22 Responses to Further UK riots as violence spreads

  1. Pagan says:

    Ordo Ab Cao. It has started

    All the gathering storm clouds are visible now, everything is clear in my mind. There is absolutely no physical way out of what is coming to Mother Earth & Her children, only spiritually through Love Faith & Prayer. How can we have thought we could treat our Mother with such disrespect? How could we have raped Her, treated each other & Her bounties with such reckless disregard & contempt? Did we think we could escape retribution? How could we have denied Her?

    I hold my candle aloft in these final dark days.

    Blessed Be.


    • Each day brings fresh revelations of an ever-worsening crisis in some new corner of the globe. The lid is sliding off the pot and dark forces are seething below. I agree Pagan, we stand on the edge of a very perlious precipice.

      peace and blessings,


      • Pagan says:

        I thank my Mother for you Alvin. Without you & this blog which has become so very important to so many, these dark days would be utter blackness. Thank you for all you do. You Shine.

        Peace & Love


      • Pagan, thanks. The feeling is mutual. Your compassionate heart and concern for the planet and fellowmen speaks loudly and eloquently. I thank you for you.

        peace and love,


  2. *No Future Generation * Also, groups of violent children aged 10 to 14 years were in the trenches on the road . “The riots did not take place in wealthy neighbourhoods such as Kensington, but in the poorest districts.Where the toughest cuts in social spending in 30 years are already being felt. Where young people can do no more high school because the government has cancelled the grant for living costs of 30 pounds a week. Where youth unemployment is at 25 percent and rising.” *Tottenham’s Labour MP David Lammy* —We must give the KIDS and YOUNGSTERS a FUTURE and HOPE. Or give them at least the same attention we give to the falling markets and other occurrences


    • You are correct. The demographics in the Middle East are similarly abysmal with an explosive young population who cannot see the pathway to jobs or security for the mountains of debt that has been left as a legacy by an older generation.


    • Julie says:

      “Where young people can do no more high school because the government has cancelled the grant for living costs of 30 pounds a week”

      Barbara you are completely wrong with your statement above, state schooling is FREE in the UK!


  3. luisport says:

    PHOTOS: Crazy Scenes Of Looting From Three Days Of Violence In London

    As London surveys the damage after the third night of violence, many are wondering what was it was that caused this mayhem to break out on the streets of the British capital.

    While the disturbances in Tottenham can be directly linked with the shooting of Mark Duggan by police officers on Thursday, other incidents have taken on a more opportunistic bent.

    Click here to see pictures of the looting in London >

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/looting-london-photos-2011-8#ixzz1UXBXzsYM


  4. Thanks for the link Luisport. When I looked at this pictures, again it struck me to see a this big international company’s. They are everywhere in each corner of this world.

    Here’s a list of shops that appeared to have been broken into or were heavily damaged with smashed glass:

    • Betfred
    • Pawnbroker
    • Independent sports shop
    • Argos
    • Independent phone shop
    • O2
    • Carphone Warehouse
    • Phones4U
    • Cash Converters
    • Foot Locker
    • Boots
    • Bookies
    • Barclays, Aldi, Spar, Telecom, H&M, McDonalds, Sony, ID, EVANS, and so on. I haven’t seen a small corner shop looted. —-Check the website of Foot Locker, watch the promotion pictures, see the gangsta style of the models. http://www.footlocker.com/.
    What I want to say is: I do not feel sorry for company’s or their shop managers. They are all insured. I feel sorry for all the young people starting with Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and so on. For the young people in Spain, Portugal, Greece, France. For the people in Israel demonstrating now. For the students of anti-cuts protest in London last March. –It,s a time of social unrest all the year through. —I feel sorry for a the many Million of people and family’s who have to pay the price of the global capitalism and the actual financial crisis. I feel sorry for all who lost their life’s in Syria the last days and the people who suffer cos of Fukushima. Or people who suffer now in the Horn of Africa. – To me all this is interconnected. And it is mainly caused by others greed for power or money.


    • Yasmine says:

      I do feel for any human being who was terrorised by that mob during the last three days as well as all the war victims in the countries you mentioned Barbara.

      I don’t believe any human being should be subject to any form of terror. 50 families lost their homes in Lodon yesterday.

      I just heard a gang are in South Ruslip and will be making their way to Greenford.


  5. Yamkin says:

    Guess where the young rioters will most probably end up…..


