Cracked Fukushima: Radioactive steam escapes danger zone – excessive radiation levels now found 100 km from plant

August 17, 2011FUKUSHIMA (Kyodo) — Excessive levels of radioactive cesium were found in sludge in a ditch at a district court branch in Fukushima Prefecture, about 100 kilometers west of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the court said Tuesday. The isotope in the sludge, sampled from a ditch at the Fukushima District Court’s Aizuwakamatsu branch, measured about 186,000 becquerels per kilogram, the court said, adding it plans to remove the sludge after consulting with local governments. Under government standards, sludge can be used in a landfill as long as the radioactive cesium contained in it measures 8,000 becquerels per kilogram or lower. The court has barred entry within 1 meter of the area where the sludge was sampled and another where radiation levels were higher than other locations on the premises, but that has not disrupted court business, it said. The nuclear power plant, operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co., spewed massive amounts of radioactive materials into the air and ocean after a series of explosions that followed the March earthquake and tsunami. –Mainichi Japan
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13 Responses to Cracked Fukushima: Radioactive steam escapes danger zone – excessive radiation levels now found 100 km from plant

  1. c/o Luisport

    Workers at Japan’s Fukushima plant say the ground under the facility is cracking and radioactive steam is escaping through the cracks. The cooling system at the plant failed after the devastating tsunami hit Japan in March, sparking a nuclear crisis. But new evidence suggests that Fukushima reactors were doomed to cripple even before the massive wave reached them. RT’s Anissa Naouai talks to Dr. Robert Jacobs, a Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute.
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  2. c/o Luisport

    In early August,an actual Fukushima worker emailed to his friends.
    “A lot of the cracks came up in the ground,massive steam is coming up from there.It’s too smoggy here,can’t see a thing.It seems like nuclear reaction is happening underground.Now we are evacuating.Watch out for the direction of wind.”
    Whistle-blower in the gov
    “I’ve heard that steam is coming up from the cracks in the ground.We are afraid of it.”

    Another Fukushima worker,
    “Near the reactors,there are a lot of the cracks in the ground,steam splashed out from there sometimes.and we have detected 10Sv/h at 6 places unlike gov’s announcement.”

    This has been known among our Japanese community,but we were not sure if it was really true. We did not want to go over the top.

    That’s there is a huge pool on the basement floor of Fukushima,which is shared by units 1~4. They stock 6400 nuclear spent fuel rods in it,and groundwater is flowing into the pool through broken duct.

    However,this evening,Tepco “confessed” a new fact.

    Now the massively contaminated water is in it at least 9.0t.

    6400 fuel rods is about 140% of the total fuel rods in the reactors.

    Actually Fukushima nuc plants are built on underground water vein,they always needed to pomp up groundwater. However,because of the accident,they stopped pomp up the water.This fact has not been published yet.

    Possibility 1)

    Melt-out fuel rods are reacting underground and keep having hydrovolcanic explosion with groundwater.

    Possibility 2)
    6400 spent fuel rods are boiling the ground water and it splashes steam from the cracks.

    Possilibity 3)

    It’s above 30C in Fukushima. Considering the heat,the steam must be really thick.

    Source:, via @Pjoseph85


    • nitewarlok says:

      question Alvin it possible that there could be a nuclear reaction underground and the area could explode into the air with nuclear particles. by His will.


      • nitewarlok says:

        omgosh,,His will be done


      • Not really because a nuclear explosion is a chain reaction and needs a trigger to start an event to create an unleashing of the energy of atoms but the alternative is just as worst a meltdown- how about a metal mesh of a reactor where the reaction has run amock and can no longer be controlled or contained and is burning almost indefinitely at temps shy of the Sun. Imagine a ball of fiery energy that is not only poison but that you can never cool or extinguish.


  3. This is frightening, especially for the people of Japan and with the continued earthquakes in the area. Thank you for keeping us informed.


  4. Education says:

    “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and thus we drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.”

    Albert Einstein


  5. luisport says:

    ENENEWS Energy News
    Purged: Whistle-blowers who reported detection of neptunium-239 far from plant have TV show cancelled #Fukushima
    há 1 hora


  6. MIKR says:

    Alot of late big planes leaving Ottawa airport tonite, this is 10;39 for the record and wednesday Aug 17, not really an event at this time of nigh, usually, but ?? who knows.
    I say this because my wife and I are usually out in the evening and all we usually see are ALOT of chemtrails, miles above us, WOW, hehe.
    Sounds like We better start praying for a miracle,, so that the country of Japan stays together and Her wounds heal quickly,,,,with the grace of the ALMIGHTY, of course, please..


  7. skywalker says:

    the people of japan are a very proud race , and dont like to admit failure of any kind , they see it as a diss-honour to themselves and their families, which they find intollerable and unacceptable.

    this is their collective mind set,and the further up the social ladder they are in their community, the more insufferable this mind set gets.

    their arrogance and ignorance have helped to create the worlds worst nuclear disaster , and instead of admitting the whole truth and asking the world for help and understanding, they are telling us its all under control and there is nothing to worry about ……………move along please….nothing to see here……


  8. luisport says:

    ENENEWS Energy News
    Book: US gov’t was considering plan to evacuate all 90,000 citizens living in Tokyo — US knew fuel had #Fukushima
    há 5 horas »
    ENENEWS Energy News
    Fukushima plant worker: Even higher than 10,000 millisievert/hr at many spots in reactor buildings 1, 2 and #Fukushima
    há 8 horas »
    ENENEWS Energy News
    Gov’t, TEPCO claim radiation releases down to 200 million becquerels per hour, 80% #Fukushima
    há 9 horas » ENENEWS Energy News
    Researcher: Tokyo sample had radioactivity levels higher than in Chernobyl exclusion zone — #Fukushima
    há 11 horas


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