M-Class flare erupts from very turbulent sunspot 1263

August 9, 2011M-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: Sunspot 1263 produced an impulsive M3-class solar flare on August 8th at 1810 UT. In Falmouth, Maine, amateur astronomer John Stetson happened to be observing the sun and he caught the sunspot in mid-eruption: “Perhaps we will get some more auroras this week,” Stetson wrote hopefully. Alas, no. Although this eruption did hurl a CME into space, the plasma cloud does not appear to be heading for Earth. Further analysis could reverse this conclusion, however, so stay tuned for updates. Sunspot 1263 poses a continued threat for Xclass solar flares. –Space Weather
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12 Responses to M-Class flare erupts from very turbulent sunspot 1263

  1. whatchagonnado? says:
    • Essentially, I cover something similar in my book but I wouldn’t call the cloud alien and I wouldn’t say we’re just passing through it but we are definitely in it and the next two years will test biological conditions on our planet as perhaps few times in Earth’s history has. Conditions in the entire solar system have been rapidly deteriorating but I underscore, this is the true nature of space.. It’s a very hostile environment and 99.99% of it has adverse conditions which are inimical to our physical existence. We live on a small fragile sphere, surrounded by triple spheres of debris in a very irradiated part of the Milky Way Galaxy. When you look at the moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus and you see that these bodies have been pulverized by storms of meteorite showers but in any of our lifetimes, when can any of us or our grandparents remember the moon being struck by a meteor? My point is what happened in the past with the moon and the planets may have all happened at the same time and may all be rooted in the same causative event. Unpredictable catastrophic periods may happen which can completely alter or overwhelm planetary systems. This may have happened at the time of Noah and may do so again with little or no warning.


  2. Anthony says:

    I think that as more and more flares start to pile on top of each other, we are going to be thrust into a harsh lesson on what time is. Time is the inverse of frequency. So, time will be considered when the sun wasn’t bouncing around like a madman long ago in the past.


  3. Brandon says:

    If we even make it the next two years.


  4. kewl says:

    And just ten minutes ago we had huge X class flare. If it goes our way we are screwed.


  5. The Sun is full of surprises and if this is the end time, as the Bible so accurately describes than we see activity out of Sun like never before witnessed on Earth.


    • Dennis E. says:

      Alvin, Anthony brings up a good point. If we continue to get pounded class flares or so,
      will that not increase the heat on the earth and damaging the ozone layers?
      Just a thought


  6. nibikwe says:

    Thank You, Luisport, for the Alert on this.

    So, is there a class X6.9 really moving towards planet Earth at this time? ETA???

    All One, In The Light Of The Most Radiant One.
    Peace and Love


  7. Karthik Rajagopalan says:

    Concept of CME wave propagation and their impact on earth’s atmosphere is a social research responsibility. Some area require a detailed investigation;
    – CME is possibly Sun’s response to the Interstellar shocks from deep space. While we can have response systems developed to protect on local behaviours, we may not be able to control nature.
    – Position of Moon and its localised gravitational effect on Tectonic plates at time of CME Wave impact. Needs investigation into whether Moon is holding back closest tectonic plates when the wave pushes whole surface away from it, leading to multiple shocks from tectonic shifts. Can simulation models predict this to finer levels and alert the regions as we today have for Cyclones and deep sea Tsunami.
    – Considering the force carries by M / X class flares, the force of this shift on earth’s rotational axis is a subject for discussion.
    – Considering the generic particle theory and quantum fluctuations, is the Solar cycle, on an overall time scale changing properties of things forever.


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