Sunspot cluster region on the Sun growing again

August 22, 2011GROWING SUNSPOTS: After a weekend of quiet decay, sunspots 1271 and 1272 are growing again. Click on the image to view 24 hours of development: So far the increase in size has not yet translated into a significant increase in flares. Solar activity remains low, although this could change if the sunspots’ evolving magnetic fields become unstable and erupt. Stay tuned. –Space Weather


Earth is entering a solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole
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3 Responses to Sunspot cluster region on the Sun growing again

  1. I think we have to be careful about everything going on now. The Vatican has taken a big interest in what’s transpiring in space. Many Marian apparitions center around miracles of the Sun and the spinning discs- the same solar disc of antiquity revered by the Assyrians and Egyptians who worshipped both snake and Sun- Everything in this 2012 Mayan motiff centers on the Sun. Meanwhile, the jesuit priest Jose Gabriel Funes, the Vatican’s astronomy spokesman has said, aliens are part of God’s creation and we should all but welcome them as long lost brothers.

    Winged UFO serpent Sun disc:

    Is it any wonder New Agers are talking about Nibiru and Anunnaki showing up in accompaniment? The comet Elenin has now become the brown drawf and been combined with the Nibiru legend. Quoting from the Dictionary of Ancient Deities, page 59, it says in regard to Assyro-Babylonian Sumer legends that the Anunnaki “decided to destroy humankind with a gread flood” …and that these beings “were the offspring of Anu and Antu, and they are the siblings of the seven evil demons known as the Utukki.” Richard Hoagland is similarly saying comet Elenin is under the guidance of what he called “intelligent forces” alluding aliens may be influencing its trajectory into interplanetary space.

    So we’re going from science to the paranormal supernatural…and what some people don’t realize is that there is an alien agenda being pushed on the world in preparation for the appearance of these beings. TA, I think more than a false flag for a 2nd coming; it’s grooming the world for the introduction of these creatures.

    In countless tales of alien abductions, abductees have stated these beings have not only denied God but were repelled by the very mention of the name of Christ. There are even accounts of some of these alien light beings bearing “winged-serpents” insignia when they appeared to abductees. The winged-serpent as you know goes back to Quetzalcoatl and the Garden of Eden medium used by Satan in the book of Genesis. There is an alien agenda and Hollywood and every other medium is being used to condition the world for acceptance of it


  2. J Guffey says:

    Satan has always tried to mimic God. He uses many illusions to deceive multitudes. With modern technology, there are countless ways to make things appear to be real. Magicians have created illusions for years, even before technology was a factor. How easy it will be to fool those that buy into everything they read esp,ecially if it is back up with a video.

    I keep praying for wisdom to discern the truth and courage to speak God’s truth even when it is so unpopular to most.

    God bless and keep us in His care.


    • J Guffey says:

      Alvin, I meant to add the following to the above comment.

      It’s seems reasonable to me that if there was intelligent life / societies on others planets, God would have mentioned it.


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