14 Responses to UN says famine zones are spreading across Somalia

  1. Son of a Mason says:

    And there is no over population, yeah right.. 10 years ago the rest of the world could help but know we must look out for our self.. realy hope religius people all over the world can see this as a sign there is no god looking out for us.. evolution is king and we`r all alone on this rock blasting trough space


    • Vivian NAUD says:

      Son of A Mason, Pls read Key to Salvation Below. If you still say and believe that there is no God after reading the Key to salvation, then let the will of God that lives for ever and ever be done in your life. Amen
      Alvin and all, Pls forgive me in advance, this message is lenghty but I had to send in the complet version as to not alter it.
      The Solution and Key to Salvation!

      In the Name of the God Almighty, the Atom of Life, and the Ancient of Days. Amen.
      All Creatures in the world, should truly repent and practice righteousness for the spirit of God cannot come into any man that lives in sin,

      To have grace of God Humanity must repent and behave responsibly
      If any man is not living a righteous live; he will never enter the kingdom of God
      Humanity must copy the 10 commandments. The laws of Love and our Lord Jesus Christ
      To be saved, man must obey the laws of Righteousness (10 commandment of God) and learn to endure the temptation of the flesh and quest for Materials things.
      The world was created in righteousness. It is the weakness Satan and of humanity that corrupted it with sin.
      God says that the Kingdom of God is within man/humanity. (Luke chap. 17 vs 20-21 the kingdom of God is within you) It is in their hands to help themselves to be saved; for salvation is personal!
      Bear in mind that if flesh rules over a soul in sin, that flesh will be destroyed along with the Soul. However, if a flesh rules over a soul in righteousness, that soul will be saved.

      People of the world should repent, accept our Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour for it was through his great visit and sacrifice that humanity is given this second chance( read John Chap. 1 Vs 1-50 and Luke chap. 10 Vs: 17- 24 ) adopt the Ten Commandments of God, welcome and practice Love into our world.
      The work of Everyman will determine where they will be.
      Good work = A soul receives the seal of the True living Almighty God
      Bad work = A soul receives Mark of the beast
      Righteousness = A soul receives Seal of the true Living God
      Sin = A soul receives Mark of the Beast
      Righteousness Attract the spirit of God
      Sin attract the demonic spirits

      The Righteous people alive will inherit the Kingdom of God on the new Earth that will emerge immediately after these great tribulations attached with God’s Judgment of the world passes away. Various parts of the world and all creatures of the world are currently experiencing phenomenal tribulations- signalling Judgment. FYI This judgment period, depending on God’s verdict for each soul; will mark the end of the world for the wicked and a new beginning for the righteous children of God

      Old Earth: old earth along with Sinners is already passing away. Only the righteous will survive the current and coming great tribulations
      New Earth= paradise on Earth. The righteous who survives the great tribulations will inherit the new earth also known as the kingdom of God on Earth
      The Righteous people that die during this great tribulations will inherit the Heavens
      Sinners will die and be casted into the lake of fire where their souls would either be refined or lost forever.
      (See new heaven and New Earth in the holy scripture in Isaiah chapter 65 verses 17 -25 and Revelation Chap. 21 Verses 1- 27)

