Ecoli contamination brings water crisis to Copenhagen

August 21, 2011DENMARK –  Parts of the Danish capital Copenhagen were without clean drinking water Saturday after high levels of the E.coli bacteria were detected in the municipal tap water system. “The tests… show that parts of Norrebro and another central Copenhagen neighborhood have been affected,” the water distribution agency, Kopenhamns Energi, said in a statement. It said the unusually high levels of E.coli were detected late Friday during routine testing of the city’s tap water. It urged residents to boil tap water for two minutes before drinking it and added that further test results were due on Sunday. According to the Berlingske daily’s website, the contamination may have been caused by unclean rain water seeping into the municipal system. Drinking water contaminated with the bacteria can cause diarrhoea and vomiting but no cases were reported Saturday. Earlier this year, an outbreak in Germany of a string of the bacteria killed more than 50 people. –
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5 Responses to Ecoli contamination brings water crisis to Copenhagen

  1. Alex says:

    Is no Wonder Coppenhagen still have Outhouses everywhere.


  2. Marla says:

    Boiling the water increases the hazard.


  3. Mette Themsen says:

    No, noone has fallen ill in the weekend, but just after the torrential rain and flooding last month, a lot of people were ill, and I just felt something was wrong with the water, so I started filtering the tap water, before drinking it…. Just after the news saturday, I saw people crowding up everywhere to buy bottled water, now it’s sold out in almost All the supermarkets! Now it’s raining again!- i know it’s gonna get worse… But I’m hopefull even though


  4. Karin says:

    Just our luck,, we arrived in Copenhagen on Friday evening and slept one night in a hotel only travel on to Sweden the next day. We brushed our teeth with the tap water and the next morning we had some coffee, not sure if the water in it had been boiled sufficiently. In any case, both my husband and I had diarrhea on Sunday morning.


  5. And this is one reason to keep bottled water on hand.


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