Solar flare activity prompts NASA news briefing in Washington

August 18, 2011WASHINGTON,  DC – Increasing solar activity and the threat that coronal mass ejections (CME) pose to Earth has prompted NASA to convene a news briefing at its Headquarter building in Washington on Thursday afternoon. Thursday’s briefing has been arranged, space agency officials say, in light of new information coming from NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO), spacecraft and other NASA probes. The briefing will feature new details about the structure of solar storms and the impact they have on Earth. The briefing panellists are Madhulika Guhathakurta, STEREO program scientist; Craig DeForest, staff scientist, Southwest Research Institute, David Webb, research physicist, Institute for Scientific Research, Boston College; and Alysha Reinard, research scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of Colorado. The briefing will air live on NASA Television and the agency’s website at 2:00 PM EDT (7:00 PM GMT). –My Weather Tech
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48 Responses to Solar flare activity prompts NASA news briefing in Washington

  1. It’s sad that most people don’t realize what will happen if a major CME hits us. Imagine not being able to use an iPhone, iPad, computer, and most of the newer cars. Plus a lot more things more serious such as the power grids. I would love to be able to say that I am prepared for such an event, but I’m not. So if this happens, I will trust in the Lord to get us through.


    • Apple IIGS says:

      Imagine not being able to use an iPhone, iPad, computer

      Yeah, I can imagine people might then actually have to socially interact with each other, face to face, in person! The horror! 🙂

      Some technology the world would be better off without.


      • Bone Idle says:

        Some technology the world would be better off without.

        We may get the chance to see this happen.

        NASA and those concerned authorities are only getting nervous because of the way the world has totally wired into electronic technology over the last decade. The west is now wholly dependent on the internet, satellites, GPS and interlinked computer networks and power grids.
        The western countries are already in a precarious economic situation. A major power blackout could bring the whole lot crashing down.

        Don’t worry about Ipads, Pods and the internet. Just worry about being able to get money out of the bank at the local ATM. Even worse, food supplies are now doled out to supermarkets under the “Just In Time” protocol under total control of computerized logistics you don’t want an interruption here.

        Even twenty years ago a relatively major CME would cause some inconvenience. Now even a relatively low level X class CME direct earth hit could wreak major havoc.


      • J.M says:

        Maybe your wish will become true and you won´t like, this is more serious than ipads and crackberries, we are talking about the disruption of the supply chains region-wide or worldwide, loss of invaluable information that was not stored in dead tree format (dtf). A mayor setback in the scientific advances, the death of millions of persons dependent on the current biomedical advances.

        Unless you have lot of books on gardening and natural medicine
        , holistic approaches, history, mathematics, logistics (and God knows I’m trying to have them in dtf format) lots of land and animals grazing on your pastures, this will impact you NEGATIVELY in almost ALL possible ways.

        By the way I´m a young man (27 yo) and the people already hooked on the new “social technologies” (twitter, facebook et al), are not worth interacting with anyway. Please note that I’m talking about the social network junkies, not normal persons that use the platforms for their original purposes (interaction with relatives and friends overseas, try to find lost relatives etc.,).


  2. Jake says:

    And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. Rev 16:8-9

    Solar flare activity = more “vague outlines” of coming plagues? I think so, you be the judge.

    I find myself using the term “vague outlines” more and more, Alvin. I hope you forgive me for plagiarizing you while using that all-encompassing catch phrase. It’s just so precise in its meaning.


  3. Gen says:

    Found video. Posted under Ontario humming noise.

    Where there’s a will there’s a way.


  4. MIKR says:

    Get ready for the masses to be hypnotized in 3 2 1, lmao, maybe to satirical, but wth


  5. Lord Chaos says:

    Heh. Some of them claim there is no danger from the Sun. Now what will they say?


