13 Responses to The great human meltdown: thousands riot in China

  1. saxxonblack says:

    In this current Age of Revealing… How do we not know riots are orchestrated in order to de-focus the economic meltdown and passing of dubious laws removing rights of the public. ERGO handing the imaginary line of Democracy over to the real line of militant capitalism bi-proxy. China is a tinderbox at the best of times. Only a few choice words need remove any one person, or a mass mob to lose reason. Interesting times as the Controllers take the reigns amidst the fear induced panic the world has been fermenting over decades. Now the lines of class warfare have been etched into the playing ground of humanity. Watch the pseudo-father figures claim there stake in your belief system. Assuaging any darker emotions you might have to face in the naked state of selfhood. In the condensed words of reason from Sun Tsu Art of War.
    “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win numerous (literally, ‘a hundred’) battles without jeopardy.”


    • Mel says:

      Wow, thank you so much, dear one, for the poignantly expressed words and sentiment within. I appreciate the clarity with which you are able to “see” and understand. It is quite refreshing to read an unbiased, unattached, a more realistic view. Wonderfully expressed, truly! 🙂


  2. Stephen says:

    I don’t think the Chinese government can hold on to power for long. We say that China is gaining strength financially and militarily, but look deeper into why the government is always afraid of unrest. The bigger the country, the harder to control. And I am sure it is costly to run such a government. And I don’t feel China’s growth path is sustainable, contrary to what many people say.


  3. luisport says:

    Appeals to strike and civil disobedience against toll roads in Johannesburg. The government’s decision to refer to tolls two hundred kilometers of motorways that cross linking Johannesburg and the rest of the country is to bring unions and employers’ associations and civic calling for forms of struggle including a general strike and to civil disobedience. http://sol.sapo.pt/inicio/Internacional/Interior.aspx?content_id=26353


  4. Susan says:

    More power to them!! Good luck citizens of China, and I pray you come to the Lord while you are at it, so that He can bless you in your persecution!


  5. I think it’s certainly part of the process. These events are being manipulated by dark forces both by spiritual and human hands and we should have no part in them. The same beast that ascended out of the bottomless pit and swallowed pre-Revolutionary France will soon engulf the world. Murder, violence and bloodshed will soon be the order of the day. What will come from the global economic collapse and the ensuing global unrest? The best of East and West- a synchrony of socialism and theocracy: “That as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed…and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:15, 17. English common law will be shoved under foot and rights and liberties guaranteed as cornerstones of Western democracies will soon cease to exist just as surely as the Committee of Public Safety (Comité de salut public) ruled over French citizens with the fear of the guillotine. Anyone suspected of treason against the government was arrested, imprisoned and executed without trial or due process. The gut-wrenching sound of the death-carts, laden with dissenters, rolling along the cobble-stone streets of Paris enroute to the guillotine evoked a climate of constant terror for French citizens. Economic commerce will be tied to religious observance laws centered around the advent of the New Sun Age and the world as we presently know it will soon cease to exist. Look at the revival of neo-sun worship in Astana. There is nothing in the human imagination or psyche that can prepare the world for the unspeakable horrors that are soon to come.


    • observer says:

      Alvin your comment makes alot of sense ive been wondering for a while if these protests are actually a way of government experimentation. look at the London riots for example they were to well organised to be the work of unruly teens. and as i live pretty close to London i had the opportunity to witness some of this first hand. i have been wondering if these riots were actually caused by lower level government officials dresses as civilians and encouraging the rage and magnifying it somehow. i also find it conviniant that our prime minister and mayor of London were both out of the country when this kicked off. all a little suspicious if you ask me.


    • Luca says:

      Well said Alvin God Bless


    • J Guffey says:

      Even so Lord Jesus come quickly!


  6. Luca says:

    My friend in China who became a Christian had been arrested in the past for having a bible and for going to church meetings. I pray for all the people of China for they are struggling.


  7. Ian says:

    China is a melting pot of different peoples – if you search the shops you will find phrase books covering 14 languages … so consider what the local people think when they are directed to learn and speak a foreign language (Mandarin) from leaders many thousands of miles away. Mostly the script is the same, although a few languages have their own script too.

    One has to admire how China has become the world’s factory, so many things now display the marking ‘Made in China’ it is difficult to remember a time when other nations used to make these things.It is using this wealth to ‘buy the world’, rights to it’s resources, taking over from the Europeans in many respects.

    China is a proud nation, it has it’s own way of doing things, and is very certain never again to be ruled by others, be them from Great Britain, Portugal or Japan or anywhere else.


  8. luisport says:

    Organizers bypass Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in effort to “let the rest of the voices speak”; over 20,000 rally in Haifa; spokesman says smaller numbers not a sign of failure: Turnout more or less what we expected.
    Talkbacks (35)

    An estimated 50,000 to 70,000 Israelis took part in a series of demonstrations held across the country on Saturday night, as part of the social issues movement that has gripped the nation over the past month.

    Unlike the previous three weeks, protest leaders decided not to hold a mass protest in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, and to instead hold demonstrations in 18 other cities.

    50% or less pal….



  9. Ian says:

    Rita – don’t worry about that, these are patriotic people with an economic grievance, the first sign of trouble and they will stand together in defence of their nation. I’m sure the neighbours are watching, looking, probing for signs of weakness to exploit.


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