Kiwifruit disease spreading faster than industry expected

August 12, 2011 AUCKLAND – Kiwifruit growers say they are worried by how quickly the vine killing disease, PSA, has spread to orchards outside the initial contamination zone in the greater Te Puke region. The virulent strain of the disease has been found on another 19 properties in the past week, two of which are in the previously unaffected Tauranga region. New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers president Peter Ombler says the infection has spread much faster than expected. He says a lot of work is going on to try to slow down the disease’s spread, using protective sprays and stopping the movement of potentially infected equipment between orchards. The organisation responsible for controlling the disease, Kiwifruit Vine Health, says it is vital growers maintain orchard hygiene and monitoring protocols. However a spokesperson for the Independent Kiwifruit Growers’ Association, Ross Hart, says the outlook is dismal, and trying to control the disease now is a pointless exercise. Mr Hart says he is not convinced that any of the preventive measures, including protective sprays, are making much of a difference. The head of New Zealand’s largest kiwifruit orcharding company says a continual increase in the number of blocks confirmed as having PSA is a major concern. Michael Franks of Te Puke based Seeka says the firm is working with competitor East Pack to find a control for PSA. It expects to have results by the end of the week from field trials of four chemical compounds. Since it was first discovered near Te Puke in November last year, the disease has been found on 266 orchards, of which 151 have the virulent or V strain of PSA. Kiwifruit Vine Health has extended its high risk zone in Bay of Plenty for the second time in six weeks. –Radio New Zealand
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2 Responses to Kiwifruit disease spreading faster than industry expected

  1. Mike says:

    Guaranty they used monsanto roundup on their crops. This is typical of monsanto sprayed crops. They have sudden crop failure often.


  2. Golfdad641 says:

    Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Turkey Sickens More People

    Some 107 people in 31 states have now been infected with an outbreak strain of Salmonella Heidelberg found in some ground turkey made by Cargill Inc., the latest report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows.

    That’s up from last week’s 76 cases in 26 states. Still, only one death from the outbreak, which began in March, has been reported. The outbreak caused the Minneapolis-based Cargill, the third largest producer of turkey products in the United States, to recall 36 million pounds of possibly contaminated ground turkey — one of the largest meat recalls in history

    Read more at:


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