  6. Revelation 16:8-11 comes to mind.


  7. Stephen says:

    Our current world order–fraught with unspeakable evil, hypocrisy, and selfishness–must end. People do not see it as a threat because there had been solar flares before, which, apparently, doesn’t make this one a terrifying phenomenon. God is wise to turn intelligent people dumb. Human civilization, now much more reliant on technology than it had been before, will surely suffer a very heavy blow. Welcome to the collapse of the current world order.


  8. Stephen says:

    For every passing day, I grow more and more amazed by the Bible and the Mayan prophecy. We see riots, protests, and escalating tension all over the globe. But hey, we’re still in 2011. I wonder how much worse things will unravel in the coming days. Be that as it may, Lord Jesus, come quickly!


  9. Yes this is happening wake up homies!


  10. Marshallrn says:

    I am prepared! At least I thought I was. I just came to fully realize that I live right in between two of the biggest fault lines in California and they are also the two most likely (from the USGS) to go of in Northern California as well. I’m 3 miles from the Rodgers Creek Fault and about 20ish miles from the Sanadreas Fault. My town is also not very high above sea level. My house sits only 18 meters above sea level. I guess it is time for me to walk down the road to the church that I grew up in and ask my father to forgive me. It has been years since my feet have graced the alter where the eternal light burns. For now my knees will bond with the foundation of the church and once again the lord, my lord, our lord will see me as a son of the light and accept me for whom I have been able to become. Peace and love to all in these times. I can only hope we make it out alive.


  11. Education says:

    The devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist… Except we know he exists, he gave us Cameron, Obama, Ahmadinejad and the list grows…


    • Sunnie says:

      I really don’t understand… you believe our president is evil? Have you ever read or seen anything about countires where true evil reigns (ex.North Korea)? Our politicians (all of them) are greedy, smug and blind. Linking the President with Satan is a stretch.


      • Education says:

        I wonder how we will all feel about these people when the worst does happen, these people apparently in authority know vey well what’s going on in far greater detail than you or I will ever know, when it comes to it and you and I could have had the option to protect our families with as much warning as we could and that is taken away from us to prevent public hysteria, my point is it’s everyone’s right to know what is happening but you will never find out because poll ratings will slip, ps don’t get so offended yours wasn’t the only leader I listed, here all as evil as each other, that’s only my opinion but do you honestly think they give a s**t about individuals??


      • Instigator says:

        Know them by their fruits, not their words, excuses, positions, protestations, associations, complaints, attitudes, history, or anything else.


  12. Akash says:

    Moderate intensity quake hits Kashmir Valley 5.2 magnitude


  13. novusanima says:

    This is just insane *lol* NASA scrambling to and fro and acting like they can ‘handle’ this: ‘nothing to see, folks, just move along’ such crap. But this also means that Time is shorter than ever which is a good thing for those that believe in rapture (and no not trying to start a debate here)
    Hope you keep us updated on this, Alvin. I totally missed this, so thanks for posting it!


  14. novusanima says:

    Hey, one more thing, you musta caught this, just didn’t see it, and wanted to know what you thought of it. It reminds of Hell and or black hole, dark matter, CERN…..lots of creepiness….. … 01419.html


  15. Kim says:

    We are in the “quietest” (lowest) solar cycle for 350 years. By the next cycle we will probably enter a grand minimum – perhaps as early as 2018. If you were worried about global warming…. wait till you try global cooling.


    • Dennis E. says:

      Yes, the cold is coming!!!!! It was expected by solar cycle # 24 to may have started.
      As early as 2007, the Bush Administration was notified of this and we may start to see it earlier than 2018.


  16. Dennis E. says:

    World tension is heating up prior to September in Earth Changes, Social and Economic issues.
    The bubble has to burst soon. This Nasa Briefing may not be “because they got caught with their pants down” this could be a unexpected event that could cause major damage to the earth.

    Just a thought

    PS Fox Business news reports that the Stocks Market could fall out of bed this morning
    due to a sell off European Stocks.


    • Bone Idle says:

      The bubble has to burst soon

      40 years (since Nixon Nixed the Gold Standard) of Debt fueled economic growth has finally reached the end of the line.

