16 Responses to SF transit blocks cellphones to hinder protest

  1. This is what we have to look forward to when people take to the streets.


    • John Smith says:

      No, this is what we have to look forward to when governmental forces are allowed to ignore our rights, ignore the law, and do whatever they please. Innocent people’s cell-phone service was cut for NO legitimate reason. The “public safety” excuse card is being played, over and over, to our ultimate DETRIMENT, not advantage.


  2. Julie says:

    The United States of Big Brother –

    stay tuned – it will only get more oppressive.

    p.s. Alvin – got your book – love it! Funny – I am currently also reading Lord of the Rings – and what you said rings true (the 11 year, titles, etc). – you rock!! For all 4 1/2 million hitters – get the book!


  3. observer says:

    if only London had thought of doing that. they blamed blackberry messenger for all the yobs coordinating attacks.


  4. LA says:

    looks like we are saying goodbye to our constitutional rights. we need to go back to non-censor-able forms of organization and communication. this is unbelievable here in America that CITIES can get away with this kind of repression and control over the phones we PAY FOR!! shouldn’t this be illegal??


  5. Jake says:

    I dig learning new words, and today that in fact has happened – yobs. Thanks for the contribution to my vocab, observer. I promise to practice my English accent some before I use the word for the first time.

    The blocking of mobile devices in order to hinder people’s movement and communication – I never saw this coming. *disclosure*…the previous statement was laced with sarcasm and is intended to be understood by people who know sarcasm when they see it.

    Has technology really made the world a better place? While I utilize some of the technology myself and am somewhat glad for it, I’m rather excited when I ponder about an eternity void of cellphone carriers and internet providers.


  6. Odnamra says:

    Got Democracy?


  7. Gen says:

    So what should they have done? They had two choices.

    Do nothing and hope for the best that the demonstration is peaceful and that half of San Francisco isn’t burnt to the ground. After seeing what has just happened in England when usually normal people turn into yobbos I don’t blame them for being overcautious. The situation would have been made worse by the yobbos phoning their friends on their cell phones.

    Maybe they should have closed down the rail stations and BART and not the cell phones, until the demonstration had ended. That way, at least if things had got nasty it would not have been an easy ride on the train for more yobbos to join in. In a worst case scenario the train station might have been burnt to the ground but at least a situation where a train might have been torched and innocent people killed might have been averted.

    The same rioting and cars being set alight was seen in Canada after the baseball or whatever game was lost. The same in Greece because of the financial situation.

    Every other week in western Sydney mobs of drunken yobbos start fighting in the streets and police have to break them up. It is just a matter of time before they start torching cars and houses. It is not matter of if but when.

    Satan well and truly has his foot in the door. He incites the minds of usually normal upright citizens to pillage and burn because that is his way. Scarring along the way innocent bystanders and also the frenzied doers.

    Once he wins on that front he then incites governments to take measures to control the yobbos. Usually these measures take away peoples free agency which again is satan’s way.

    In Syria they just mow them down with tanks.

    Whether the world likes it or not, we are already in this mess. It is only going to get worse. We have turned another corner in time and as much as we hope and wish, there will be no going back to the lives we knew even five or ten years ago.

    Just a taste of what life is going to be like when more and more people lose their homes, livelihoods and don’t have food to eat.

    And the devil dances with joy. Leading the hearts of men down the road of deception and misery.

    In the end there will be only two teams to play on. That of God and good. Or that of satan and evil.

    People need to decide which team they are going to bat for.

    People say they don’t believe the Bible and that all this prophecy hogwash. Oh how I wish they were right. But Revelation in unfolding before our very eyes. A lot of what is happening is right under our noses and we can’t see it.

    Yes I am very passionate about this subject because I care for my fellow men and women.

    Alvin, does this now global situation come under the Black Swan thingo?


    • No, I think those will be unexpected catastrophic events.


    • Paula says:

      I have to wonder what you think of those guys who dressed up like Indians and dumped a bunch of tea in the Boston harbor, a really unruly bunch.


    • Dakota says:

      Gen, yes Satan is dancing with joy his “suppression plan of the people” has begun in full earnest.

      And guess what when time comes for us to really need to coordinate and communicate with one another in the hopes of saving our lives and gathering with family/friend – we’re not going to be able too – all because of Satan’s successful test run in England.


  8. radiogirl says:

    There is a difference between the Boston Tea Party and blood thirsty looters who are bent on harming others for the sadistic thrill of it .