      Sinners will not receive a place in the Kingdom of God in heaven or on earth.
      Anyone that wants to change should confess his sins and change.
      Anyone who repents and welcomes the will of Almighty God will be saved.
      Righteousness is the only way for any man to run away from the mark of the best.
      The reason why Christ, warned the children of God against following false prophets is that false prophets bears falsehood, mislead people into seeking prosperity alone as opposed to Righteousness.
      Beware of False Prophets for they are agents of Satan but pretend to be from God and working for God. They preach Righteousness in public but practice and condoles immoralities in private. God has tagged them hypocrites for they do not practice what they preach.
      Right now, Satan is using False Prophets to possess influential men in the world; this is why they are highly intoxicated by position, power, wealth, drugs, Authority, glory and lust
      They are using material things, using Power, monetary objects, lusts and other sins to confuse and posse’s men. When they possess a man they lead them into sin that results to condemnation.
      Many kings, Presidents, religious heads, ones friends, relatives, school mates, co workers in the office and business associates etc are possessed. Because they are possessed, it is easier for them to become heartless and do anything to their countries, subjects, Associates or even loved ones without remorse.
      There is so much greed, wickedness, immoralities and hopelessness in various countries, organizations and among Families today because; lots of people within their circle are possessed by Satan
      Remember! People are influenced and controlled by the spirit in them. Thus, this person once possessed can easily turn against you in unimaginable ways
      False Prophets, shares demonic spirits into the world; they possess a lot of people
      When a man sins he fails short of the glory of God. Such man now becomes a wonderer and such easy target to Satan and his agents
      When a man is empty, It is easier for the Satan to posses him
      Right now, Satan and his agent are busy stealing souls on earth. They do so by way of offering man prosperity instead of Righteousness.
      Once a man sins, the spirit of God departs from him because, the spirit of God only lives in person of holy and pure hearts.
      Be ye forewarned that although the prosperity that the Devil offers sound attractive; it would only lead to eternal damnation; because, the devil and his agent are after man’s soul; they will do anything to gain many souls on their sides. Satan and his agents do not love man rather; they are Jealous of man; as they have been since the time of Creation when God put man in charge of all his earthly creatures. Yes after creating man in his own image, God became so besotted with Man that he (Almighty God) made man CARE TAKER of the earth. Satan became envious of mans position from thence and has been coveting ways to overthrow or destroy Man completely.
      You see God’s grand plan for earth is LOVE. This means that man love God and all his creations on earth as man loves themselves and that God and all his creations also love man. God is love and if humanity can repent and return to God They would automatically have Love. Gaining the love of almighty God is the only solution that will enable humanity overcome the great tribulation and enter God’s kingdom (new earth soon to replace the old filthy earth)
      Practising Love is the key to righteousness!
      Practicing Righteousness is the Key to earn favour before God the Ancient of days!
      Gaining favor before God is the Key to Salvation!
      Let the will of God, the atom of life; be done forever! Amen!

      Men know thyself and forewarned; for Satan and his agent’s (False prophets) sole aim is to destroy thee and deny thee thy Favorable place before God!
      Man, Remember this. God is the atom of life. God created and placed you in charge of the earth to make you happy. God Freely gave and still gives humanity its existence and sustenance.
      Satan did not create anything. Therefore, Satan and his agents own nothing. Satan is a thief. Everything he and his agents pretend to own and have offered you is stolen from God. FYI .all those prosperities Satan and his agent offer you; are always in exchange for your soul’s damnation.

      You see Satan knows that on his own he cannot destroy men. So he came up with his own grand Plane. POSSES & LEAD HUMANITY INTO DISTRUCTION! For his grand plan to succeed, Satan had to (1.) convinced man that God is not real. (2.) That the 10 Commandment of God is too difficult to practice (3.) that righteousness is too tasking (4.) and that Immorality was the major source of prosperity and joy. Hum! What is so unfortunate is that until today, because, many men have been under Satan and his agents possessions, they fell into Satan’s traps and thus came short of the glory of God and became wanderers.

      Satan and his agents have been at large corrupting the people of the world; with an aim to deny man salvation. Satan and his agents are doing this due to Satan’s believe that corrupting the entire world will anger Good into destroying humanity and the entire world. (See warning of coming destructions for sinners in Zephaniah chapter 1 verses 2 – 18)

      FYI The war today is between Satan and man! It has always been.
      This war between Satan and humanity will bring complete damnation to all creatures on earth soonest; if God and his Angels do not guide men before it is too late. Today thanks to the timely interception of our Lord Jesus Christ. The God that lives forever and ever has finally revealed the secret of salvation to humanity. It is done!
      You see, Satan cannot directly challenge or fight God. God is too great and too pure for vile beings like Satan and his agents to fight war directly with God. So Satan goes after those precious creatures of God he (Satan) perceived to be weaker
      Summarily, Satan sinned and Fell out of God’s favour ever since then; he has been trying to regain his place before God. Satan sees God’s love for Man as the sole obstacle between him and God. Satan believes that if he can degrade or eliminate man that God would bring him closer and place him in charge of earth one more time.
      (Read war in Heaven: Revelations chap. 12 Vs: 7- 12)
      God detests sin (immoralities) but Satan love sin. Satan is his (Satan’s) own worst enemy! Satan’s thirst for immoralities and quick fixes lead to his downfall.
      Satan knows that he is dammed so he vowed not to be dammed alone, but to drag down as many men and Angel of God that he can convince with him into eternal damnation.
      Because God hates sinfulness he would never pardon Satan or any creature that lives in sin. Satan wants either for sin to be legalized (so he could be redeemed) or man dethroned (so there is a vacuum for him to fill.)
      When you hear about the Ancient battle in heaven or current battles on various planets (especially earth) between the Ach-Angels of God and Satan it is all about God’s People Party (G.P.P) vs. Satan’s people’s Party (S.P.P)

