Round 2: Sequel may be worst than the original- TS Katia on similar path as Irene

August 30, 2011 MIAMI — Tropical Storm Katia has formed and is moving quickly across the Atlantic. Katia has maximum sustained winds early Tuesday near 40 mph (65 kph). The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami says strengthening is forecast and Katia is expected to be near hurricane strength by late Wednesday or early Thursday. The storm’s forecast track shows it could become a major hurricane over the weekend. Katia is centered about 535 miles (855 kilometers) west-southwest of the southernmost Cape Verde Islands and is moving west-northwest near 17 mph (28 kph). Hurricane specialist Michael Brennan says Katia could affect the Caribbean, but it’s too early to tell if it will hit the U.S. The storm’s name replaces Katrina in the rotating storm roster because of the catastrophic damage from the 2005 storm. The storm is expected to reach Category 3 strength as early as Sunday. The current model trajectory is below. ABClocal
Update: At 10 am GMT (5 am EDT) the centre of Tropical Storm Katia was located 1300 kilometres southwest of The Cape Verde Islands in the eastern Atlantic. Commenting on the possible track of the storm, Irish Weather Online Senior Forecaster Peter O’Donnell said: “Katia has formed in the Cape Verde region and should be a full-blown hurricane when it passes near or north of the Virgin Islands late this weekend. The eventual track looks like being offshore between Bermuda and Cape Cod then past Newfoundland towards Iceland. Models show it meandering around the eastern Atlantic in about two weeks.” In its latest Tropical Storm Outlook the NHC stated: “Katia is moving toward the west-northwest near 21 mph (33 km/h), and this general motion is expected to continue with a gradual decrease in forward speed during the next couple of days.” “Maximum sustained winds have increased to near 65 mph (100 km/h) with higher gusts. Additional strengthening is forecast during the next 48 hours and Katia could become a hurricane later today. Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 85 miles (140 km) from the centre. Estimated minimum central pressure is 994 mb (29.35 inches). There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect.” –IWO   – August 31, 2011
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28 Responses to Round 2: Sequel may be worst than the original- TS Katia on similar path as Irene

  1. Dennis E. says:

    No Problem: In the hands of Jesus. Went through back to back hurricanes with Fran and Bertha.
    Prepared, mentally and provision wise. Battery operated fans/lanterns(yes i have rechargeable batteries) are the way to go if you don’t have a generator and many of you can testify to that.
    Accu weather said that this hurricane season was a east coast hurricane season.


  2. Melissa says:

    Watch… this one will be the bad one and everyone that evacuated or was prepared last time won’t this time. I do hope this doesn’t really go much of anywhere or do much of anything because the people on the E.C. do not need more rain to add to the horrific flooding they’ve been experiencing. If this is said to go anywhere NYC and actually turns out to be a vicious storm, there will be bad consequences this time around because of the media’s “boy who cried wolf” hype that will undoubtedly make people complacent.


    • Melissa, let’s all pray it’s a non-event, but you’re right the Wolf scenario does breed complacency and this storm has a lot of open water over which to intensify. It’s one to watch. Let’s hope for the best that landfall is spared and keep an eye on it.

      peace and blessings,


    • Dennis E. says:

      Folks, as Melissa has posted and Alvin has commented, THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO BECOME COMPLACENT, REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY WOLF CALLS ARE MADE.
      This past hurricane caught many unaware. Many did evacuate. I still declare that the damage done in my city/county, resembles what a cat 3 did in 1997, if not worst. All of our substations went down. EOC personnel stated they could not remember a time when the entire county grid was down. We were expecting more of a rainmaker and of course the wind, but the wind surprised us, at least where I lived. We are blessed, the grid is coming back.


  3. My prayers is that this storm will become a non-event. My greatest fear is complacency. Although Hurricane Irene didn’t make landfall as a cat 3 or 4, as of today 40 people are dead and the damage estimate is close to 12 billion, which will make Hurricane Irene the 10th multi-billion dollar event of 2011. The category rating with hurricanes only refers to wind speed, and does not take into consideration storm surge, spawned tornadoes, and inland flooding because of rain. Personally, I don’t believe the media cried “wolf”. I believe it was an accurate warning. I even believe that more warnings could have been given, especially to those people away from the actual coast.

    So what happens now, if Katia also hits the East Coast? The disaster would be even greater, since they would not have had time to recover. Just ask any of the fine folks in Florida after 2004, when the state was hit by four hurricanes, two of which took almost the same path. So I pray that these people will not become complacent, and will be prepared, even if they have not yet recovered.

    Also, keep an eye out on a disturbance in the Caribbean that “could” enter the Gulf.

    Be blessed and Maranatha.


  4. Natural disasters will be the catalyst for the change and while many now revile religion, they’re in for the shock of their lives when they see how Christians will start reacting to these disasters once cascading events start destroying the nation. Religious tyranny will take center stage in America as it never has done before and blood will flow in the streets.


