SUV swallowed in massive Detroit sinkhole

August 19, 2011DETROIT — A driver and two passengers were rescued Thursday after their SUV was nearly swallowed up by a sinkhole in Detroit. The sinkhole was at Beaubien and Smith streets, which is near Woodward Avenue and East Grand Boulevard. Witnesses said the woman drove over a dip in the road and the roadway gave way. She and the girl inside the SUV were pulled out by witnesses and were unharmed. Hubert Watkins, who lives nearby, said he saw the sinkhole begin to take form earlier in the day. “I have seen it sink before. Just a couple years ago it sank,” Watkins said. “I have been watching it for a couple of days — sinking. I called in early this morning about it sinking.” Watkins said he took a couple of photographs of the sinkhole before the sports utility drove into it. “Just a while ago after the rain, she drove right in there and it fell in on her,” Watkins said about the driver of the vehicle. The Detroit Police Department and the Detroit Water and Sewage Department were at the sinkhole Thursday night cordoning the area off and trying to pump the water and ruble out of the hole. –Click on Detroit
(c) CNN –  2011                    contribution Warren
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3 Responses to SUV swallowed in massive Detroit sinkhole

  1. dingdong says:



  2. nibikwe says:

    Makes me think about the high-pitched vibration/hum coming from underground west/south Windsor, Ontario which isn’t too terribly far away…across the river. This was reported a few days ago on this site. Detroit has an underground salt mine network I believe. Could be related?? In any event, possibly, regular non-official citizens in the city might be able to take shelter in these mines during the upcoming upheavals from incoming planetary bodies. I don’t know if they would be stable enough, though.
    Stay alert people! We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.
    Peace, Love and Light


  3. nickk0 says:

    I understand that there are many underground salt mines, located underneath Detroit.

    – Nick


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