Sol obitus: The day the Sun dies in science and the Bible

August 4, 2011 – All things must end. That’s true for us, that’s true for the Earth, and that’s true for the Sun. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but one day in the far future, the Sun will run out of fuel and end its life as a main sequence star and die. The Sun actually only has so much of this hydrogen fuel available to it. The Sun’s death will come when it runs out of fuel. The Sun is converting about 5 million tons of hydrogen into helium every second. This sounds like a lot, but it only has enough fuel for another 5 billion years. When the Sun does run out of fuel, it will swell up to become a red giant star, expanding in size beyond the orbits of Mercury and Venus. By the time it reaches its largest radius, 256 times its current size, it will be down to only 67% of its current mass. When the Sun does begin to bloat up, it will go quickly, sweeping through the inner Solar System in just 5 million years. It will then enter its relatively brief (130 million year) helium-burning phase. It will expand past the orbit of Mercury, and then Venus. By the time it approaches the Earth, it will be losing 4.9 x 1020 tonnes of mass every year (8% the mass of the Earth). Astronomers even think it will swallow up the Earth as well. Even if the Earth survives, the intense heat from the red sun will scorch our planet and make it completely impossible for life to survive. Once it has become a red giant, the Sun’s death is just around the corner. It will still have enough heat and pressure at its core to begin a second stage of fusion, burning helium this time to form carbon. But when the helium runs out, the Sun won’t have enough gravity to keep the core temperature and pressure up to burn carbon. At this point, the Sun will slough off its outer layers into space in a series of bursts. The dying core of the Sun, an Earth-sized diamond of carbon and oxygen called a white dwarf, will be all that remains. It will slowly cool off over billions of years, eventually reaching the background temperature of the Universe. It will then be a black dwarf. The Sun’s death will be complete. –Universe Today
What does the Bible say about the future of the Sun? According to the Bible, the heavens will be recreated and nothing will remain from Earth’s past that in anyway bears the blight of sin, broken systems or imperfection. We live in a solar system that is a broken, chaotic model. It also happens to be littered with debris, meteorites, and comets from some past astro-catastrophe. None of this should be expected to survive what the Bible calls the new creation of the heavens and Earth. “For the first heaven and the first earth were passed away, and there was no more sea.” Revelation 21:1. The Bible describes a completely different celestial system in the future than what exists today:For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light; the Sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.” Isaiah 13:10. What is this telling us? It means we are moving from a material physical body and existence to the glorified spiritual form where our new world will be ruled by spiritual illumination which provides light but none of the oppressive physical properties of heat. Consider the passage in the book of Revelation describing the city of New Jerusalem:And the city has no need of the Sun or of the moon to shine upon it, for the glory of God has illumined it, and its lamp is the Lamb.” Revelation 21:23. And again we read of the redeemed in the New Earth: “They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the Sun light on them, nor any heat.” Revelation 7:16. These verses appears to be consistent with the new glorified bodies granted to the redeemed at the return of Christ – signifying a new spiritual existence for humanity. 1 Corinthians 15:53  –The Extinction Protocol
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36 Responses to Sol obitus: The day the Sun dies in science and the Bible

  1. Shane says:

    Always appreciate your posts~


  2. patty marvin says:

    Come Lord, Jesus!


  3. Gypsy Rose says:

    That’s interesting, but I read that the Sun’s heat is electromagnetic, not hydro, and that studies show the interior of the Sun is cooler than the surface and so the “burning” theory is now dispelled. See Video, Thunderboltsproject videos, and that measurements of the Sun show that it is not shrinking as we at one time thought. I’d be interested to know which is correct.


    • I think we are still trying to understand the properties of the Sun Gypsy Rose and perhaps we’re only at the beginning of the journey. The Sun is supposed to have an internal temperature of about 13.6 million degrees K, while the corona, at 2 million K, is much hotter than the surface at 6,000 C. The Sun is still believed to be powered by nuclear fusion in the p to p process of converting hydrogen to helium. Radioactive convection was once theorized to be one way the corona of the Sun was being heated but a complex process involving the osciallation of ions in a magnetic field by Alfvén waves is actually what fuels heat in the sun’s corona and powers the solar winds. Thermal properties and the propagation of ionized particles in such powerful magnetic fields are something we are learning more about each day.


