New underwater volcanic vents discovered along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

 August 16, 2011MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE – The Irish-led VENTuRE scientific expedition aboard the national research vessel RV Celtic Explorer has discovered a previously uncharted field of hydrothermal vents along the mid-Atlantic ridge – the first to be explored north of the Azores. The mission, led by Dr. Andy Wheeler of University College, Cork (UCC), together with scientists from the National Oceanographic Centre and the University of Southampton in the UK, NUI Galway and the Geological Survey of Ireland, returned to Cork today (August 4th) from an investigation 3,000 metres below the surface of the sea using the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Holland 1. Hydrothermal vents, which spew mineral-rich seawater heated to boiling point by volcanic rock in the Earth’s crust below, are home to a rich variety of marine life that thrives in complete darkness on bacteria fed by chemicals. The investigation was supported by the Marine Institute under the 2011 Ship-Time Programme of the National Development Plan and by the National Geographic Society, who filmed the work for inclusion in an upcoming National Geographic Channel series, “Alien Deep,” premiering globally in 2012. “On the first dive, we found the edge of the vent field within two hours of arriving on the seafloor,” said Dr. Wheeler of UCC. “The ROV descended a seemingly bottomless underwater cliff into the abyss. We never reached the bottom, but rising up from below were these chimneys of metal sulphides belching black plumes of mineral-rich superheated water. Speaking from the RV Celtic Explorer in Cork, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine Mr. Simon Coveney said “This work is an example of an exciting new discovery made by the Celtic Explorer and its present crew of Irish and International scientists. Through vessels like the Celtic Explorer, Irish academics and scientists can work with other international experts to explore the sea bed in the Atlantic and make groundbreaking new discoveries. Ireland is positioning itself as a centre for marine research from a European and international perspective and this work should be supported and welcomed.” –IWO
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7 Responses to New underwater volcanic vents discovered along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

  1. radiogirl says:

    Is it me or have our scientists of various fields of study been discovering astounding new insights at breakneck speed or what?I remember a time when the Book of Revelation was difficult to understand and relate to.Not anymore.


    • Even to the time of the end, many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.” Daniel 12:4


    • I feel the same way. I’ve been reading the Book of Revelation since the 60’s. It’s beginning to make a lot of sense now. Romans 8:22 “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.” And knowledge has definitely increased. Thank you for helping us keep up with everything that is going on.


  2. Education says:

    Live in uk, the m.a.f worries me a wee bit as it seems it’s becoming more and more active each day.


  3. SSS says:

    Alvin, I’m curious, are you familiar with the end time beliefs of the Seventh Day Adventists? They’ve been preaching the end of the world for a long time now, and were once ridiculed for it. I guess they must have known something.


    • Not all of them but yes, SSS, in writing the book, I examined quite a number of prophecies about end-time events including a European database of warnings going back over 1000 years and I also looked at prophecies from people like St. Malachy, Edgar Cayce, and Ellen G. White and particularly found some of her 19th century warnings about an economic collapse of the U.S., coming New World Order, and fireballs destroying cities at the end of time particularly interesting.


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