10 Responses to Cameron blames UK riots on ‘moral collapse’

  1. Richard Lockwood says:

    Cameron just has not a clue, he is like those who have past before, they have removed discipline replacing it with political correctness. They have thrown out God’s word, they have enacted laws which have replaced sound morality with licentious. Much of their words, are more do as we say has their own lives are no example. Today politics and corruption appear to go hand in hand. All this is true, then why should there be surprise at events.


  2. radiogirl says:

    The Prime MInister could not have said it better.These are the problems of our world and we will see more of this here in America.


  3. Yasmine says:

    Cameron has not got the faintest idea on how to run this country. He reminds me more of ill-informed speaker rather the the PM. The man is clueless. I just can’t wait for the next election. He will be out out out!


  4. Education says:

    Cameron is a phd in being an idiot, without fear of the law, criminals will run amock as we have seen, who cares about committing a crime when you reward is not having to work, a playstation in your cell and money given to you, once q crime is committed hat should void your human rights. The only way we are going to get back order truly in this country is as tough a sentence as we had pre thatcher. Is too far past handling this now the powers in the criminals hands far to much and it’s gone too far, what we’ve seen I think is future Britain, sad isn’t it that these muppets stealing are the next generation of great minds lol.


  5. Kathy says:

    I believe this is going to be the fate of all civilization, unfortunately. If you read the news, even the small community papers, youth is running rampant. The future is total unravelling of civilization, mob rule. Too bad we live in such a politically correct society. I think being politically correct is going to be our undoing.


  6. Dakota says:

    Lucifer/Satan creates a problem then demands action against the reaction he’s created.

    Remember irresponsibility, selfishness and blame can be placed on that countries government as well as on the rioters


    • Louise says:

      Yes, I agree, Cameron has no morality lesson to teach anyone because he is bombarding Lybia and killing in a way which incomparably greater than the youth stealing ipod and breaking shop windows, especially that the police had standing orders for 3 days.

      The British governement wanted to let the riots go out of hand, even paid youngsters to start the looting to ignite the others who are oppressed economically by the government and haraased by the police.

      Why would the British Governement do such a thing?

      To then have the population call for the army to step in to bring back some kind of security. But then martial law is brought in for everyone and the NWO marches on! This is their usual strategy.

      Do not listen to the words of politicians, please, but rather look at their actions. Please, please, please.


  7. Texas Listening Post says:

    Prime Minister Cameron is correct with the quote that begins “Irresponsibility …..control”. This also applies to the USA. The sixty four million pound question, will the parliament have the courage to reshape the moral fiber of the UK? A world war then depression then an other world war then horrible economic policies erased what was left of the Biblical based morality.

    We should pray for that the prime minster will be successful with this must needed action by ALL Britons.


  8. saxxonblack says:

    This is the world we have created. Blame squarely lies with every individual in this world. Figure the facts about FEAR, GREED, ISOLATION, INDIVIDUALITY and then you may be able to blame someone else.
    “Healing fails to occur because it is much easier to injure another than to heal oneself.”
    (Vernon Howard)


  9. cammac says:

    “So long as governments set the example of killing their enemies, private citizens will occasionally kill theirs.” *Elbert Hubbard*


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