Japan government prepares plan to flee Tokyo

August 9, 2011TOKYO – Japan is considering the possibility of creating a back-up capital city in case a major natural disaster, like the March 11 earthquake, strikes Tokyo. A new panel from Japan’s Ministry of Land and Infrastructure will consider the possibility of moving some of Tokyo’s capital functions to another big city, like Osaka. Japan is located on the junction of four tectonic plates and experiences one-fifth of the world’s strongest earthquakes and geologists have warned Tokyo is particularly vulnerable to powerful earthquakes. It is feared if a massive earthquake like the March magnitude 9.0 quake struck Tokyo, it could destroy the country’s political and economic base. –ABC News
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18 Responses to Japan government prepares plan to flee Tokyo

  1. Rick says:

    Tokyo is 250 miles from 4 melt downs/threws. I would leave too, but why not tell the truth, preparing for a future earthquake: give me a break.


  2. mike says:

    what a sad picture i can not imagen what thees people have gone true and still are!!!!


  3. zorar says:

    I feel somewhat sorry 4 the people but its judgememt time.think about all the tainted food and harmful things they create,all harmful to the earth and us.they make cell phones,computers,tvs,etc.all harmful to us using elf waves which affects our dna,so they deserve all which they have created and more to come.,


  4. skywalker says:

    its about time they started being realistic , but is it too little too late i wonder.
    not only has the proverbial horse bolted, but after it left , the stable melted down. trying to close the door now seems pointless.


  5. Chondra says:

    The gov is leaving Toyko because it is poisoned and they are still not telling their own people. Don’t understand why the other gov’s around the world have not forced Japan to incase Fukushima. It is poisoning the world everyday…no one seems to care!


  6. idiotbox says:

    How but a nice big bowl of karma.


  7. Tina Marie says:

    I don’t know if it’s some sort of divine karma or just the reality of the land on which they live being very active and now poisoned since the quake and tsunami caused the meltdowns of 4 nuke plants but I do know the Gov’t has lied to us and it’s own people since day one. I doubt they are as worried about their Gov’t being compromised as they are about the radiation threat to the people serving in the Gov’t. I agree with an earlier post about why are other Governments heeping their mouth shut. Surely even if they know more (and I believe they do) moving isn’t really going to solve anything. I feel for all the people of Japan and areas around it. It is only going to get worse before it gets better, if it ever does. Blessings to all that are forced to stay behind and don’t have the means or knowledge to leave….


  8. Luca says:

    I do not believe in karma and it upsets me when people say that after someone or a nation is struck by tragedy. People say Karma is you get what you give, good or bad. False because I know so many souls out there who only have done wonderful things and they always received bad. Children are murdered, people starve, go to war and die. Karma doesn’t exist because if it did murderers wouldn’t go free, children wouldn’t be murdered. Sorry to rant but I hate when people use it karma after something bad happens to people. Compassion, love is what we should show to people around the world who are suffering. And not throw the word karma out there in their faces.


    • Lucas,
      Nice try but you grossly misunderstand the true meaning of Karma. It is for past lives that the individual has to atone for during their present incarnation. The principles of Karma relate to the Dharma of Buddhism.The idea of dharma as duty or propriety derives from an idea found in India’s ancient legal and religious texts that there is a divinely instituted natural order of things (rta) and justice, social harmony and human happiness require that human beings discern and live in a manner appropriate to the requirements of that order. If an individual has not discovered his Karma in a timely manner even if he has lived a “good” life will suffer for that indiscretion.Because of ignorance, living beings create karma. The word ‘karma’ means activity, activity that is based upon desire and governed by the law of cause and effect (see causation). For every good and bad act of the body, of speech, and of thought performed in the present, there is a corresponding result which is experienced in the future. In every moment we experience the results of our past body-, speech- and thought- karma and simultaneously create new karma which will bear fruit in the future. Not to say their is alot of bad Karma in Japan but that maybe the whole world is coming to understand that because of wrong actions and willful ignorance we will ALL suffer.


      • logosky says:

        Nothing such as Karma, but careless people that think they were so smart to control and master a technology that is beyond their imagination. It is So sad for innocent people that do not ask anything but peace.


  9. nickie says:

    Gosh….I have a pain in my heart, – I feel wounded. Wounded by some of the comments made here.
    Talk of ‘karma’ and ‘judgment and ‘they’…..
    and we wonder what is wrong with our world….
    What about ‘Compassion’ and ‘Love’ and ‘Forgiveness’
    For as long as we insist on division, there can be no unity, no peace
    In truth we have One World, One People, One Creator. We are All part of that One, that Whole…weather we like it or not
    We can change things by changing ourselves. Perhaps if we spend less time judging others, and judge ourselves instead, we can begin by changing that which needs changing within our self and make a difference. We are not powerless, we can each bring about change this way.
    Richest Blessings & Peace to all


  10. nitewarlok says:

    finally a voice that speaks of real CHRIST given truth.the LORDS BLESSINGS to you Nickie.


  11. Terry Thomas says:

    Two things: I have noticed one world religion teaches Karma always and in every case. Another, and I honor all of them, so am not pointing fingers, but the other, the one of my upbringing, teaches grace can intervene and change karma. It has in my life or I’d be toast. Second unrelated point, does anyone know if the rumor of huge underground cities having been built and prepared in the Colorado mountains for leading politicians if something comes down actually exists. It makes sense if it does: would look out for themselves first, using our money and their power to create a refuge for themselves? But maybe it is just a myth.


  12. ashuka says:

    Candace Dorrity that’s a very nice explanation for the word Karma. We should all get together and pray for people in Japan. I come on this web site to read good things that Alvin shares with us not negative things. Thank you Alvin!!!!!


  13. ashuka says:

    very scary !!!!!!! God help us all……. This is human error that can’t be fixed and it makes me sad.


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