6 Responses to Fears of suicide surge in Japan’s tsunami zone

  1. patty marvin says:

    May our dear Lord place His Healing Hand on our brothers and sisters in Japan


  2. Sue says:

    This is heartbreaking, To hear of so many people in Japan and around the world suffering so much fills me with such sadness. Floods, eathquakes, fires, drought, hunger, volcanos, wars, riots and it goes on.
    As I look on in my humble abode, with no worries of the dramas that others have to live through I wonder what my place is in all this turmoil. I pray that in all this suffering, that all the people who are crushed emotionally, physically and spiritually know that they are not alone.
    I pray they have the comfort of Angels.
    God Bless.


  3. sinoed says:

    There are those that believe that the japanese deserve everything that they are going though…myself I was partly raise by them and have always felt that they are perhaps the best example of the human race that we have today….their suffering is a lesson we should all listen to…as soon it will be our turn…I just pray that we in the rest of the world will learn to take that which is coming with the same good grace that they have…and not the way everyone acted after katrina


  4. John says:

    Sue, Great words! I cant imagine what they are going thru. I dont know if I would have the strength
    to climb over the hurdles in their way.


  5. The song ill-advised us to “Don’t cry outloud. Just keep inside and learn how to hide your feelings,” but introspection and stoicism will do little to help us psychologically cope with the heavy burdens and trials each will be summoned to bear. The Japanese high suicide rate is indicative of the fact that psychological stresses from such disasters devour us inwardly. Only the pillar can support the ceiling and only One who was crushed by death can be there to save us from being crushed by the burdens that will surely come to rest on every shoulder. When the lives of millions are swept away in a day, then it will become clear that something otherworldly has befallen the human race and that it is there, beyond ourselves, we must seek for the sustenance to sustain us through what shall surely be days of agony and shadows. For the Christian, He who bore the cross, the spotless Lamb of God, will bear up the believer lest at any time we are imperiled by danger to dash our foot against a stone. Psalm 91:11, 12


    • J Guffey says:

      If only everyone chose to turn to Christ. God never intended us to bear these burdens alone. When we hide our pain, fears, & hurts and pretend we are not troubled is usually a sign of denial or pride. Neither is mentally or spiritually healthy. I feel sad for those in Japan and elsewhere that are enduring such hardships.

      Alvin, my prayer is that more hearts will be receptive. Normal everyday life can be difficult enough, but the horrors that lie ahead are unimaginable for our simple minds to conceive. It’s very hard to put into words how we (Christians) can be concerned about the unfolding events, yet still have a calming wonderful peace knowing no matter what happens, we have a wonderful Heavenly Father that will be with us through it all. As you and many other on EP already know, we all (whether we admit it or not), need the Lord.

      God bless as you continue to inform us and and we continue to inform others. Time is shorter now than it has ever been.


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