source of the magma intrustion into the Long Valley caldera is also still not known. It is not a “hot-spot” and it does not appear to be activated by tectonic plate movement so the source of where the magma is coming from is still being explored and it’s overdue for an eruption. My point is, the volcano is enigmatic and there is no historical record of what quantifies as a ‘potential escalation of activity.’ Now flashback in time to 79 AD to another case of ‘minor earth tremors.’

      Mount Versuivus: “The Romans grew accustomed to minor earth tremors in the region; the writer Pliny the Younger even wrote that they “were not particularly alarming because they are frequent in Campania“. Small earthquakes started taking place on 20 August, 79 becoming more frequent over the next four days before the eruption in Pompeii, but the warnings were not recognized.” –Wikipedia

      The volcano doesn’t have to change but conditions around it could make what is normal potentially retroactive. Earthchanges are changing the planet’s condition.


    • Mario A. C. says:

      Yes. Lately, this region has become more active in different kinds of spurts, almost like a spectrum of sorts, so to say. Incidentally, it has tied in with Yellowstone, I believe. This is significant; yet does not prove a soon eruption. Hold tight, we will see by further evidence what will happen within our immediate time placement (TZ).



  4. Apple IIGS says:

    I thought Yellow Stone was the ONLY super volcano potentially becoming active. There’s several others world wide now rumbling too?

    Interestingly, even if just Yellow Stone alone erupted, it would likely threaten the future of the human race (or at the very least, destroy modern civilization as we know it, and throw us back to the 19th century). There was an ABC 20/20 special called “Last Days on Earth”. They show what would happen if a super volcano erupted.


    • I know…it’s almost unimaginable to step back and ponder what exactly could happen if these earthchanges became a runaway freight train and there were eruptive events from multiple super-volcanic sources. This is something we would have never even discussed as even a remote possibility just 10 years ago- an indication of just how fast things are morphing on our planet. Let’s see what happens from here.


      • Apple IIGS says:

        …But what is causing all these sudden changes? My guess is they’re all linked — i.e. earthquakes, volcanoes, fish and birds dying on mass, history making weather extremes, magnetic field shift, solar instability, etc. They’re all puzzle pieces that when fit together, point to the source of something “big” that’s about to happen.

        Could it be the sun is the source of all this? Perhaps it’s changing and what’s causing all these changes on Earth….the most major one is awakening super volcanoes (that would explain the earthquakes, volcanic activity, animal deaths, magnetic shifts and probably even weather).

        I think what’s more scary than all these warning signs, is how utterly asleep the world is about this.


      • They are all linked and its an “energy flux” that is at the core of change. The Sun is partly responsible, as it emits radiation and cosmic rays and since the changes continue on Earth and in some cases accelerate when solar activity wanes, we can say it has to be connected to “energy coming also from outside the Sun.” How the energy flow is exchanged in an open system involving celestial bodies in astrophysics is something we have never really understood or spent much time dabbling into but we may be forced to learn it quickly under rather trying and austere circumstance.

        You’re right. For the most part, the world is completely oblivious…


  5. Blaze says:

    Awakening pangs! Gaia is waking up!


  6. George says:

    This article on super volcanoes put me in mind of the Deccan traps and flood basalts. With the projected millions of volcanoes beneath the oceans, flood basalts must also occur and if so how would this affect sea levels particularly if it was on the scale of the Siberian traps?
    Here is a little info. on flood basalts from Wiki………
    Flood basalts have erupted at random intervals throughout geological history and are clear evidence that the Earth undergoes periods of enhanced activity rather than being in a uniform steady state. Flood basalts on the ocean floor produce oceanic plateaus. The surface covered by one eruption can vary from around 200,000 km² (Karoo) to 1,500,000 km² (Siberian Traps). The thickness can vary from 2000 metres (Deccan Traps) to 12,000 metres.

    ………….Interesting times to be living in.


  7. Adam Taylor says:

    It’s really amazing. I was worried a couple of years ago about the collapse of the American society due to the political and economic stresses that are occurring here. But now with news that China may be planning a preemptive nuclear strike on the U.S., the awakening of all these volcanoes worldwide…it’s almost calming. I mean there’s no way to wrap your mind around preparing for events like that so it’s almost a calming effect.


    • I think many would be inclined to agree with you Adam


    • RainMan says:

      Calming mixed with a sprinkling of sadness.


    • I’m inclined to agree with you too. With everything that is going on, although I’m making whatever preparations I need to make, I’m at peace.

      Be blessed and Maranatha


    • Pagan says:

      Adam, that’s how I’m feeling also. I’m resigned to what is coming – have been for a long time now, & yes it is calmative in nature. I just bleed for my loved ones who do not understand how very little time we all have left.



      • SC says:

        I agree with all of you here. What I have learned is that you need to know your angels. They will protect, support and guide you during these times. Whatever is meant to be is meant to be – that we can’t control. However, we can control our actions and thoughts, and focusing on peace is a beautiful way to live our final days on this planet. I am grateful for all that has been given to me – that is what I want to remember when this all goes away. Peace to all!


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