7 Responses to Dangerous turn: Syrian naval barrage unleashed on protesters in Latakia- 25 dead

  1. adam says:

    These things and how Western powers react are what historians Will look back on while piecing together the beginnings of WWIII


  2. Jon says:

    Once the middle east nations fall they will be handed over to the Muslim brotherhood. Middle east will fall and USA stops buying oil and we start drilling here. Search “liberty oil rig” it is one of the largest in the world, they are going to drill in the north slope of Alaska at prudoe bay. Drilling 7 miles into the earth. The fall of the middle east is by design from what I hear…however I could be wrong..


    This is the link to the oil rig in alaska.


  3. Angelina says:

    I have a feeling the UN is going to stop this soon. I know the UN has been warning them for awhile now and I just think its a waiting game to see when they do and who exactly will take part in stopping it all. I am saddened to see what is happening in Syria and I know we dont see half of it. Praying for them…


  4. now violence spreads all over the place, riots, protests, civil war…they now trying to push the nwo into place i think.
    …and they seems to be in a hurry, maybe something is gone happen soon…


  5. c/o David:

    Syria- the next war for USA?, Saudi Arabia Moves to Take Down Syria, Iran and Hezbollah


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