Little known potentially fatal tropical disease spreading outside Latin America

August 21, 2011WASHINGTON, DC – Although there are millions of people with Chagas, a disease that kills over 12,000 people a year, it has remained until now, a rather neglected tropical disease little heard of outside Latin America. However, the tide could be about to turn, because cases are growing in the US, Europe, Japan, and other wealthy regions, drawing attention to the disease as a potential growing market for private investment in new drug development. According to an article published in Science yesterday, 19 August, cases of the disease are rising in other parts of the world, not because the insects carrying the parasite are spreading, but because large numbers of people who are already infected, are migrating from Latin America. Up to 25% of people in Latin America may be infected with Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease. It is related to the trypanosome that causes sleeping sickness in Africa. The parasite spreads by the bite of an insect called the reduvid bug or triatomines, also known as the kissing bug. When the bug sucks the blood of a carrier, it ingests the parasite which spreads to other victims through feces that the bug deposits in the open wound it leaves on the skin. It is called the kissing bug because it feeds on the face of its sleeping victim. Victims then rub the feces into the open wound, or their eyes, or their mouth, and this is how the parasite enters the bloodstream. It can also be transmitted via blood transfusion, or across the placenta during pregnancy, and less commonly, through organ transplant or contaminated food. Chagas is considered a disease of poverty because the bugs live in cracks in the walls and roofs of mud, adobe and straw houses, typically found in urban slums in Latin America. It can remain dormant in the bloodstream for years, emerging much later. Millions of people who contracted the disease decades ago still don’t know they have it because diagnosis is complicated: it requires several blood tests, and often the early stages present no symptoms. Unfortunately, once the chronic form sets in, treatment with current drugs is no longer effective. –Medical News Today
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13 Responses to Little known potentially fatal tropical disease spreading outside Latin America

  1. I love your site, I love your work, and I love that you “consider”people’s posts. I think the earth changes posts rock! Sometimes I think you stretch a bit on slow news days. Feel free to spank me. It is your site and I respect you and it, ( and read it daily ). Just feels like sometimes you are working to make a point where you don’t need to. I will take it all over losing any through so keep on doing what you do so well! Mahalo for your efforts.


    • Karlos,
      Glad you found us and the site reaches a lot of people by the good graces of God. While all the stories are not headline events, they do go to serve a larger purpose for the blog of creating a catalogue repository for earthchange events that has become a one-stop search database for people looking for information about events on the internet. That’s how many people find us.

      Glad you enjoy the site, thanks and best wishes,


  2. I also love you site and am glad I found it. I even enjoy the tidbits on the slow news days. Although there doesn’t seem to be that many slow news days anymore. I’m glad you are able to keep up with it all.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


  3. Harry says:

    I too agree with Karlos, I’ve hindered in the background of this site without contributing. You’re doing a great job with these news feeds, and I find it all EXTREMELY interesting. But. I think its lacking in some of the more, ‘alarming issues’. Anyway, keep up the good work, I’ll still enjoy reading the daily news feed none-the-less. Many thanks.


    • nitewarlok says:

      what could be more alarming than the deterioration of the planet we live on or the societies we have seriously giggling. may the Lord bless us all.


  4. Jake says:

    Lol, Harry, it doesn’t get much more alarming than the news stories/events provided on this site. I’m not quite sure what you mean by alarming. The planet is in meltdown on all types of levels and this site makes that more apparently known than any other I have stumbled upon – and in an extremely varied way.

    I appreciate the uniqueness, the originality, and the creative way the site is laid out, Alvin. It’s very easy to navigate through to find various tidbits of information gathered both past and present. I can’t forget how awesome the imagery is that comes with all the postings which really helps “bring the news home”.

    Your book is in route, and I can’t wait to delve into it!

    God continue to Bless you brother Alvin by everything that Christ is.


  5. Gen says:

    Alvin, I am really enjoying your book. I am up to It came from Outer Space. Have a ways to go yet.

    I have noticed that some of the biggest responses to your posts come from strange noises happening, conflict in the middle east and the sun and what it is throwing our way. Or anything else that shocks us out of our every day lives. These are what are concerning or maybe just intriguing people the most.

    But all the little tidbits are extremely important as all the little things go to make up a whole. As time goes by it will all fit into place.

    Some people keep saying concerning earthquakes and weather “this has all happened before, it is cyclical”. Well it probably is. It is these other “little” things, happening in concert, that make it different. Then there is bible/prophecy; Egyptian, Mayan, Hopi, etc. writings; Maori and Aboriginal legends etc.; along with Islam, Buddha, Hindu etc. beliefs (they had to come from somewhere) that suddenly jump out at us.

    The more dots to join up, the bigger the picture we can make.

    Gee whiz, apart from the Maori and Aboriginal legends of the day when the sky fell down, we probably would not even know that an asteroid hit earth in the ocean south of New Zealand in about the 1500’s. Although they have found the crater.

    Yes, keep up the good work.


  6. Gen says:

    Hi Harry, perhaps you can expand a little to Alvin on what you consider “alarming issues”.


  7. Rosie says:

    So much love for the earth, so much energy and work goes into this site that I honestly feel any criticism is somehow inappropriate as nothing can be or even should be perfect. Of it’s kind I believe it to be one of the best sites and I’m so glad I found it. Thank you.


  8. novusanima says:

    I found your site a few dys ago, Alvin, and don’t remember how But that’s just how God works, right?? Already got you on blog roll, and you have a book?? Still checking out so much NEWS, but definitely want to get to that part too!! Thanks for all your hard work.


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