7 Responses to Global phenomenon: Massive protests sweep across India

  1. unit says:

    The awakening begins against the NWO Lucerfians, This is who governs the world behind the scenes since ancient times. Many humans will suffer. psalms 23


  2. Dr.Diganth says:

    This is nothing but the consolidated frustration every Indian has against corruption. India tolerated this for the past 60 years. Today, no political parties are free from corrupt politicians in India. I hope it will be a wake-up call for every politician.


  3. Yasmine says:

    Protesting is spreading world wide, tomorrow we enter the fifth day of the 9th wave of the Mayan calendar according to Callmen. It will be until the 6th of September that things should begin to ease up. I don’t where we are heading in this time and age seems the whole world is unhappy. I truly believe even the politicians are begining to feel the strain of globle unrest. It will be good when we have peace again.


    • Dakota says:


      Great post – I think the politicians will do much harm in continuing to suppress the populace and break their will allowing them to try and bring us under their control. Whereas they may well feel the strain of unrest they will do all they can to pacify the citizenry and continue what they are doing.

      In the end the citizen of the world will wake up and the fight then will begin in earnest. Unfortunately we have a long way to go before peace settle across the land. That being said I do like your interpretation much better than mine.


  4. nickk0 says:

    About time…..

    I hope the Indian peoples manage to uproot as much entrenched corruption as possible.

    – Nick


  5. Tim says:

    India: Maoist Rebels Attack Indian Paramilitary Camp:
    Maoist rebels angry over the recent killing of their leader have attacked a paramilitary camp and blown up railway tracks in eastern India, police said Monday. The siege on the paramilitary camp in the south of Bihar state led to a three-hour gunbattle that injured one rebel, Gaya district deputy police superintendent M.K. Manjhi said. The suspect was found and arrested Monday, and police are trying to confirm his identity. In neighboring Jharkhand state, police superintendent P.K. Srivastava said some train services were canceled Monday after the rebels blew up tracks at several points Sunday and overnight to protest the Nov. 24 killing of Koteshwar Rao, alias Kishenji. Security forces have said the rebel leader was killed in a shootout while resisting arrest in the jungles of West Bengal state. But the rebels insist he was captured and executed point-blank and have vowed to avenge his death.



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