Heavy rains trigger landslide in Uganda- 40 dead

August 29, 2011UGANDA – A massive landslide swallowed homes in eastern Uganda early Monday, killing at least 23 people, the Red Cross said. Torrential rains triggered the landslide, Red Cross spokeswoman Catherine Ntabadde said by phone from the scene. Two people have been rescued, but the death toll is expected to rise as rescue crews scour through the site in Bulambuli district. Bulambuli district is about 300 kilometers northeast of the capital, Kampala. It occurred in the same region where a landslide killed at least 87 last year near Mount Elgon, on the Kenya-Uganda border. Heavy rain, hilly terrain and inadequate equipment slowed efforts to recover hundreds of people buried last year. Flooding also destroyed roads and washed away bridges in the region at the time. –CNN
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2 Responses to Heavy rains trigger landslide in Uganda- 40 dead

  1. NickK0 says:

    That is an awful picture….. A Valley of MUD.

    It gives one an idea, of the magnitude of the disaster.

    – Nick


  2. Wow Alvin. Seems like every day you’re posting about another deadly flood. Just one of these isn’t much, but start adding them all together and that’s a lot of water. And add to that, what is happening in New England now.

    I am so glad the God promised to never again destroy us by the waters of a flood (Genesis 9:11).

    Be blessed and Maranatha.


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