4.3 magnitude earthquake rattles central Los Angeles- aftershocks follow

September 1, 2011LOS ANGELES (AP) — A magnitude-4.3 earthquake and aftershocks rattled nerves across the Los Angeles region Thursday, but there were no immediate reports of damage. The quake hit around 1:47 p.m. and was centered 24 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. It was followed by more than a half-dozen aftershocks up to magnitude-3. The jolt was felt widely across Los Angeles County including the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, downtown and to the coast. It was felt as far north as Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert to as far south as Orange County. No damage or injuries were reported in the Santa Clarita area near the epicenter, said Sgt. Michael Bailey at the local Los Angeles County sheriff’s station. The quake felt like a rolling motion, Bailey said. “We felt it here in the station. It was gentle shaking,” he said. “We were right on top of it.” Pauley Perrette, an actress on the crime drama “NCIS,” tweeted that she felt the quake and aftershocks on the show’s set, which was near the epicenter. “All is well, lots of equipment shook,” she posted. Thursday’s quake occurred not too far from two of Southern California’s worst seismic disasters: The 1971 magnitude-6.6 San Fernando quake and the 1994 magnitude-6.7 Northridge quake. Northridge was the last major metropolitan-scale disaster, killing dozens, injuring thousands and causing $25 billion in damage. Thursday’s quake is not considered an aftershock to either quake because enough time has gone by, said geophysicist Bob Dollar of the U.S. Geological Survey. “Anywhere in Southern California, particularly in the greater Los Angeles area, we’re capable of having a magnitude-4 type event,” Dollar said. USGS geophysicist Doug Given said unsecured objects could have fallen off shelves near the epicenter of Thursday’s quake, but he expected little damage. “It’s not the kind of quake that will break windows or crack walls,” Given said. –AP
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35 Responses to 4.3 magnitude earthquake rattles central Los Angeles- aftershocks follow

  1. c/o David

    Looks like the earthquakes might be starting to get stronger and more often,Magnitude
    Thursday, September 01, 2011 at 20:47:07 UTC
    Thursday, September 01, 2011 at 01:47:07 PM at epicenter
    34.356°N, 118.455°W
    0.1 km (~0.1 mile) (poorly constrained)
    7 km (4 miles) ESE (110°) from Newhall, CA
    8 km (5 miles) N (349°) from Pacoima, CA
    8 km (5 miles) N (349°) from San Fernando, CA
    8 km (5 miles) SE (145°) from Santa Clarita, CA
    39 km (24 miles) NNW (330°) from Los Angeles Civic Center, CA
    Location Uncertainty
    horizontal +/- 0.3 km (0.2 miles); depth +/- 0.7 km (0.4 miles)
    Nph=140, Dmin=6 km, Rmss=0.58 sec, Gp= 22°,
    M-type=local magnitude (ML), Version=0
    California Integrated Seismic Net:
    Event ID


    • So, do you think this was a “business-as-usual” earthquake, something to just keep an eye on, or something to be concerned about. I believe that California and the West Coast is due for the “big one”, but I wouldn’t want to get all caught up in hype about something that is normal for California. In other words, should I start doing some real serious praying for California?

      Be blessed and Maranatha


  2. c/o Luisport

    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Update: No reports of damage, injuries after 4.2 quake centered near Newhall, Calif. – NBC News http://on.doi.gov/qFeZU2
    há 9 minutos


  3. RainMan says:

    Excuse my ignorance but is LA near the fault line where there are a few nuclear power plants?


  4. luisport says:

    NBCLA NBC Los Angeles
    por BreakingNews
    [UPDATE] SoCal quake upgraded to magnitude 4.3. http://bit.ly/qBuEIo
    há 29 minutos


  5. Medora says:

    I remember the 1971 Newhall earthquake… It was a doozy. Is this on the same fault?


  6. rby86 says:

    It was upgraded to a 4.3!!


