More than 4700 homes destroyed by flooding in North Korea- 30 dead

August 6, 2011SEOUL, South Korea — More than 4,700 homes in one North Korean province were destroyed or damaged by extensive flooding spawned by torrential rains in late July, according to a Red Cross report. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies also said that more than 28,000 people were affected by the July 25-27 rains in South Hwanghae province in the impoverished country’s southwest. The report on the province released this week gave no independent estimate of how many people died, but cited a North Korean government death toll of 26. The Red Cross said 96 people were injured. Heavy rain can be catastrophic for North Korea due to poor drainage, deforestation and dilapidated infrastructure. Floods in 2007 left some 600 people dead or missing and about 100,000 others homeless. Particularly heavy rainfall pounded the Korean peninsula in late July. Flooding and landslides caused dozens of deaths in South Korea as well. North Korea’s state news agency reported Friday that the heavy rains caused flooding that killed about 30 people and left almost 16,000 homeless. The Korean Central News Agency did not provide a breakdown by region, but described South Hwanghae as the “largest victim.” –Sacbee
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1 Response to More than 4700 homes destroyed by flooding in North Korea- 30 dead

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Alvin, off subject posting: Yesterday in Charlotte NC, we had what could be labeled as a “CLOUD BURST”. About 4-6 inches of rain in two hours or so;severe flash flooding/flooding. One person killed and another missing. Unfortunately that person who was killed was fleeing police in a shoplifting case and her friend is the one who is missing when they drove into a flooded creek area.
    Sorry about those folks in North Korea. They really have suffered in their time on this earth.


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