23 Responses to New World Order: Secret talks ensue on common Eurozone bond to save world from global depression

  1. Gerald says:

    Maybe the skeptics will finally WAKE UP!!!!!! and quit calling NWO a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy, but not a theory – it is a conspiratorial act against the sovereignty of nations!


    • Dakota says:


      You have just presented a fantastic assessment of exactly the way it is.

      The NWO promoters have been working overtime for more years than I care to remember.


  2. I agree Gerald. This has been in the works for many years, long before I was born, And I’ve been around for quite a few years. I also study Biblical end times prophecies and this has been prophesied. People do need to wake up and get their heads out of the sand. There are people with a lot of money who want nothing more than to destroy national sovereignty and rule the world.


  3. Mike says:

    The same people who cause the problem are going to fix it, rightttttttttttttttttttt.


    • dingdong says:

      EXACLTY! They created the problem, so they could control the fix.
      No matter, however… they are not in charge. GOD is.
      And GOD is ready to wrap things up down here.
      The Tribulation will begin shortly..
      The ac will be revealed and will force ALL MAN to worship his smelly ugly vileness and force ALL MAN to take his mark.
      Those who are corrupt and vile will celebrate after The Church has been called home.


  4. Dakota says:

    Now how can I put this to you gently – I can’t!!!

    Therefore, I’ll just blurt it out.

    The global government that is being created is not based on democracy. It is based on a sort of neo socialism and more accurately neo fascism. Not national socialism but international fascism.

    By using fear and crisis the NWO, (new world order) will guide the world under the control of a single entity. Once they have achieved maximum control over your lives then you will be forced to take a Luciferic Initiation in order to participate in society.

    Not a theory; well documented;

    They, ( when I say they – I mean government and the ones behind the scene who control some of the elected official you see and listen to everyday) have managed over the years to cut short the lives of anyone who had the ability to unite people in a positive way: leaders of social justice can no longer be found.

    We are on our own for now; for the last 25 years I’ve been saying to people “watch what the government is doing; they’re slowly and subtly taking away your freedom, etc.” What did I get in return; laughter.

    Now we’re being forced to back up against a brick and steel wall. We as a collective are in fear of speaking up or fighting back they have done to great of a job dividing us. No one person can fight against them alone – it will take millions – but you know what? When they have done away with vast numbers of people the ones left will either have to stand up and fight or succumb?

    What’s it going to be?

    You better make a choice because before too long we will not be able to coordinate and or communicate with one another…… they’re already trying to find ways to cut off communication under the guise of enforcing security. The London riots, (planned and fueled) help prompt that idea.

    As much as I somewhat detest having to say this the battle for the souls of mankind is on. Help is on the way but it will not arrive until we prove that we are worthy of being saved.

    For instance: right now you have not been called for battle you still have the chance to just plain not cooperate. Satan cannot win if you refuse to be a participant his game.

    Note: there are a hand full of elected officials on the inside who want to help but they are suppressed and some quietly and quickly indoctrinated into the global control system rendering them useless.

    Endless love……….


    • That is it…”the battle for the souls of mankind is on.” —It,s all about this. –So no more blaming of others ( partners, friends, systems, circumstances,governments, parties, education, money and so on…… . Just to safe your own Soul. Be good, do good, help ever, hurt never.


    • Devin says:

      @ Dakota…very well put, you have hit the nail on the head. I could not have said it better myself the bastards have been boiling us like frogs for many years. They are now putting together the final peices of their BIG SCAM the American people have been falling for all this time. We must now take advantage of social media for it is the only real media that exists…WAKE UP PEOPLE!


    • Megan says:

      I agree with you that there is a battle for our souls going on. But help will come when the Lord says it is time, not when we are worthy. We have never been, nor ever will be, worthy of His love and redemption. It is a free gift of grace, because of God’s mercy on us and seeing us in our desperate condition. He knew that there would be no salvation unless He did it all Himself, so that is exactly what He did. It is now available to any and all who are willing to take His free gift by believing in the person and work of Jesus Christ.


  5. Curtis says:

    If the NWO is thinking it will establish power from debt it’s in for a very short ride. Debt on that level has become wholly self consuming. If there isn’t some production for pay happening on a large scale soon they’re gonna be holding all the monopoly money while the average joe ignores them and barters instead.


  6. Grace says:

    Ask yourselves who has got all the money? It cannot simply disappear. Money, the lack of it or a surfeit, is the one of the greatest weapons on Earth. Money can trigger most, if not all of the the sins, it can divide people, create inequalities. The only time it unites is when those who have it cling together, a very negative reason for unity. Money equates to power in our society, not the ability to be compassionate or to care and love. If we recognise the importance and power of the latter qualities then we can reclaim the power and the NWO will have nothing. Do it….


  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/16/world/europe/16germany.html?_r=2&partner=rss&emc=rss

    “In some ways Germany has already been down the bumpy road toward economic restructuring its European partners now find themselves on. Its competitiveness came at a cost. Under the government of Gerhard Schröder, Mrs. Merkel’s predecessor, large-scale protests broke out in response to difficult labor-market reforms, including making it easier to fire workers. German workers suffered through offshoring and layoffs, and even many who kept their jobs saw years of stagnant wages. But now, from the looks of things, the pain has paid off. ”


  8. This is crazy to think about but listen up.

    Currently in INDIA there are MASSIVE i mean MASSSSSSIVVVVVVVEEEEEE protests against the Corrupt Government (Congress) which is ruling over here. The Gandhi-Dynasty. They are so corrupt that democracy is burnt to the ground in India.

    Due to Inflation and High prices, people are going skinny, and getting harder to make a living. i didnt think i would be saying this but India has gone PEAR SHAPED in the last couple of years.

    People are suffering, unemployment is not high but people cannot make enough money at the moment and are relying on savings.

    As of TODAY, 16th Aug, one day after independence day of INDIA, there are protests in about 35 cities in India (All Peaceful with people raising slogans and raising Indian Flags). All over the news here and on BBC.

    Looks as if things are going to turn ugly as government is QUELLING all the protests in non-democratic way.


  9. David says:

    Germany says no euro bond talk in Paris on Tuesday,another wild ride on wallstreet today?


  10. Jennifer says:

    Something I have been focused on this morning is the Federal Reserve. Alvin, do you happen to know if the charter has an expiration date? How does the Government abolish the FED once and for all. I cannot seem to find a credible answer. It seems a lot of forums are stating it will expire the end of Dec, 2012!! Thats spooky. However, I cannot find anything at all credible to say either way.


  11. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    há 2 minutos


  12. Latest headlines: France and Germany pose collective government



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