Seismic hazards notwithstanding: Architect unveils plan to build 65 story earthscaper below Mexico City

August 12, 2011 –  MEXICO CITY – From an architect’s perspective, several problems impede the development of Mexico City, one of the world’s largest cities with a population teeming around 21.2 million. A scarcity of new construction plots, height restrictions that limit new edifices to eight stories and laws that prohibit demolishing historic structures leaves little room for building up. The solution: build down. Up to the task is BNKR Aquitectura and their ambitious ‘Earthscraper‘ project. The Mexico City urban architecture and research firm has proposed building an inverted pyramid underneath the Plaza de la Constitución, the heart of the Mexico City’s historic district, commonly known as The Zócalo. The historic center of Mexico City is in desperate need for a pragmatic make-over,” says BNKR’s. Capped with a glass roof to filter natural light down to its lowest levels, the 2,542,650 square foot sub-structure would descend 65 stories below The Zócalo. Proposed for the first 10 stories is a museum filled with Aztec and Mayan artifacts, with the next 10 stories offering retail and residential spaces. The remaining 35 stories are outlined for office space. “The Earthscraper is the skyscraper’s antagonist in an historic urban landscape where the latter is condemned and the preservation of the built environment is the paramount ambition. It preserves the iconic presence of the city square and the existing hierarchy of the buildings that surround it,” says BNKR. –Discovery News
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19 Responses to Seismic hazards notwithstanding: Architect unveils plan to build 65 story earthscaper below Mexico City

  1. TTB says:

    I’ve thought for a long time this is the way to go. Especially now that we can just use cc camera and duplicate window type feel. Save on energy and protect against most natural threats.


  2. Tomwe says:

    Does not sound like a good idea.


  3. morgean23 says:

    I feel differently…. it feels incredibly invasive to me – don’t know how earth will withstand much more.


  4. Gen says:

    One mid range earthquake and countless people and the Aztec and Mayan artifacts entombed forever.


    • Katherine says:

      Gen, I just posted on fb about how an earthquake could entomb all the people within. To build something like this would be nothing short of pre-meditated murder.


  5. Golfdad641 says:

    when I see this I think Racoon City from Resident Evil 🙂


    • Katherine says:

      Golfdad641, there are a lot of things in the book Resident Evil: Apocalypse that have come true. They’re in the movie too in disguise. You just have to pay attention. The triangle is an Illuminati symbol.


  6. RainMan says:

    ….and they can use the leftover soil to fill up sink holes and cracks in the Earth.


  7. sinoed says:

    I seem to remember seeing somewhere that the japanese have already built a city below ground…or is my mind playing up again!!


  8. Patty says:

    An underground pyramid? Aztec and Mayan treasures? I believe the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Neither the Egyptians or the Aztec or Mayans preserved their cultures because they were not based on knowledge of an Almighty Creator – does doing the same thing upside-down thousands of years later really change things?


    • Pagan says:

      Of course the Egyptians preserved their culture. Cleverly too. Out of most ancient civilizations theirs is probably apart from the Chinese, Romans & Greeks, the most well documented & preserved. The bulk of it has been passed down to us through hieroglyphics & cast in stone & many of the precious artifactst now reside in museums worldwide. I would think this to be a sign of preserving a culture.

      I’m also not too sure what you mean by they didnt have knowledge of an Almighty Creator, they were an incredibly religious & spiritual people – Isis the Great Mother & Ra the Sun God or even Sekhmet? Heard of them? The legacy of the Egyptians & their religion. resonates throughout most of our modern cultures & belief systems.



  9. nickk0 says:

    An original and fascinating idea….. But how do they propose to get around the ‘seismic’ problem ??

    Also, wasn’t Mexico City, originally built upon a swamp ? What about the risk of flooding ?
    How would they deal with drainage ?

    I am not saying these problems are insurmountable. I am just saying, that there will need to be a LOT of ENGINEERING work done, to deal with these issues.

    – Nick


  10. Dakota says:

    Most! But then again I don’t fear natural threats as much as I do man made threats.

    On another note I would much rather live in a structure orbiting space.


  11. Lance says:

    There are many underground architectures for which tens of thousands of people traverse them daily. They’re call Subways, Metro, Ts, etc: Boston, New York, Montreal, Paris, etc. Grant you, they’re only a few floors down. But their expanse is probably bigger. There are also underground malls that span 5 to 10 stories underneath the ground.


  12. Lorraine says:

    65 stories ? Really? In a seismically and volcanically active region? Not the best of plans.


  13. Grace says:

    5.8 in mexico!!!!


  14. Akash says:

    5.8 2011/08/13 07:33:11 14.518 -94.662 32.0 OFF THE COAST OF CHIAPAS, MEXICO


  15. Mike Swayze says:

    sounds like a bad idea to me.

    ‘Tenochtitlan’ (Mexico City) is built on a swamp island in the middle of a lake- going below the surface that will flood at some point is probably a bad idea at that location- now somewhere in the mountains probably is good…


  16. Lorraine Ridge says:

    I am seeing a lot of very valid reasons in these replies to show that this develoment that they are contemplating in Mexico has not been thought out very well.


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