Indonesia’s Mt. Ibu volcano emitting thick smoke

August 12, 2011INDONESIA – Mt. Ibu in West Halmahera regency has been emitting thick smoke, causing its alarm status to be raised on Sunday. Ridwan, a volcanic observer at Mt. Ibu said the mountain’s activities had intensified over the past two weeks. Hundreds of small eruptions have been recorded by the seismograph. “There were numerous tremors. Therefore we increased its status to alert level II,” he said yesterday. Ridwan said the mountain had been closed to hikers and people were prohibited from getting within 3 kilometers of Mt Ibu’s crater. “We announced this two weeks ago and have intensified our observations. We hope people will be aware,” he said. –Tempo Interactive
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4 Responses to Indonesia’s Mt. Ibu volcano emitting thick smoke

  1. luisport says:

    Alaska: There has been some information in the news about the activity at the remote Alaskan volcano, Cleveland, and all of it seems to suggest a new dome at the summit. The USGS did have a Gulfstream III overfly the volcano to image the new dome via radar, but the results of this won’t be released for at least a few days. So far, the dome growth has not been accompanied by any significant explosive activity – a bit of a surprise at Cleveland.

    Indonesia: The island nation is seeing its fair share of activity lately, and now Karangetang has come back into the fray. The volcano has experienced some small explosions over the last week that has caused villagers to flee. We also still have some activity at Lokon-Empung and Krakatau.

    Italy: Last night, Dr. Boris Behncke mentioned that we might be heading towards a 10th eruptive event of the year at Etna – be sure to watch the webcams closely today. It definitely has been a busy summer at Etna and Stromboli. Check out some of Dr. Behncke’s images from a recent trip to Stromboli as well.


  2. novusanima says:

    You have a lot of pertinent info on here, going to add you to my blogroll, thanks for your hard work!



  3. luisport says:

    A first, very close look at the lava fountain from Etna’s New Southeast Crater today, 12 August 2011 – more soon!



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