The Extinction Protocol


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25 Responses to The Extinction Protocol

  1. Desiree says:

    what does 10712 mean? Oct 7th 2012 or jan 7 2012 or neither?



  2. Maiden PEI says:

    Genius, Alvin!

    Love it.

    Thanx for your fantastic site.



  3. Brandon says:

    Alvin, the end is closer than we realize. Things are happening so fast!



  4. ashuka says:

    I already purchased your book and can’t wait to read it. I know shipping takes some time.


  5. Julie says:

    I ordered your book – it shipped Friday – should have it soon – very cool picture!

    Hope you are having a glorious weekend – 🙂

    Peace – Julie


  6. Dennis E. says:

    Thanks for the warning Alvin. I am preparing the best I can.
    I have paid off my car, trying paying off all credit cards this month.
    Preparing to go into survival mode.
    This credit rating downgrade is serious. People are going to lose cars and homes.
    Homeless and hunger in America could increase significantly soon.
    Time has past to wake up. It is here and I am not the boy crying wolf.

    That is my opinion and God bless your work.
    Dennis E.


    • Dennis, glad to hear it. Smart move and I applaud your efforts. Those who cannot get completely out of debt; get out as much as you can. In the end remember: What you own, you keep, what you don’t own; you lose.

      Grace in Christ,


  7. goodbyemilkyway says:

    Stands still…in the mad swirling..arms out at side..hands stretching, will someone join me?..

    Peace and Love…Blessings to all of you…GBMY


  8. Susan says:

    Is this a forth-coming article or just a general statement/observation?

    Thanks. (But please elaborate.)


  9. Louise says:

    Yes, and there is joy in my heart !


  10. Wiseguy says:

    Solar storm, solar storm… It will happen soon, triggering earthquakes, volcanoes, blackouts, riots… Few days, few weeks… Only God knows…


  11. Jake says:

    It’s certainly true, the birth pains will soon give way to the greatest Tribulation the earth’s inhabitants have ever known. Christ came the first time to try and save humanity, but the next time He comes it will be to judge humanity. When that day comes, some will realize for the first time in their lives that the most important commodity to be owned is faith through saving grace.

    Alvin, in one of your responses not too far back you said that we would wake up one day and not recognize the world from as it was when we went to bed the night before. I concur with your assessment 110%.

    Thank you for being a conduit of Truth.


  12. It certainly is feeling like a lot of momentum is gathering at the moment – “all these signs are the beginnings of birth pains”. I guess like child birth the pains will come closer and faster.

    Love the site Alvin. If you can see this, I managed to post!


  13. Joey Kilroe-Smith & Martin Bode says:

    Yes, Alvin, the End is here—Satan will come as —a glorious being before the real Christ–do not be deceived !


  14. Frenchy says:

    We are not DYING, we are CHANGING!!!!!
    Those who die are those who won’t change along with Earth.
    Please stay tuned to your center.
    The time is NOW


  15. Jemma says:

    I am part way through your book Alvin, its fantastic and full to the brim of information, I am learning so much! The delivery was excellent I had no issues there.

    I would encourage all your readers to purchase your book, it’s thrilling to read and you can do so as you sit and watch events unfolding all over the world! Alvin, I admire your dedication to your work and your faith. Please never give up on your endeavors. Many thanks and God Bless.


    • Jemma. I thank you and may God be gloried in the light of His Son through their message of love, hope and redemption for the human family. Your words are inspiring and I shall keep them close to the heart.

      God bless,


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