Unexplained fissures reported near town of Tucapel Chile

August 4, 2011Tucapel, CHILE– Fear, disbelief and surprise are some of the expressions of the neighbors in the south east of the city who awaken to find a large crack was created in front of their homes. The issue has concerned neighbors, who called on the authorities to go to the site and investigate the cause of the strange phenomenon. The authorities were unable to explain the causes of the fissure in the ground measuring about 200 meters. Until the area became ONEMI staff, Sernageomin, Aguas del Altiplano and the police, who cordoned off the affected site, located in a vacant lot of 1.700m2 Tucapel dividing populations VII and Villa Primavera, road frontage Ignacio Vergara (Spring) and William Source (Tucapel VII).  Franz was Schmauck, regional director of ONEMI, who said he is still working to determine the causes of the fact that last night the cracks covered only a small area, and today, dawned older residents said, it had expanded to nearly 170 meters and a width that reaches 10 cm.  It is expected that the next few hours of awareness of the technical report to confirm the cause, however there is talk of a possible leak of water that would have caused the softening of the soil saline. –Soy Chile      translatated from Spanish
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2 Responses to Unexplained fissures reported near town of Tucapel Chile

  1. Zack says:

    This and so much more, it does feel as though the change is upon us, do you have any comment on the “comet Elenine. As I read more and more I am developing ideas and am looking for a sounding board (not to say there aren’t plenty out there.) It is just that I appreciate your perspective and respect it greatly.

    Also as we are going through the center of our Milky Way Galaxy in a little more than a month, do you think this could explain the Shift in our Polarity? Meaning as we travel from the southern hemisphere to the northern in our Galaxy do you think this alone could cause our magnetic north to flop as we enter the other side/polarity of our known Galaxy? At least contribute greatly?


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