Scientists find March 11 Japanese quake tore deep fissures in the ocean floor

August 21, 2011Tokyo, Japan (Reuters) – Japanese scientists say the March 11 magnitude-9 earthquake created fissures on the ocean floor across the region, destroying the deep sea eco-system. Researchers at Japan’s Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology said they found a number of fissures, some of them as wide as one metre (3.3 feet) during their surveys at the 5,000-metre (3.1-mile) deep-sea banks near the quake-hit Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, earlier this month. The team also found that the sea organism they used to observe across the region during their past researches were no longer there after the mega-earthquake and tsunami caused underwater mud-slides and changed the composition of the soil. “The March 11 earthquake destroyed the ocean floor with fissures and mud slides. We discovered that the deep sea organisms which used to be there were totally eliminated or replaced by new species,” said ocean biologist Katsunori Fujikura. What the team also found inside the fissure were white, gelatine-like deposits; clods of bacteria that react with methane gas to seep through the cracks of the ground. Fujikura said the bacteria could irreversibly damage the deep sea eco-system as they produce toxic substances, making the sea bed inhabitable for other organisms. “The bacteria produce hydrogen sulphite, which is toxic for other organisms, so, they can no longer live there,” said Fujikura. He also said long-term research is needed to figure out whether the ocean floor’s ecological system can be revived. –Weather Network
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16 Responses to Scientists find March 11 Japanese quake tore deep fissures in the ocean floor

  1. J Guffey says:

    Just curious as to the number of cubic feet of water surrounding this area will be unable to sustain life due to this. Any ideas?


  2. the GATE open on march 11 2011


  3. Fascinating. I was wondering what damage was done to the sea floor with that earthquake. And as some organisms were destroyed, new organisms have replaced them. This probably happens more than we realize.


  4. adam says:

    They said and if it can be revived? Whaaat? This was a natural occurance. They’re not considering messing with things are they?


  5. archaios says:

    wondering how much was caused by the radiation leak into the area


  6. Shawnta says:

    This is a vicious cycle. Hypoxic zones from volcanism, the earthquakes releasing methane leading to toxic bacteria, and so on and so forth…how long before we see this next mass extinction?


  7. Japamagnetic says:

    Behold KingZilla!!!


  8. NickK0 says:

    Here is another ocean-related (big) problem, that we should keep our eyes on:

    We have Fukushima, and we still have to worry about the Gulf of Mexico.
    The Gulf of Mexico issue worries me just as much, if not more than, Fukushima….. because there may be no way to ‘fix’ that leak. 😦
    How the Hell can we ‘fix’ THAT ??

    – Nick


    • Kim says:

      We can try and try, I don’t think we can fix it. I know the Lord of the Creation can. He can move plates and close it. The Fukushima problem….really how can that be fixed. To date they are still pumping stuff into OUR oceans and skies….and our gov’t has slipped a blind eye to it!!! The media just quit talking about it. I last heard that the US is raising the level of radiation that we can be exposed to SAFELY!!!! What about all the blessed sea life, do they have a choice? I am giving this all to the Creator, he knows what to do and he will do it. I am thankful he says there will be a NEW heaven and NEW earth…we certainly are going to need it!!! Pray the rapture comes soon. We need the pride, selfishness, greed and wickedness taken from our world!!

      In blessed Peace and waiting here for the Lord


    • lili-ni-viti says:

      Yes I always have an ear to the ground regarding that event. My son was given a dream in 2007, for which the interpretation was given in 2010 after the April 2010 events at the Gulf of Mexico; that the Gulf explosive event was a man-made accident but it was the hand of the LORD that detonated the whole thing. He called the Gulf of Mexico accident the Rubikon event for the planet. The earth’s sink has been unplugged and everything is going down the gurglers. We have passed the point of no return.


    • A.D. says:

      The B.P oil spill may have done more than we think, and more than we are being told. They just so happened to drill directly over the New Madrid Faultline/ Reelfoot Rift. This may have untold consequences. Research more on “New Madrid Fault” if unfamiliar. What you find out may surprise you.


      • nickk0 says:

        Interesting info, A.D….. Thank you.

        I am not aware of B.P. drilling directly into a fault line, but it does concern me, that the Gulf region, is still ‘seismically active’. ( Try looking up geologist Jack Reed.)

        The damage we have already done to the Gulf, may get worse in the future, if Nature aggravates the situation. ( not that I am blaming ‘her’, we instigated it. )

        – Nick


  9. Brandon says:

    Japamagnetic, Kingzilla??? What are you talking about?


  10. There exits lots of conclusions that the BP oil leak was a man made premeditated accident.
    The world still does not have a summarized report of the accident, fines, who is responsible for the mess, etc.
    We should know (but we won’t) what rally happened.


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