      Any day now. The longer it drags on the worse the fall will be.


  17. Oriah says:

    Education says:
    August 18, 2011 at 8:25 am
    “he gave us Cameron, Obama, Ahmadinejad and the list grows…”
    Putting Cameron and Obama in the same list with Ahmadinejad is just plain and simple wrong even ugly.
    I think the media in the US are not honest with regards to their current president.
    The entire political arena in the US is totally poisoned and corrupt.
    And you are NOT contributing to the solution of this very serious problem…!!


  18. Brandon says:

    Kim, well then I guess we need to sit down and have a chat with the sun reminding her that NASA said she was supposed to be quieting down. NASA was wrong again. Lol!


  19. idiotbox says:

    Soon we will all see what they have been trying to hide, look up people, look up….


  20. Lindsey says:

    First I just feel obligated to say this: Never
    They were just reassuring the sheeple from the obviously rediculous doomsday claims of comet Elenin from loonies, but now : “hey folks watch out the sun y’all”! Wasn’t everything just fine with the quiet sun?! So quiet that it is rather a mini ice age we’re going to face?! Will they ever admit the purspose of all the chemtrail sprayed in our sky?


  21. radiogirl says:

    There is rampant corruption among most if not all nations of the earth and yet I know many hard working kind folks from all over the world. In this time it is always a lift to th spirit to think of those that are so dear.

    In regards to earthchanges I am left to carefully consider what government agencies are presenting to the public. Always understanding that I may be left to discern the information myself as reliable or not. Not a very good feeling in that.


  22. tim says:

    my wife bought me a book to read it is called ONE SECOND AFTER . all i can say is WOW if you have never heard of it or read this book look it up and check it out . every one should have to read this it will wake you up real quick as to what could happen from a CME rather from the sun or man made.


  23. Yasmine says:

    Hey guys, has anyone had a chance to read this newspaper article today? not directly connected to solar flares but could be. I find it interesting that NASA should be involved in something as such.


  24. J.M. says:

    Alvin, I have to commend you, it seems that not everyone has been fooled by the folly o fthe new age thinking regarding aliens, ascended masters and all that, moreover more and more people are waking up to the reality, NO ALIEN intelligent biological life has ever come to Earth. Had they come to Earth, they would have obliterated our species since they would regard us as nothing else but vermin. Just a little review of astrophysics and astronomy as well as radiobiology shows the incredible hurdles to travel through space (solar winds, gamma radiation, development of mini magnetospheres to protect the ships from radiation and high velocity small objects, development of never seen before nanomaterials, antimatter and cold fusion as fuel for new engines), centuries of trial and horrors (I meant errors) with the would be space farers as many would die fried or lost in the vacuum of space, etc.

    Such a species would travel not because they wanted to see the space, they would do so out of extreme necessity (Extiction level events in their homeworld?) and wouldn’t come so far in distance (light years) just to preach new age phylosophy and kidnapp humans in never ending examination sessions in which they seem to never learn anything new from their specimens.

    Alvin I encourage you to continue in your mission and that in the end you attain the eternal salvation of the soul, because that`s what really matters.


  25. novusanima says:

    I agree completely with what you’ve stated about ‘aliens’ and/or ‘abductions’ I know that when someone calls on Jesus during an ‘abduction experience’ they will wake up with NOTHING there which really tells a lot. It’s a very scary thing though, this alien agenda, b/c CERN opens new dimensions (and I’ve posted lots on that too) and I just wonder what will come in? ‘Angels of darkness disguised as Angels of light?’
    Make sure, everyone, that your spiritual eyes/ears are working, and double-time. There is more S*** being thrown at True Believers right now that it ain’t no joke, but it is imperative that we recognize this as to What and Who it is, so that we as Children of God under His Grace can rise ABOVE it!!!!


  26. Yasmine says:

    Law of attraction tells us that like attracts like. What ever we think or believe will be what we attract.


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