Blistering heat-wave continues over the Balkans- people collapsing on the street, roads melting

August 25, 2011BELGRADE  – Officials in the Balkans are trying to cope with a near-record heat wave as temperatures soar across much of eastern Europe, with wildfires raging and people fainting on the streets. Authorities in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Albania issued heat warnings today for people to stay indoors and drink water to avoid hyperthermia. Doctors in Belgrade said emergency teams have received over 600 calls since Wednesday from residents feeling sick from the heat. “People are collapsing and falling on the streets,” said emergency clinic doctor Zeljko Bacevic. One of the hottest spots was in Montenegro, where temperatures in the past few days reached more than 41 deg C (106 Fahrenheit), prompting authorities to recommend working hours be cut to skip the midday heat. In Macedonia, authorities said people older than 60 and pregnant women should not go to work. In Bosnia, workers’ unions urged construction companies to pull their employees from open air construction sites. In the central Bosnian city of Mostar, temperatures soared to 45 deg C (113 F) on Wednesday as kids jumped on melting asphalt, leaving their footprints in the streets. “The only way to deal with this is in the river,” said Mostar high school student Semir Hebib. “I sleep on my balcony and in the morning I go and sit next to or in the Neretva River till the evening.” In the south of Bosnia, an increasing number of people are suffering from stomach infections, doctors said. “High temperatures are ideal for bacterial infections caused by the consumption of spoiled food,” said Doctor Dijana Mamic, the head of a hospital in the town of Livno. She said the town had over 50 cases this week. Montenegro and Albania are fighting several wildfires near their capitals and on the Adriatic Sea coastline, but no major injuries or damage has been reported. Meteorologists say the current temperatures in the Balkans are some 10 degrees Celsius higher that the average for this time of year. They add that the heat wave which has arrived from northern Africa is expected to last for several more days. –
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5 Responses to Blistering heat-wave continues over the Balkans- people collapsing on the street, roads melting

  1. novusanima says:

    Wow. And this is just beginning. So glad not going to be here when the temps Really soar 🙂 But still this is absolutely amazing news, just shows how close things really are. Thanks again for your watchfulness when it comes to world events.


  2. Texas Listening Post says:

    This is sad, for I have traveled in areas like these where cooling systems are not used. Once a stone building absorbs the heat then they tend to hold the heat making the building some what like an oven. Fans do not help, if the temperature is above 85F because you loose the insulating dead air space surrounding the body and apply hotter air to the body. The elderly, disabled or those on certain medications cannot cope with temperature extremes ( Hot or Cold). We can pray that the people will look after each other and learn some hot weather coping methods.


  3. Luca says:

    Melting roads freaks me out. Things are happening at a lightening speed aren’t they? So many events and look at the mideast things are starting to boil with Iran it seems anyway from news articles Ive been reading this week.

    God Bless


  4. I lived in Germany for 3 years. We had a lovely, modern apartment with two balconies and big, wide windows. However, no air conditioning and no screens in either the windows or patio doors. Thankful there was no major heat wave while I lived there.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


  5. Jim Thorpe says:



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