Amateur astronomer captures picture of Comet Garradd

August 29, 2011COMET GARRADD MEETS M71: This weekend, amateur astronomers around the world are watching the green tail of Comet Garradd (C/2009 P1) sweep across golden star cluster M71. Discovered two years ago by Gordon Garradd in Australia, the 8th-magnitude comet is currently visible through small telescopes in the constellation Sagitta inside the evening Summer Triangle (finder charts). The comet is approaching the sun and brightening; recent projections place it at peak magnitude 6 in February 2012, just at the limit of naked eye visibility. Because Comet Garradd is a first-time visitor to the inner solar system, however, it could behave in unexpected ways. Stay tuned for surprises. Space Weather
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12 Responses to Amateur astronomer captures picture of Comet Garradd

  1. nickk0 says:

    “First time visitor” to our solar system, huh ??

    – Nick


  2. Stay tuned for surprises? I can just hear the conspiracy theorists now.


  3. I thought we were in for all kinds of “Surprises” in 2012 already!!!


  4. will says:

    signs and wonders


  5. c/o TTB

    hey Alvin…off topic, and I know you don’t put any stock into it, but here is a pretty well done video on Elenin potential threat….showing how some comet gain massive electrical charge due to their chemical make-up…kinda interesting

    TTB, it is the most interesting video with a scientific lean on Elenin that I’ve seen and I’ll address some of the scientific issues he raised in the video a little later but thanks for the submission. Let it be said, however that I by no means believe this comet is capable of doing any of the things to Earth he’s claiming in the video. -Alvin


  6. idiotbox says:

    Im wondering when all the intellectuals will explain the twisting of our magnetosphere (during a quiet sun), the earth wobble and those pesky second sun sightings, being all of these facts where occurring before any of these comets where announced. Mention of the three phenomenon above in any context seems mostly absent from this site and others where the “geniuses” lurk and ponder our current earth changes.


  7. NickK0 says:

    Must be HAARP waves that tore it apart 😛

    – Nick


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