      SPP or Satan’s peoples party = SPP Fights against men. Objective= to destroy or dethrone Man
      G.P.P or God’s peoples Party = fights against Satan. Objective = Protect, defend, guide man toward God as well as helping man eliminate or avoid Satan and retain his throne as caretaker and good ambassadors of Earth
      Satan thinks that he is in competition with man. Although he pretends to care for men, Satan remains man’s greatest adversary! Indirectly, Satan has been waging wars against man for centuries. Satan hates Man and wants to either dethrone man or destroy man.

      Now that God and his Ach-Angels has taken over the world and judging the earth 100% as is evidence by global events. Every earthly creature (including man) and al earthly resource has returned to its creator (Almighty God).
      To be saved; all men has to do is reach out to God and his good Angels. If they do, God and his Angels will pull man away from satanic possession and free man from both physical & spiritual destruction.
      Brethren and wanderers on the earth planet repent and flee from Satan the devil for he has nothing to offer you but destruction and damnation on earth and in hellfire after death!
      For those of you who had already lost hope of salvation. From today, let not your heart is troubled. All hope is not lost yet. God still loves you! For within each and every man is the kingdom of God. Almighty God our Father being the greatest architect after designing each and every one of his children placed a secret key within them with which each man can unlock, retrieve and redeem himself before God. To retrieve this key all men needs to do is to simply denounce SIN and embrace LOVE. Armed with Love, Man can then rise above man’s ancient Enemy (Satan) by telling Satan and his Agents to go to Hell.

      Righteousness leads to salvation and is the key to the Kingdom of God. A man can only overcame Satan, his agents, the great tribulations (present and future) and be saved if the spirit of God (LOVE) Lives in him/her in fullness. God is LOVE. Love is the key to Eternal life (se Luke Chapter 10 Verses 25-28.) Love is the SOLUTION. God is everything and owns everything. Any man who has God has love. So any man who has God has finally got solution to everything.
      To help you start your redemption process start now to behave well and pray daily that the will of God be done in your lives and on earth as it is in the highest Heaven. Amen. It does not matter which location of the world you are, or condition you finds yourself presently. Follow these instructions and God will reach out and guide you on how to retrieve the kingdom of God within you. To know more about the Fate of Sinners and God’s reward to righteous people on earth Read Psalm 37 vs. 1 -40
      May Almighty God my father, the Ancient of Days; Bless and empower his Holy words that I have received and interpreted above; so that all God’s Children on earth and at various planets that receives/reads this message (both directly or indirectly) to immediately start regaining their physical and spiritual consciousness, their power and wisdoms that will enable them know the truth (about the will of God, Man’s position, the LOVE edict, the wages of Righteousness and the punishment of Sin) and may this truth set them free from all Satanic and Demonic possessions! For Ever and Ever Amen
      May Glory, honour and Majesty be given to our God in whom existence we exist and whom his Love for his children has endured for Ever more; Amen. In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen and in the mighty Name of Jehovah God, the God that Lives forever we pray. Amen. It is done!
      Note: This interpretation is brought to you by the Elect of God, Eze Clinton (his Loved and the Noah of our Time) as directed by God.


    • Julie says:

      Hi Son of a Mason –
      I’m not religious – more spiritual. And I don’t see this as a sign of no God; rather as a sign that we, as humans, care more about our own comfort than taking care of our fellow humans. No offense, but to blame God for human choices is ridiculous. In my opinion, we could feed every person on this planet; we chose not to. We could wipe out most of our own problems; we chose not to. I don’t see God in that equation other than watching what our choices are and then watching the consequences of said action. I totally respect your right to your opinion – I just disagree with you. 🙂


      • Luca says:

        I agree Julie. God gave us free will to make choices. He knows what we will do but he doesn’t make us do it we choose. Like in how we choose To follow God or not. He is no puppeteer.


  2. J Guffey says:

    Without God’s grace and protection, that could be anyone of us. WIth the food chain collapsing, there will come a time when everyone will be affected. God help us be greatful for the blessings we enjoy and faithful through whatever lies ahead. God bless.