  7. Warren says:

    I hear Mother Earth now in the words of Michael Buffer:


  8. gopaul angappan says:

    Los Angles. California and Los Angles will have Major Earthquakes in the near future or in 2012. This is the way it is going to be.
    In the months to come.
    USA was established by murder rape and plunder of American Indians and the viscious and inhumane slave trade of 12 million African People
    This blemishes the entire Christian Community living in America. Nothing was done to atone for these sins.


    • Cher says:

      Jesus Christ is the Atonement for ALL sins!


    • Really… what about 620,000 lives lost for the civil war? You know where north and south fought for the rights of “every man-white or black”. I have yet to meet anyone without sin, and I (we) can not change the past, but we can move forward and stop bringing up issues that can not be changed. There are evil people in every country, and only God will deem on others the justice they are to receive.
      Yes LA, and the world may see or will see Major earth changes in the months or years to come, but it is not for the sin of America, it is the sin of the world.
      Matthew 7:1 Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged! and Let Him Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone


    • Mike says:

      If that’s the case goPaul …the Arab world is in big effing trouble! and so is Italy & China, etc. .if you really know your History, that is… there are far far worse atrocities against humanity done by other cultures, but to single America out is idiotic, in the Middle East world they are still stoning!! beheading!!for made up ridiculous reasons = honor killings…if u don’t believe go live there… I know ppl who work over there, they also abuse the hell out of dogs as well!!= (demon spawn) ..the Philippine girls are killing themselves by the droves, b/c they go work for these rich nasty Arabs who truly treat them like a “SLAVE”…this isn’t from the past, its happening now!. America is the one land that ppl can come to to escape caveman ancient rituals that are still going on in these backward un – civilized nations…I went to Mexico & couldn’t even get simple directions, there was a nasty creepy attitude gong on there… & I was there spending money, not asking them to give me $$$, you tell me where else on this planet a non citizen can go and get on welfare, free medical care, etc??? NO Place!!THAT’S WHERE!!! except the USA! cuz it so wrong to take from working citizens & give to “illegals” who have no love 4 the USA, who just come here to rape it, without a commitment via any loyalty, if a war broke out these little men would run so fast back to the border, they would not defend this land….Meanwhile millions upon millions of Americans have fought to keep this land free and died building the infrastructure that u enjoy! the likes of you couldn’t be more ungrateful, one who doesn’t look at the big picture of all that was done to make this a land as free as possible……there is no place for us to go if the shit hits the fan…no one gives like Americans..so if you want to debate me on the evil history of mankind bring it on buddy! but don’t you dare make this Country out to be the bad guy!…cause there is NOT a single Country on this blue planet who has a clean record…& those countries who sit on the sidelines playing judge & jury..& don’t get involved are the biggest cowards of them all!


  9. Cher says:

    gopaul… how ignorant you are…. History tells you it was the African people who sold their own people! So don’t blame it on Americans! Those people were desperate for food. Just as now there are famine in several countries, are you going to blame that on America also??? One thing you got correct is that yes there are going to be many earthquake in that region soon as with Oregon coast! As far as Christians… we have the Atonement of Jesus Christ that forgave sins and set the captives free from sin! So what do you suppose the massive quakes are happening in other countries first for? Did they do wrong also? By the way I am a Indian also, But one that is a born again spirit filled christian that hear from the Lord on things to come shortly! America will reap what they are sowing because of turning from God and bloodshed of innocent babies NOT from the crap you stated… This generation had nothing to do with slavery AT ALL! God does not hold innocent people accountable for what people did 100 years ago… Either Jesus forgives sin or he doesn’t! And the bible tells us he does!


  10. Dan says:

    I’ve been following this for years now and i’ve never seen as much activity along the ENTIRE west coast in my whole life…. grains of sand now falling, only God knows how many left…

    Juan de Fuca and San Andrea will go in tandem this time (relatively speaking)…


    • SC says:

      You are right Dan. I had a vision of this a few years ago. In my vision the San Andreas went first and the Juan de Fuca second – both within a day or two of each other. I never know when my visions happen. I just know they always do at some point.


