Magma plume report: A barometer of the planet indicates earthchanges are accelerating

August 9, 2011 –  The most frequent question I’m asked is how much time do we have left before something major occurs? Not long, as you’ll shortly see. I included this map in my book so everyone could know that magma plumes are the planet’s geologic thermal dissipative features and as such, they are an early-warning sign that entropic processes are accelerating and magma levels are rising uniformly across the planet. Let’s start with Indonesia’s 18 volcanoes that are now on alert and showing above-normal activity- Because of the Java and Coral Sea plumes, we can expect growing unrest from the Merapi Sundoro Dieng volcanic complex, the Taboro, the Gunung Ranakah and Sirung volcanic complex which comprises about 28 volcanic cones. The Canary Island magma plume is also igniting the El Hierro earthquake swarm which has seen more than 750 quakes over a three-week period. The recent spike in volcanic activity at Mount Etna and Stromboli can similarly be attributed to activity at the Etna plume. The rivers of lava that have flowed from the Kilauea volcano, along with the uptick in tremors, including the 3.2 earthquake in July, are indications the Hawaii plume is similarly agitated. We have also seen recent earthquakes off the coast of Oregon from Juan de Fuca, quakes in Germany from the potential activation of Eifel, and volcanic stirrings in Iceland. There was also a 4.9 earthquake at 10 km just south of Easter Island today. From what we see now, the time-clock that is behind many of these geologic changes appears to be accelerating. That said, Yellowstone is one of the most dangerous plumes on the planet but since its past historical eruptions are said to be linked to movement of the North American tectonic plate across the caldera; I have theorized that this could be a latter-stage event in these earth-changes since thermal forces, themselves, accelerate tectonic plate movements and increase earthquake and volcanic activity.  The Extinction Protocol
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22 Responses to Magma plume report: A barometer of the planet indicates earthchanges are accelerating

  1. Education says:

    As you sow, so shall ye’ reap.


  2. LA says:

    Yikes! Fasten your seatbelts people!


    • PansPermia says:

      ……… and pray with all your/our faith that our real Creator will guide more of us through this than many can imagine.



  3. Reece says:

    Looks like the show is about to begin…


  4. G.McCray says:

    Alvin, Could inbound Elenin be causing or worsening these effects?

    I think we are looking at a Sixth Seal (pre-wrath) Rapture this Rosh Hashsnah when Elenin aligns between us and the sun exactly on that Feast, which most eschatologists view to be representative of the Rapture.

    The sun would be as sackcloth as it would be totally elclipsed by Elenin when it comes between us.
    Here are some astounding facts why Rosh Hashanah appears to be the appointed feast for the Rapture:

    All the events after the 6th Seal are consistent with cosmic disturbances to our planet.

    It even tells how the powers that be will be hunkering down in caves and bunkers as they are aware of the possible cataclysm.

    Revelation 6: 12 I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, 13and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. 14The sky receded like a scroll, rolling up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

    15Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?”

    What’s your take on this??




    • I think these events are associated with the 2nd coming of Christ. Anything entering our material world from the spiritual dimension of heaven is going to see the break-down of all the physical laws govering our material plane. It’s a catastrophic annunication. I don’t see any science behind Elenin at this points which suggests this comet is anything more than another long-period comet. Someone wrote about an electromagnetic aspect to comets and that’s always a fascinating and unexplored dimension of astrophysical science that is still relatively in its infancy but I don’t think Elenin is tilting the spectrum of Earth in regard to these Earthchanges as they will continue to accelerate when the comet moves out of the inner solar system. Planetary warming also was occurring on Pluto as early as 2002:
      See: – So I think this is something more encompassing than a comet.

      Thanks Gina- and well wishes,


      • Dakota says:

        Alvin after sharing my thoughts with Gina regarding her post AND then reading yours I am somewhat a bit calmer………… but, I do think whatever happens and when it happens no matter how much those of us who do not as some say have a ticket to hide out in safety or how much we are prepared some of us are going to have a frightening time on top and out in the open.

        There may be nothing left of our physical bodies but I have the belief that if we are in good graces with our Creator and Savior our soul, (s) will be safe.

        Does my statement make sense? Hoping when you find the time you will answer as I know you are very busy answering the questions of many.

        Endless love…….


      • Dakota, thanks for your kind post and yes, I believe that the present body cannot inhabit this spiritual dimension that is to come. In the Bible, we read about the glorified and spiritual body granted the redeemed at the return of Christ. “We look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall change our vile body that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby He is able even to subdue all things unto himself.” Philipians 3:20, 21. In the final analysis, all we really have and can ever take with us is character- and character is a sum total of the decisions we make each day. Therefore we ae admonished to extol the virtues of love, compassion, purity, and peace.