  5. Art says:

    God must really hate us humans and I don’t blame him – we are a disappointment as a human race.
    I will never understand why evil and hate has to dwell in human hearts. The word says love they neighbor as you love they self – the truth is love they neighbor because you are your neighbor. It’s to bad humanity can not understand that nor do they want to understand and follow God’s word.


  6. RainMan says:

    So it’s Christians against the ‘revilers’?
    Religious tyranny? Blood in the streets?
    Back to the Inquisition and Crusades in the name of God?
    I read in the Bible somewhere and loosely quoted, that God ‘does not have any darkness in Him, only light’.
    And we are to be servants of God?


    • I can sign a check in your name…that doesn’t mean I’m you. Humans are humans, regardless of religion. 50,000 have died so far in the Libyan war of Muslim against Muslim. God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5. Humans are another matter entirely. The Inquistion, the Holocaust, the Balkan genocide, the Kurdish annhilation, the Shi’a war of terror against Iraqi Sunnis and vice versa, the sectarian violence in India, Stalin’s purge, the Palestinan and Israeli volley of terror, the native American and African genocides- this has been the history of the human race since they inhabitated this planet. The Inquisition happened and we are warned of another tribulation greater than the one that proceeded it at the close of time. When panic grips the world from these events, fear like we’ve never seen will rule the hearts. I’ve meticulously laid down a scientific trail for the cause and effect of these events and have been similarly reviled for it. Go figure…


      • Pagan says:

        Bravo. You are not reviled by all Alvin & never will be. You are a beacon of the purest light for those with open hearts & minds in these final dark days. Thank you for what you do.

        Love & Light


      • Thank you, Pagan. That’s a beautiful sentiment and you’e a true gem and hope I have the good fortune one day of meeting up with you.

        peace and love,


  7. RainMan says:

    Agreed, and I can show a drowning man a picture of oxygen, pointless, I only try to see the lighter/better side of things and lighten the mood, I mean if it all does come to a screaming heap soon, worrying about it is pointless, the idea of doomsday/whatever we choose to call it, can also be a slow poison to my spirit. My opinion only, but I need to hold on to every last inch, be it unrealistic fantasy/futility, it’s a choice, as we all have choices.


  8. Kim says:

    Alvin I agree with Pagan…and I especially like your phrase “meeting UP with you”. What will it be like in the “UP” section….I think it will be glorious!!!!!! I am grateful to the Lord that you are revealing things that apply to what the Lord spoke of . Thanks Alvin.

    In Love


  9. Kathy says:

    If hurricane Irene hit NY head-on and people were not evacuated…people would complain about that. “Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best” was the smartest thing said, during this disaster.


  10. Sojourner says:

    Being prepared for a hurricane, or any other natural disaster for that manner, has no bearing on your faith in God. It means you have a contingency plan. Remember, Irene was supposed to make land fall in Florida and devastate Georgia and it instead tracked further east and then moved a little more west. Katia has already tracked more north and Florida is not an issue; but, it has not made its turn. It could turn more westerly and be closer to the eastern US or more easterly and affect Burmuda. Faith in God means you have a contigency plan following physical death. A lack of faith in God means you see no need to prepare, just like the person who has no contigency plan for a natural disaster. In otherwords your decision is based on an established criterion. A fool is one who reaches a verdict and acts without due process. A wise person weighs both sides without prejudice to determine what is believed to be the best course of action. If a person takes the time to look at the track of a hurricane and compares what is presented with sound historical records within the same criterion and decides to prepare or not has made a rational decision and is ready to accept the consequences of that decision. When it comes to faith in or judging God, most often, it is an irrational response because the same emprical rules for decision making in other areas (such as a response to a pending natural disaster) are not utilized. My greatest fear is not what can take me out physically (such as a hurricane); although, I will prepare to be saved from it. My greatest fear is what can take me out eternally and what is the criterion for salvation from it (John 3:16).


    • True Sojourner….”What is a man profited if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?” Matthew 16:26. What is our heart receipt? Where we spend the majority of our time, energy and resources in this world is where our heart and affections lie. In the final analysis, judgment day is the audit come due.

      So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.” Romans 14:12


  11. Jens Skapski says:

    Alvin, Look here:
    This is the american “Global Forecast System”(GFS).
    Look on Sunday(hour 102): In Gulf of Mexico originates a tropical depression/storm, who will hit Florida on Monday(hour 132). After Florida it will move to the Atlantic Ocean where it gets stronger(Tuesday, Hour 156) and hit the east coast(hour 162-180).
    And all this before Katia arrives.


  12. nickk0 says:

    Perhaps ‘Katia’, will turn out to be another ‘Katrina’ ??

    – Nick


  13. admin says:

    Will it make land fall? Or will it just die in the ocean.


  14. Dennis E. says:

    It appears today 09.04.11 it is.
    Have a nice Labor day.


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