X-class flare, spike in X-ray solar flux, and increase in solar winds from coronal hole


Solar wind
speed: 630.9 km/sec
density: 0.6 protons/cm3      
MAJOR SOLAR FLARE: This morning at 0805 UT, the magnetic canopy of sunspot 1263 erupted, producing a powerful X7-class solar flare. The blast caused a brief HF radio blackout on the daylit side of Earth. SOHO coronagraphs show a CME emerging from the blast site. The brunt of the explosion was not Earth directed. Nevertheless, a minor proton storm is in progress around our planet, which could affect satellites in high-altitude orbits. Also, radiation from flare created waves of ionization in Earth’s upper atmosphere, briefly disrupting communications at some VLF and HF radio frequencies. –Space Weather
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35 Responses to X-class flare, spike in X-ray solar flux, and increase in solar winds from coronal hole

  1. Dennis E. says:

    how much trouble will this be?


    • Let’s wait and see what the assessment is from the scientists. It may be a parting glance to Earth as it was on the far right limb of the Sun. The proton density count and solar wind speed was higher than what occurred in the previous CME’s but it was none the less a very powerful blast.


      • Joan says:

        The Earth’s magnetic field (Dst index) took a plunge on the 6th, according to the correlation “hypothesis”, another 9+ should have happened within 108 hr, but nothing except a few volcanoes and riots here and there. Today, an M and an X, let’s wait and see the aftermath.


  2. AWatchman4Him says:

    There really slow getting out the Info. on this, do you think it was 1263 again or one of the others? This is a big boom!


  3. AWatchman4Him says:

    The CDO movie doesn’t do the blast justice, hopefully we will see it from another spectrum.


  4. skywalker says:

    another near miss, we sure are lucky…………if that had happened 36 hours erlier…………


  5. Lauren says:

    The last x class happened march 9 and earth felt the effects on march 11. This x7 happened today august 9 and it is scheduled to arrive august 11…hmmm..


  6. Narcisia says:

    What would happen if this hit the earth? I hope to god it misses.


  7. K80 says:

    I can say that of all the problems we have to deal with, the SUN is very intimidating.


  8. Carol says:

    Alvin, didn’t you mention in your book that there was an X17 flare in 2008, if I’m recalling correctly, I don’t remember anything significant coming out of that. Was it not directed at earth or was it something different than a solar flare?


  9. Brandon says:

    Alvin, i’ve been engaged in a heavy discussion about the End Times over on the Researching Earth Thoroughly site. We’ve been talking about how the birth pains are worsening and these earth changes are intensifying. There’s been much talk on Elenin. Most of us were in agreement that the 7 year tribulation period may be getting ready to begin. Could this be true? Could time be that short?


    • I really think time is an irrelevant factor in this equation, Brandon. Earth has faced too many close calls and I think this is clear indication this is event-driven, not time-driven. “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh.” Matthew 24:44. I’m pointing out this scripture only to make a point that the Bible says events will be racing ahead of a time-frame.


  10. Anthony says:

    I swear this is the only relevant website on the entire Internet.


    • Thanks Anthony. We’re fortunate to have you. I applaud the efforts of any trying to get the word out and we can set the world ablaze if we let the sphere of what we learn and know expand and encompass those around us.



      • Dakota says:

        I’ll certainly do all I can to help get the word out. Besides that I’m all ablaze and excited of the fact that I found your site.

        Despite the frightening aspect of some of what we are witnessing it is for the most part; in particular the sun somewhat beautiful. Violently beautiful one might say.

        Endless love,


      • Thanks Dakota. I’m thrilled you came across it. We’re fortunate to have your presence. May every trickle become a flood of blessings in your life.

        endless love,


    • PansPermia says:

      Anthony I am in agreement.

      I was guided to this site a few months by, (I was going to say guided to this site by unknown forces) as Alvin has said in other references, “a friend up there.”

      Blessed be…………


  11. Archelly says:

    I too, feel blessed to have found this site. Come what may….this is going to be a wild ride with many tears but such joy awaits for us at the end.

    I will have no fear for He is with us. He will strengthen us where we are weak, give us hope when it all seems lost, and comfort us through the sorrows we may have to endure before this is all completed. In that, I have faith.

    Peace to All…


  12. El's Friend says:

    Hi Alvin, love your website. How do I get a copy of your book?
    Blessings from NZ


    • El’s Friend, thanks. Glad you found us. You can order the book on-line direct from the publisher while it works its way up the global distribution chain. On the link below, you can use the coupon code to get an additional 20% off the order until August 12, and just click on the coupon and it will link you to the site.




      • El's Friend says:

        Thanks Alvin, ordered successfully. Looking forward to reading your book. Something our Saviour shared with me:

        5 March 2011
        My Child – you must make time to spend with me. I have shown you what you will have to withstand – it will be harder than this even! You must abide in the shadow of My love.
        This world has entered the Day of the End. A time when I will pour out My wrath and do My strange work. Disaster will follow disaster and many will be lost. But I will keep those who belong to Me.
        It is time for My people to leave the cities and take refuge in the country. The cities will not be safe. I will provide for you – you must not doubt but just obey quickly.
        A wicked people have plans to control this world and all who are in it. I will allow it for only a short time and then I will come. They are already here planning their great wickedness, destroying the lives of many as they plot and scheme.
        My kingdom is coming in power and glory to put an end to all wickedness forever. Satan knows his time is short so stay close to Me – do not become sidetracked with the cares of this world. You must seek Me with ALL your heart and ALL your soul!
        I will show you things that must come to pass shortly. You must tell My people – warn them of what is to come. Some will listen.
        I have many servants. They will serve Me in the ways I have planned for them. They know Me and I know them. My servants will work together for My kingdom.
        Oh that all would understand how soon I am coming to take My children home and be ready to meet Me on that day.
        Nevertheless, I Am Coming!
        God bless you Alvin. Keep up the good work!


      • Glad you’re able to make a successful purchase and I know you will share and discuss its contents with others. Thanks for the sharing this also and please stay in touch. Great change is upon us and time is growing short.

        Grace in Christ,


  13. Kim says:

    Even with the recent triple CME and X class solar flare, overall the sun is still in a funk for cycle 24. The latest solar cycle progression from NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center shows
    sunspots look to be on a course for a peak well below the forecast and less than half of the previous solar cycle.


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