  11. radiogirl says:

    WOW Cher AWESOME post!! He forgives…two powerful,beautiful words…He forgives..Love to you!


  12. Kelly says:

    Amen Cher!
    When I heard about the 5.8 earthquake on the east coast I thought oh God the west coast is going to be hit soon.


  13. George says:

    I really really like this site, but does there have to be so much religious babble?


    • Pagan says:

      Each to their own George. Read what you find pertinent & skip through what you don’t. What is one man’s babble is comfort & Truth to another.Respect for people’s beliefs is imperative to the integrity of such an important site as this.



  14. Gen says:

    Sorry George, but when things get really bad, worse than any of us can ever imagine,

    Who ya gunna call


  15. zorar says:

    America is the new babylon and she will fall and when she does the rest of the world will follow.


  16. Education says:

    I agree with George I’m starting to lose interest in this site as there is so much race/religious arguing that the point of the post usually gets lost.
    Queue the fanatics this will no doubt offend :/


  17. Gen says:

    To George, Education and no doubt others who feel the same about “religion”. We in the western world are so very very lucky and privileged to have freedom of speech. At least for a while yet.

    Many of the underprivileged in the world don’t have that same freedom, nor do they have religion. Is that just a coincidence.

    I do have to say that your comments reminded me of a few words spoken in the movie Seabiscuit. When the character played by Jeff Bridges said to the character played by Toby Maguire, words to the effect

    “son, why are you so angry?”

    We all have our little quirks and shortcomings because at this point in time we are but human.

    Search if it is your desire for another site such as this. We are also very lucky to have freedom of choice.

    May you be blessed with long suffering towards your fellow man and peace be with you.

    God bless Alvin for allowing all to have their say.


    • Kelly says:

      I agree with you Gen! If people come here and take the great information Alvin provides isn’t that enough? People should be able to freely speak their minds on all things whether it be religion or race or whatever it is. I never understood why people read stuff and than complain about people speaking about certain issues. Who made you read it? No one. So skip and go on why bother even commenting on it if you are annoyed by it. Just take the info Alvin provides and skip the rest. Being sarcastic here, forgive the people of the world for not thinking as you do, believing in what you do or don’t believe in. Come on people are different have different feelings. I am thankful Alvin let’s all express their feelings and beliefs whatever they may be freely when most in the world are told to shut it up and hide it away.


  18. Gen says:

    If I may quote Alvin from the China post:

    “China’s government doesn’t believe in biblical prophecy or 2012…they censor all such websites. In 2009, many Chinese citizens contacted me on a 2012 forum at risk of peril to their own lives to know more about Earthchanges. Their transmissions were brief before government authorities restricted their access to such information. No matter what happens, China indoctrinates the masses to believe in the ultimate triumph of the Party over all adversities and enemies. Now you know why China erects so many dams and cities in high-risk seismic zones. “


  19. To George and Education: We all come here from different backgrounds, countries, religious and non-religious beliefs. As such, everyone contributes what they see going on around us from their worldview. In this way, we can all be enriched by versions we would never have thought about which, in turn, expands our own leaning. And the wonderful thing is, you two are both also able to comment from your own personal worldview.

    Although I do not believe as many of my fellow bloggers here, I respect their views as they respect mine. So, along with learning what Alvin and the others are telling us, we get to have wonderful conversations with people we would never meet and probably will never meet in this lifetime. This is also better than any college classroom. I graduated from a highly accredited college and the one thing I quickly found out – any talk about religious beliefs was put to a halt immediately and often ridiculed.

    On that note, once again I thank you Alvin for your dedication in bringing us all of this information. And I thank the rest of those who post on here for their wonderful insight and oftentimes other links for me to follow up with.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


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