  9. Dakota says:

    Please allow this post to be posted. Thanking you in advance.

    Testing 1, 2, 3, Testing, Testing!!!

    Gearing up for the big shut down.

    Yes, what happened in London was horrific in every way most specificallyin the sense that it too was a TEST.

    Nothing is at all sometimes what it seems to be.

    It, unfortunately, is sometimes human nature to get caught up in the heat of the moment. You’ve heard of crimes of passion. One becomes crazed and no not what they do or why – they just follow. For instance at a concert people – screaming/yelling, singing, dancing – getting caught in the moment – in other words something takes over – they become uncontrollable. I don’t know how to explain it in scientific terms other than to say it’s something like mass hysteria.

    As far as the London riots, (and I can’t prove this – it’s just a theory) a young fellow was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the real truth is behind this particular shooting we may never know – bottom line he was expendable as in a sacrifice.

    In order to start a fire, (no pun intended) you’ve got to strike a match.

    What better way to do this than in a community already hanging on the edge of what is deemed as polite society. Drug infested, crime out of control, most of the people uneducated, jobless – have no hope – simply because they have not been educated enough to know that they should have hope, etc. etc.

    Yes, yes, and yes, it is mainly the fault of the people who live in that community that they have not been proactive in the betterment of their situation.

    Nonetheless, it is what it is as well as a “hot spot” to ignite this particular flame and allow it to get out of hand. I view the whole situation as no accident.

    People, right now Satanic Forces are ruling this planet and you’ve got to understand that. Any means necessary will be used to inflame and further divide humanity….. any means necessary to take control – implement Satan’s plan.

    You see in this article the reverberations of what happened in London. Again London riots were no accident.

    Anytime, anywhere from now on the law will/can do exactly what they’re doing in San Francisco and use London as an excuse. It worked well in Iran during the uprising that happened there.

    Think, people think!

    What you all must begin to realize and remember is that the, (for lack of a better word) “Controllers” are very good at what they do. If you’re going to survive you’re going to have to start thinking like them, once you do you can see and hopefully begin to understand the games being played on mankind….. begin to see the string being pulled.

    Some things are done to test the physic of human – test their reactions. Some things, (situations) are created and allowed to get out of control, fueled on therefore, allowing for suppression to enter into the picture frame.

    Please PLEASE Please understand that “the game is on.” You/we’re going to be hit heavy – hard and often – YOU MUST REMAIN CALM and stick/hold together.

    Please: Do not cooperate – do not allow your judgement to become clouded – learn how to analyze their game.


  10. Ian says:

    I disagree with blocking the Blackberry service, I think we all need to look long and hard at such actions and decide if this is the correct thing to do. If this had happened in Iran for instance, would we support blocking channels of communication? (eg twitter). The only time to block civilian communication should be to prevent an illegal activity take place, and the right to demonstrate in peace must never be treated as illegal (anywhere in the world).

    However, I do consider that all users of mobile telephones should do so on a known basis, not annonymously, then those who do promote crime can be identified and called to account in a court of law. The UK government keeps records of all telephone communication, for the right reasons – I think just the caller and recipient number, I’m not sure, or concerned. It is big brother, this will not change.


  11. Gen says:

    Dakota, what we have to think hard about is that a lot, maybe most, of the people arrested in London were not drug infested, homeless, jobless.

    They were seemingly normal everyday people with good jobs. This is the big indicator of what you are saying, mass hysteria or the like taking over in peoples mind. This is satan at work, how he operates and how he intends to destroy our lives – democracy, free agency, etc.

    We haven’t seen the tip of satan’s iceberg yet. Pity help us all when we do. The crucifixion of Christ and his clothes being sold off to the highest bidder, Hitler and the holocaust and the concentration camps and what so many had to endure, the atrocities in Africa, and in Mexico in the name of drugs, and so much more. Imagine all these happening at the one time.

    We have been warned. Satan will have MUCH power for a time and a season.

    Many people say there is no God because he would not allow this. Unfortunately, so that Satan and his followers can receive their full judgment and punishment this has to happen. It is a higher law of God, higher than our laws on earth.


  12. Michele B says:

    There is an update to this story. http://news.yahoo.com/hackers-protest-bart-decision-block-cellphones-021628029.html. It’s fine if you mod this out, not sure what your policy is on links. Just wanted to let you know.


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