Terrified tourist hit by falling glacier on Tracy Arm Fjord

August 9, 2011ALASKA – This is the terrifying moment a boat full of tourists came within a few metres of being engulfed by falling ice from a glacier. Screams of panic can be heard as tourists are struck by ice while on a tour of the Tracy Arm Fjord – a deep fjord over 48km long in the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness, Alaska. One female tourist fell amid the panic and broke her leg, The Sun reports. –News.com
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5 Responses to Terrified tourist hit by falling glacier on Tracy Arm Fjord

  1. ArieZ says:

    There’s these guys that wait out in this area on jet skis and surfboards waiting for glaciers to fall in creating giant waves to surf…theres youtube videos I’m sure…But I love how blue the ice is inside that glacier after it breaks..Amazing


  2. Anthony says:

    It’s okay everybody. These are slow geological processes that take millions of years to occur…………


  3. radiogirl says:

    @Anthony……good ooooooooone!


  4. led says:

    This is a terrible event .I could imagine this situation . Hope everything is okey !


  5. The Future is Now! says:

    Check out the black smoke coming out of the engines, it doesn’t help to have turists visiting those highly sensitive sites. If everyone did this the glacier would melt even faster…


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