By sea and rain: Alaskan village inundated by mysterious orange goo

August 6, 2011ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Leona Baldwin’s husband saw it first, and she got on the marine radio to alert others in the remote Alaska village of Kivalina that a strange orange goo was sitting on top of the town’s harbor. The news attracted all the townspeople, anxious to get a gander of the phenomenon that covered much of the harbor and then began washing ashore Wednesday. The next day it rained, and residents found the orange matter floating on top of the rain buckets they use to collect drinking water. It was also found on one roof, leading them to believe whatever it was, it was airborne, too. By Friday, the orange substance in the lagoon had dissipated or washed out to sea, and what was left on ground had dried to a powdery substance. Samples of the orange matter were collected in canning jars and sent to a lab in Anchorage for analysis. Until results are known, Kivalina’s 374 residents will likely continue to wonder just what exactly happened in their village. “Certainly at this point it’s a mystery,” said Emanuel Hignutt, a chemist with the state Department of Environmental Conservation lab in Anchorage . Kivalina, an Inupiat Eskimo village, is located at the tip of an 8-mile barrier reef on Alaska’s northwest coast, and is located between the Chukchi Sea and Kivalina River to the north and the Wulik River to the south. Villagers have never seen anything like this before, and elders have never heard any stories passed down from earlier generations about an orange-colored substance coming into town. Portions of the samples will also be sent to the University of Alaska Fairbanks and to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration lab in South Carolina for testing. “There’s a number of experts in the areas who can identify if it’s an organic material, for example, and what species this is, or perhaps it’s not an organic material, and we’re going to determine that, as well,” Hignutt said. The Coast Guard already has ruled out that the orange material, which some people described as having a semi-solid feel to it, was man-made or a petroleum product. That leaves algae as the best guess, said village administrator Janet Mitchell. The concern is if it’s somehow harmful. What will it do to fish, which villagers will soon start catching to stock up for winter, or the caribou currently being hunted, or the berries? When the material bunched up in the lagoon, it created 10 foot-by-100 foot swaths of glimmering orange. –AP
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15 Responses to By sea and rain: Alaskan village inundated by mysterious orange goo

  1. dingdong says:

    Very bizzare!


  2. Jane says:

    Why oh why do communities keep sending samples of potentially toxic substances and the remains of dead animals to laboratories operated by the government? Not likely that they’re going to get an honest answer from that source.


  3. Cha says:



  4. Michael says:

    More USA Secret Military Spraying again. Those people in the Alaskan village better keep an eye out on their health for a long time. I think Cancer and miscarriage rates are going to go very high soon for them. The government does their secret spraying on remote people, then watch’s to see what happens to them. That is on record and that is a fact. Your government doesn’t love you, got it?


    • PansPermia says:

      You’re closer to the truth than you realize.

      I’ve said from the beginning that all of what we see happening on earth today is NOT all done by mother nature.


  5. ArieZ says:

    I’m guessing with the warming trend lately there’s new plants growing or older plants are changing to adapt to the weather an this is pollen from the above named plants..that’s just my guess…I hope it’s not what I been fearing an that is the main Fallout Clouds From FukuDaichi have travelled the jetstream and starting dropping over Alaska..if thats the case..they’ll probably go with the story I just said about it being pollen or airborn algea or somethin not Radioactive….


  6. skywalker says:

    i would say this is the important fact that points to possible government involvement ” Villagers have never seen anything like this before, and elders have never heard any stories passed down from earlier generations about an orange-colored substance coming into town.” very ominous.


  7. Glenn Rice says:

    I have to say that the likelihood of government testing is quite high. They have a track record of these kinds of things, and the masses of the world are viewed as lab rats and useless eaters to many of the world elite rulers. Chemtrails are mentioned above, and they are potentially a vehicle for mass murder on a scale never witnessed thus far in the history of mankind. Here in PA, we had recently a dry spell that lasted about 2 weeks. When rain began falling one morning, I happened to be on my way to work. I noticed a white shimmering substance that was gathering in puddles and washing from the surface of the pavement, on every road that I drove on. The only logical explanation is chemtrail residue, as it is far too late into the summer to be salt, which is water soluble anyway and would not have the appearance of this shiny substance. The world’s elite are truly creating a toxic and poisonous planet at a very alarming rate, and it is full spectrum, that is to say, food, water, air, and pharmaceuticals. May we all be aware of it, and may God have mercy on us all.


  8. Louise says:

    (Alvin, please post this one instead – Thanks)

    Maybe it is their old friend, agent orange, which they are now spaying. Maybe chemtrails are not effective enough, so they went back to their old recipe.

    What is interesting about the forces of darkness behind the hijackers of the earth (I am tired of using flattering words as “ruling elite”) is that they are at war with God and His creation, Nature. The only thing they can really do is to destroy. Destruction seems to be their only intention in the grand scheme of things; to possess to destroy, or to destroy to possess (even ruins). Why? because they cannot create. They can come up with technology, brilliant technology, but what is a computer next to a flower? They truly are the reflection of the seven deadly sins, with an emphasis on envy. Maybe that was their role, and humans are thus challenged to decide whether they want to be here for God, the Real One, and thus for love, or whether they are here to feel powerful.

    According to the Book of Revelations by John these forces of darkness and their humanoids do not continue the journey, at least not in the New Jerusalem. To be honest I am relieved.
    I can’t wait to be with my Lord again, and yet it seems that it is all I do, wait.

    May you all have a very good Sunday.


  9. idiotbox says:

    Dust from the dragons tail, soon we will all see it as well.


  10. Wiseguy says:

    Scientists have identified an orange-colored gunk that appeared along the shore of a remote Alaska village as millions of microscopic eggs.
    But the mystery isn’t quite solved. Officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Monday they don’t know what species the eggs are — or if they are toxic.

    Read more:


  11. capt ajit vadakayil says:


    have you heard of a mysterious ORANGE GOO which appeared couple of days ago, at Alaska? And the amazing announcement by NASA , about DNA building blocks in a meterorite?


    capt ajit vadakayil


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