  3. cossack55 says:

    If things play out as they have been, I see the US/NATO declaring Somalia a failed state thus terrorist prone, hence let the bombings begin. The TBTF need to trim the herd to about 3 billion acceptable slaves.


  4. Louise says:

    The Un has tons and tons of food in a warehouse in the capital but the employee are not receiving the OK to distribute. No wonder because the UN is an instrument of the beast, beyond all appearances.

    The founder of the UN was a 33rd degree freemason and the husband of Alice Bailey, the prime disciple of theosophy, and the founder or UNICEF was Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley, two eugenicists.

    The beast is very calculating and has long term plans. They plan the same for the Western world according to the Georgia Stones and written documents exposed by Webster Griffin Tarpley.

    Stalin, an actor for the shadow government (the NWO would be a full scale communism as in China) created a terrible famine in western USSR in the middle of last century, killing millions and millions, but we only hear of the genocide of the holocaust toward the …

    May the Beloved be forgiving.


  5. SupremeSiddha says:

    With so much happening around the world, only the Supreme One who has created all of existence can help. The Source of all existence, God, must send divine intervention. This is pretty sad, I cannot wait till the light overcomes all darkness on earth. I hope everybody has faith in the creator, and asks for divine intervention in your own ways. Thank you , stay in love and faith.


    • Vivian NAUD says:

      God has already sent down divine intervention in to the world. that is why despite the wide spread distructions we see today, Good people are still alive and strong.In a nut shell, God is Sorting through the world/Judging the world and whomever that is found worthy will be saved.There is an on going serious war in our dimension. God’s people Party are fighting with Satans People’s Party. Sort of the spritual Amargeddeon war spilling out into the physical realms Blah Blah Blah! God said that the time for satan and his Agents manupulationg the world is over. Thus, God sent down his WORD + his Ach- Angels to take over our Battles. The Ach Angels of God are here to help us and they are sanitising the world by the power of the holy spirit of God. To save the Earth, God must first remove Man’s Ancient enemy and its Agents. Removing Satan and his Agents away from men has not been an easy task; because many men are yet to realize that satan and his agent hates men and are bent on taking as many individual to hell as possible.
      Simply Put the earth is shaking on its foundations (Trumpet) because the WORD of God is with men and the Satan has been arrested! Now, the Ach-Angels of God are busy hunting and arresting the Agents of Satan and everything that defiles earth. By the end of these great tribulations. A new earth will emerge wherein one Almighty God, Love and Rightiousness will riegn for 1,000 Celestal Years and all those found worlthy and saved by th power of the holy spirit of God, will dwell at peace with the Ancient of Days and his Lamb
      Remain Blessed.


  6. RainMan says:

    It’s also so pathetic that honest people that donate their money for aid/medicine/food dont really know how much actually arrives before it is used for weapons, syphoned off by corrupt officials or spent on ‘red tape’, what really can one person do but grieve for these suffering souls. Cheerish everyday you have.


  7. nullity says:

    Ugh… I’m torn on which one makes me groan louder: an atheist going into an obviously Christian-based site and shouting “there is no god”, or a Christian replying with “read this 50 page blah-blah and repent or this thing you don’t believe in will smite thee”. Personally, I’m atheist but I like this site for the interesting articles that don’t always make the mainstream media. I’ve learned to scroll past the holy comments, but don’t begrudge the commenter for their beliefs (unless they are westboro-like… Looking at you, Vivian…). Can’t we just accept that people old enough to post on a site like this are not going to change their minds on matters of faith based on the beliefs of anonymous strangers? Faith by definition is belief without evidence, and there is no way to prove or disprove god.


    • And we don’t want anyone hammering or criticizing anybody about any religion or lack thereof, so your point is well-taken. I think the response, in question, was addressed to someone. Whether someone believes or disbelieves has no bearing on the news postings. Glad you’ve made us one of your sources and thanks for weighing in, Nullity.



      • nullity says:

        I’m not trying to stir the pot, either. The only reason I called out Vivian was for the statement that God is culling the sinners with disaster and famine. Seriously, did the tens of thousands of children that have starved to death in Africa really have it coming? In any event, to each their own. Thanks for all the work you put into this site, Alvin.


      • Understandable. Thanks for being here again and again to read it. I mean that…

        peace and blessings,


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