6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes SW of Sumatra, Indonesia

August 22, 2011IndonesiaA powerful 6.0 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of SW Sumatra at a depth of 31.3 km. The earthquake’s epicenter was 176 km (109 miles) SW of T.-Telukbetung, Sumatra, Indonesia and 315 km (195 miles) W of Jakarta, Java, Indonesia. There has been a noticeable increase in both volcanic and earthquake activity in Indonesia over the last several weeks. Two weeks ago, the country’s geologists put as many as 18 volcanoes in the archipelago on alert status because of increased activity. No tsunami warnings or damage have been reported with the latest offshore earthquake. This is the sixth 6.0+ magnitude earthquake to strike the world (Ring of Fire) in 5 days. The Extinction Protocol
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5 Responses to 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes SW of Sumatra, Indonesia

  1. Stefan says:

    I don’t know if You have heard about HAARP ? The ultimate weapon if You want to move the jetsstream and create earthquakes. I was in a state of shock when i heard about it. First i didn’t believe it at all, but after searches on the internet i found tons of facts about it. Here is some facts about it: http://youtu.be/nPusHeDlBxQ

    There are several of those facilities around the globe today. On and off they run them all simultainousl, as if they try to protect Earth from something in space, like a global shield.

    To the public they say that they only are used for scientific things, but most of them are military facilities.


  2. Bone Idle says:

    There are mag5+ earthquakes up and down the west coast of Sumatera with great regularity. No alleged man made intervention is required.

    HAARP has nothing to do with nature intervention. Google : DUGA 3 array, that might give you some idea.

    Large earthquakes in that area between Sumatera and Java are a little bit worrisome. One Vulcanologist I know has a theory that the precursor of Krakatoa 1883 was a large earthquake nearby.

    Nature releases much more energy than mankind can ever produce. The recent Mag9 Japan event released at least 40 million times more energy than the Hiroshima bomb.


  3. AWT says:

    Another Earthquake. We had one here in VA, 5.9. The largest ever recorded in Virginia.


  4. Adam Miller says:

    Thank you for the info. 🙂


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