Freak ice storm reported in Ilocos Norte Philippines

August 16, 2011 –  LAOAG CITY, Philippines According to Bombo Radyo Philippines, the northern portion of the Philippines Islands were hit with a freak ice storm which lasted for nearly an hour. The translated report read: Mayor Salvador Pillos confirmed that rain of ice Marcos, Ilocos Norte yesterday. According to information allegedly did to her, all villages in their country experienced the ice storm that lasted 40 minutes. I hope the mayor with no ill effects the ice storm in the crops of his countrymen. I believe the residents to significantly impact the great ice storm in the town of Mark. –Bombo Radyo Philippines
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9 Responses to Freak ice storm reported in Ilocos Norte Philippines

  1. Education says:



  2. steve says:

    how and why ? cold air from above ? GOD BLESS you and your work .


  3. Jens Skapski says:

    Do you mean hail or snow?


    • The article only mentioned ice. Unable to ascertain.


    • lisa says:

      An ice storm occurs when temps near the ground are below freezing, but he air above is warm enough for the precip to fall as rain. It instantly freezes on contact, coating everything with a layer of ice. If enough falls, the weight of the ice causes trees and powerlines to snap. We have ice storms every decade or two where I live. They can be beautiful, but can also be deadly.


  4. Tara says:

    I live here in the Philippines and experienced it, it was ice (hail) about the size of a corn kernel or maybe hazel nut sized, it flattened rice n corn fields and knocked fruits off of some trees and the temperature remained about 28 degrees or in the high 80’s, but no serious damage, the rain was very hard here for maybe 3 hrs straight and the middle part of the rain storm was when the ice fell…

    Also the skies were rumbling in a long singular rumble for over 1 hr, the strangest sound i have ever heard too like a herd of cows stampeding.

    I grew up in Canada and Europe so hail is not new for me, but that was the first time here in 11 yrs of my living here in the Philippines and the locals including the 70-80 yr olds say they have never seen that before, not in this country, so yes weird stuff is happening…

    ps The day prior / same day NZ had a major snow storm too…
    Peace and Love Folks, be safe…


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