Kamachatka’s Kizimen Volcano shaken by 900 tremors over 24 hour period

August 21, 2011KAMCHATKA – Kizimen volcano located on the Kamchatka Peninsula Russia has got a burst of activity during the last 24 hours (August 20/21 2011). KVERT Russian scientists have measured more than 900 seismic tremors over the last 24 hours. Earthquake-Report.com was auto-alerted by a shallow 4.3 earthquake probably caused by activity below the volcano. The tremor itself could not generate any damage as they are too weak. The SO2 satellite date from August 21 shows activity on the same place, but the image is not strong enough to show on this page. The volcano is in an active state since December 2010. Kizimen volcano is located at approx. 365 km from the regional capital Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatski. The current aviation code for Kizimen Volcano is Orange. Kizimen volcano is located in a very remote area in Kamchatka with almost no other people than scientists living from time to time near the volcano. Weather in the area is mostly cloudy so that visual inspection of the eruption is only possible on the rare clear days. Russian scientists are only communicating from time to time in the open Internet space (a couple of times per week). –The Earthquake Report
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4 Responses to Kamachatka’s Kizimen Volcano shaken by 900 tremors over 24 hour period

  1. Brandon says:

    Alvin, I watched a youtube video from Dr Goodgreens claiming that 40 volcanos are erupting and 12 are threatening life. Is this info accurate Alvin?


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