  6. Akash says:

    The unrest has also started in India and once it catches up the speed then it will go beyond control because of the population factor. There will be demonstrations from 16 th August onwards. Keep a tab. The corruption in India has gone beyond control.


    • While this in no way is the same hearth as the Middle East uprisings. The sparks from the amber are essentially the same and the most troubling as far as implications. Class-warfare is becoming a growing reality on our planet as the needle on the scale tilts more in favor of the haves versus the have nots. I don’t think any of us should walk away from this and not be stirred by the omen of how quickly this could get out of control- from unrest in Greece, India and the Middle East to flash mob crime in the U.S. As austerity measures cut deeper to exact pain on the population least capable of bearing it, while the corrupt money exchangers escape with impunity, these scenes will only become more common. The fabric of society that has been stitched together with credit and fiat money practices is starting to violently unravel and woe is us…


      • Golfdad641 says:

        Something interesting happening here in the US “Philly mayor: ‘No excuses’ for flash mob attacks”

        There have been several assaults by teens on residents in recent weeks, and the beatings have left people badly injured. The city cites the culprits as members of a “flash mob,” which is a group of people who decide to gather at a given place via e-mail and social media.

        On Monday, Nutter signed an order reducing curfews to 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays for people under the age of 18 in Center City, the heart of Philadelphia’s downtown, and University City, a neighborhood to the west where the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University are located.

        In the rest of the city, the curfew will remain at 10 p.m. for people under age 13 and midnight for people under age 18.

        read more at http://www.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/08/09/pennsylvania.curfew/index.html


  7. Jake says:

    Love him or hate him, Glenn Beck, started mentioning a book in 2009 and mentioned it numerous times after that in his monologues – “The Coming Insurrection”. Beck, started saying quite a while ago that anarchists and anti-capitalists in Europe would start taking cues from this book and using the suggested tactics. I wish a poll could be taken of the lawless horde to see how many of them have read out of that book.

    Is it me or does anyone else get the feeling that the world is ripe for an escalation of even more social unrest and violence? I look at this London thing, Greece, the Arab Spring, and the flash mobs in the United States and I can’t help but to feel these events are a prelude to the rider on the red horse who rides out and takes peace from the earth that men should kill one another on a grand scale.

    iThis, iThat, iMe, i..i..i..i..i..! Empathy, Compassion, and Love, we miss your strong presence in the world!!


  8. Luca says:

    I feel like unrest is only going to increase around the world. I heard about a mob in some state in America attacking people at random. It’s heartbreaking to watch the violence. I abhor any form being a follower of Christ it has always made me highly uncomfortable even to see a fistfight. My thoughts and prayers are with those in the path of the rioters in the UK and also other parts of the world. I saw that a kid was forced to take off his clothes to a thug in England. Terrible.


  9. Cammac says:

    Well it looks like it could be another night of trouble round the uk, friends have already mentioned about tensions building in other uk citys, police and government are looking to find answers as to why this has happened and truth be there isn`t any, its as simple as the youth have realized that by running in mobs they are untouchable the sad truth is for far to long we have become soft, the police are to scared to hit out because of possible lawsuits against them and the courts and justice system are broken too.. The people in power speak strong words but with no substance.. It`s been a long time coming but now its arrived… So sad to see the country i love so much come to this…


    • K says:

      I am truly sorry, everyone in the UK are in my thoughts and prayers. I love England a lot and it saddens me to see this.

      Love from America


  10. luisport says:

    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Reports of looting, fires and disorder continue in UK. Photos, videos, updates on 4th day of unrest: http://bit.ly/nzr34o
    há 42 minutos


  11. Ian says:

    Sadly, some people have been attacked inside their own homes – whilst others have had their homes destroyed by the fires (they live above the burnt out shops). There have been more incidents of trouble than reported in the main stream press, albeit not all with such devastating results.

    It is not the British way for the Police to use water cannon, tear gas or rubber bullets – most of them still do not carry guns (some use the taser) but they are well trained to deal with riots and civil disorder, experience with soccer related violence for example.

    There is no doubt this is copycat wanton violence, and looting seems to be the main aim. The troublemakers are not solely from one ethnic group, so the problems do not seem to be racially linked, which is some minor comfort.

    Watch the press over the next few weeks, these thugs will be caught and punished.


  12. Steve Hall says:

    The London riots… Sadly, this is the price a free people have to pay when they succumb to pressures to give up their means of protecting themselves, their families, and their property. I hope Americans see the handwriting on the wall, and take the appropriate steps to maintain the ability to protect themselves from this type of lawlessness.


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