Magma plume: 5.7 magnitude earthquake near Ascension Island


August 11, 2011Ascension IslandThose of you who are following our magma plume map of activity can see that we have another major earthquake being reported at a magma plume. A 5.7 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 9.4 km was reported in the Ascension Island region. The quake was followed by a 4.8 aftershock at a depth of 10 km- a third earthquake at the same depth measured 5.2. The region also had an earthquake swarm on July 9-10 of this year. This means a good portion of the planet’s plumes are now showing activity.   –The Extinction Protocol         See plumes
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10 Responses to Magma plume: 5.7 magnitude earthquake near Ascension Island

  1. monomontana says:

    Hi Alvin!
    Just don’t understand how a EQ with magnitude 5 can do this?
    Here in Chile we have 5-6 magnitude every week


    • Monomontana- it depends on a lot of factors. The geology of the region, type of soil, the fault, if it’s a lateral and horizon shaking close to the surface like in the case with New Zealand, a 5.0 earthquak can be very destructive. Also in remote regions of the world, most buildings are not seismically hardened- they’re simply rustic dwellings.


  2. Jens Skapski says:

    Mid Atlantic Ridge had increasing seismic and volcanic activity I the last weeks and months! If it goes on like this, New York, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro have to learn swimming! Volcano or earthquake: at least one of them will cause a gigant tsunami!


  3. luisport says:

    Magnitude mb 5.1
    Date time 2011-08-11 08:19:44.0 UTC
    Location 6.82 S ; 12.89 W
    Depth 33 km
    Distances 1464 km SW San-pédro (pop 196,751 ; local time 08:19:44.0 2011-08-11)
    1372 km SW Harper (pop 32,661 ; local time 08:19:44.0 2011-08-11)


  4. Debra says:

    Alvin n all – what, exactly, does this imply? Thx!


    • Tectonic plates boundaries under the ocean occur at rifts called mid-ocean ridges which are divergent regions where the sea-floor is spreading. Mid-ocean ridges are geologically very active and volcanic in nature. This happens to be occurring where there is a hot-spot or magma plume- Ascenion Island. For some time now, I’ve been discussing the idea that geolgoical time-scales can be dramatically accelerating through periods of catastrophism where very rapid change can occurr with the Earth over a relatively short period of time. Tectonic plates are becoming more agitated- which means more earthquakes, sea-floor spreading is accelerating, magmatic and thermal pressures are increasing inside the planet- which means the magnetic reversal also is accelerating.


  5. David says:

    I found this interesting video on what the Tibetan Monks heard a day before the Japan earthquake,


  6. GODDESS9 says:

    I really appreciate your website! Most scientists in the mainstream media are obviously gagged.

    @ Jens Skapski – can you please provide your source info on the increased volcanic & earthquake activity at the Mid Atlantic ridge.. PS I didn’t see much commentary on the recent earthquakes originating in Colorado and Virginia.

    Would anyone care to share their thoughts?
    Blessings, GODDESS9


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