6 Responses to United Nations say cholera now epidemic in Somalia

  1. Officials say cases of acute watery diarrhea

    good blog


  2. Dennis E. says:

    What can you say? Considering current events, can countries even afford to send aid?
    Tragedies worldwide.

    Alvin, you have been quite recently in regard to earthquake activity. I’ve been looking at The USGS site and The Alaska Region, not counting the other regions, is lighting up like a christmas tree during the past 7 days, up and down the chain.


  3. Dakota says:

    People of this region and little ones especially I am so very disheartened of the fact that this is happening to you. My heart cries out in empathy because I know you are in fear every moment and hour of the day. You have no idea of what is happening to you and you nor are you able to comprehend as to why this is happening.

    You may not know of the entity known as Satan is working overtime to bring much suffering and pain to humanity simply because he hates the One who is more powerful than him.

    However, and I wish you knew that there is another entity known to many as God, (the name God is an earthy name given to Him – I know in my heart that this name does not even begin to describe the greatness of Him, Her or It) who is there to catch and cradle you as you fall……….. fall into His arms. Rest in peace – our saved souls will meet again.

    Your deaths will not be in vain the evil one will in the end be severely punished.

    Rest now.

    Endless love to all mankind……………


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