    • Dakota says:

      Great post Gina I read on other post people talking about bunkers and underground hiding places for the elite. I did a google search and it showed a lot of underground bunkers around the world.

      Since I live in California I became most interested in the one Colorado, while it is not so much of an underground bunker as it is a government facility called NORAD what peaked my interest more was the fact that there are underground tunnels being built leading from the Denver airport.

      When I mentioned this to a coworker they did not see or understand the connection. I pointed out that the elite as well as government had to fly in to some where close and their activity would not be noticed as they would be in one of America’s busiest airports and their government would go undetected ans most people do not know them by sight.

      People should know this stuff – during one interview the interviewer asked one of the foremen if anything should happen and the world powers had gathered and were all safe inside would anyone else be able to get in….. the foreman replied that the doors would be shut before the worlds citizen even knew what was going on.


      • J says:

        Why are people so upset over supposed rumors of the “elite” building underground bunkers? Why does it matter how they spend their money? When the dust settles and everything is gone, why are you worried about how 65 yr old “reptilians” who apart of a secret society that apparently isn’t so secret since there are threads and videos about them all over the internet surviving the end of the world? They would have to restart society and create another civilization all over again from the ground up. I’d rather go out with a bang than to suffer and starve to death after it all falls down.


  5. Dennis E. says:

    As we get closer to October we could see events that are breathtaking.
    We need to take heed to has been written and what wasn’t said. Something big comes this way.
    Chaos is becoming the order of the day.
    Let’s love and care for one another, put away our petty family differences, respect one another and treat as you would want to be treated.
    Just a thought


  6. Wiseguy says:

    Something major occurs… Don’t think so, every event except Japan were happening quietly, it’s when you connect the dots that you find there’s a domino’s effect. So it will continue and in a few years we’ll find out that volcanoes had completely change our climate and then, it will be too late…


  7. George says:

    Ref. …..’quakes in France.’ Instead of Germany and Eifel I suggest let’s look at ……’The Chaîne des Puys is a north-south chain of cinder cones, lava domes, and maars in the Massif Central of France. The chain is about 40 km (25 mi) long, and the identified volcanic features include 48 cinder cones, eight lava domes, and 15 maars and explosion craters. Its highest point is the lava dome of Puy de Dôme, located near the middle of the chain. The name of the range comes from a French term, puy, that refers to a volcanic mountain with a rounded profile.Last eruption ca. 4040 BC.’ ………I say that Geologically this is just yesterday still many hot springs there etc.


  8. big changes coming !


  9. c/o Luisport

    Today in El Hierro the intensity of the earthquakes is increasing. Some of them were felt by the local population.
    Today – 107 (and the day is not over), the biggest was of 2,3. They are located betwin 8 and 15 km, but there was one at 2 and another at 4 km.

    On the previous days:
    – yesterday: 169
    – Before yesterday: 148

    Total until now: 2066

    Map of the earthquakes:


  10. Golfdad641 says:

    Uh, Yea, hhhhmmm… I would of hated to play connect the dots with that map as a child. eh God..


  11. Jens Skapski says:

    1. Eifel is in Germany
    2. In the last 2 weeks there were many small earthquakes in “Osteifel volcanic field” (M 0.1-2.2)
    Here is a listof the last 10 quakes in this region but not only quakes from Eifel:
    “Kobern-Gondorf”, “Plaidt”, and “Heimbach” are nearly the same place, only some kilometers beetwen!
    Here you find a list of all(M 0.0 +) quakes this year in western Germany and stronger(4,0 +) quakes in central europe:


  12. c/o Luisport

    Anita . on August 10, 2011, 12:26 PM
    LURKING : Right now this situation is being discussed at the avcan page.

    They think it’s an instrument malfuncion, but they still do not know:
    Just look a this:

    If it was for real… it looks bad.

    I’ll keep an eye on the page and report here if something more is reported.
    I need to know if I need to run for the mountains. lol


  13. the_Wanderer says:

    There are many small quakes in Iceland every day. Locals says the area around Hekla and Katla have been under evacuation for the last month because of the recent activity (you can use google maps or something to match Hekla and Katla location to my following link) and because of the huge amounts of glacial melt water that has destroyed brigdes and roads in the last months. Icelanders fear Hekla and Katla because they are the 2 biggest volcanoes on Iceland.

    link to Iceland met office:


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