Typhoon Nanmadol drops 20 inches of rain on Taiwan- leaves 16 dead in the Philippines

August 29, 2011 TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – A typhoon that flooded homes, roads and farmland in Taiwan with more than 20 inches of rain left the island Monday and headed to southeastern China. Scooter riders push their motorbikes through floodwaters caused by Typhoon Nanmadol in Linbian, Taiwan. Typhoon Nanmadol stayed over Taiwan for only a few hours and was weaker than when it pummeled the Philippines, where at least 16 people died and another eight were missing. One death in Taiwan was attributed to the storm — a motorcyclist hit by debris — and disruption to everyday life was extensive. Some 30,000 households in southern and eastern Taiwan lost power, 8,000 people were evacuated and scores of roads and bridges were closed due to the heavy rain. Offices and schools were closed in the southeast as well as in the capital, Taipei, which escaped the brunt of the storm. In a southwestern county, civil defense crews used small boats to rescue people from communities inundated by flash flooding. Dozens of homes were flooded. CTI cable news station footage showed the aftermath of landslides in Pingtung township and several homes partially submerged by water. Pingtung is just to the south of the mountainous regions where more than 500 people died two years ago in mudslides spawned by torrential rains associated with Typhoon Morakot, the most devastating storm to hit the island in half a century. A slow government response to that catastrophe prompted a fusillade of criticism aimed at President Ma Ying-jeou, who is up for re-election this January. –USA Today
(c) Al Jazeera 2011
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1 Response to Typhoon Nanmadol drops 20 inches of rain on Taiwan- leaves 16 dead in the Philippines

  1. J Guffey says:

    As usual in hurricanes, water is the biggest threat and killer. So many facing a crisis.


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