  4. Louise says:

    I had a vision-experience in May 2011 in which I held the world (Earth and Humanity) in my heart, as I have done for several years now. Suddenly, we were lifted away from this planet, entered the Sun where we were purified, and reappeared in a Dimension where the Earth had a body of light and Human Beings had individual bodies of light. We were Consciousness again. Behind, this planet was left as an empty skeleton covered by ashes, and the forces of darkness and their humanoids had been destroyed, having played their role.
    This seems to resonate, Alvin, with the scriptures you are relaying to us.


    • If we see these changes as something much more encompassing than shifting paradigms of power from one hand to the next among corrupt earthly kingdoms – then perhaps as willing rather than unwitting participants, we may move this process along. You’re welcome.

      peace and blessings,


  5. Luca says:

    Thanks for this Alvin

    Bless you


  6. SupremeSiddha says:

    Hey Alvin check this out, Click on the seismic icon and check out the latest seismic activity. Fully zoomed out, you will see something surprising hope you look at this at the right time:).


  7. Archelly says:

    Amen to that!


  8. lewanna714 says:

    Couldn’t come fast enough for me! Come quickly, Lord…..


  9. adam says:

    I had to share this because it’s both chilling and humorous because of the idiocy.


  10. adam says:

    And btw beautiful entry. I loved this one. I yearn for this day.


  11. Julie says:

    Alvin –

    Now THIS post gives me great hope again! Thank you for your facts, but also your insights and your encouragements!

    Love the idea of moving into a spiritual body – that is something to hold onto in the middle of a dark, stormy night.

    Peace – Julie


  12. Blanca Ocasio says:

    I also want to say thank you, Alvin. What you wrote is so beautiful and true. I hope many, many people read this and become joyful and inspired by it. There IS something beyond just sheer extinction.


  13. Anthony says:

    Another low level M-flare just now. This current round of sunspots still has some bite. – >


  14. Anthony says:

    Scratch that; make that a low level X-flare! Shows you the one-minute data can change on a dime!


  15. A_lad says:

    Awesome interpretation of that article Alvin, beautifully done. Billions of years seems like a very long time but when we are transformed in a twinkling of an eye time may not even be revelant…. I can not WAIT to be in the presence of the Almighty…..


  16. Brian says:

    Wow ! What a brilliant early morning read ~ 8:32 am, left me with cold shivers…
    For Some there is no end only a new begining ~ Praise The Lord God Almighty !

    Alvin thank you for this heart warmer…


  17. Stephen says:

    Alvin, I would like to state first of all that your blog is a GREAT source of updated information,
    comments and and analyses. That said, I would like to very RESPECTFULLY point out to you that
    the Bible has been quoted far too many times in history to support an incredibly wide variety of
    conflicting doctrines of opposing sects, cults, etc, and also to support failed end of the world
    predictions down the centuries. Now it seems that as pagan prophecies about the present
    earth transition and changes may be true after all, the Bible is quoted yet again.
    Perhaps you and your readers would like to examine the following list of failed
    doomsday predictions based on the Bible :


    • Stephen, thanks for your comments. The Bible was never meant to support those sects. Christ came not to send peace on Earth but a sword of division – otherwise, there is no distinction in message. (Mattthew 10:34, 35). There is no religion that will harmonize the world in its present condition- though this will be attempted with catastrophic results. The Earth transition in New Age idealogy and what the Bible speaks of are two divergent lines of thought. The latter is not evolution; it can only be commissioned by and through Christ. I’ve studied mythology and pagan religions most of my life and I haven’t found any prophecies as old in time context as those mentioned in the Bible: the promise of a Messiah (Genesis 3:15) and the return of Christ prophesized by Enoch, the 7th from Adam (Jude 1:14), which would make it the one of the oldest prophecies known- predating Mayan history. The Genesis story is even contained in the Chinese language which is over 4500 years old which again, predates Mayan history:
      Of course, people don’t rationale their belief in the Bible’s authenticity as a lithmus test for acceptance- they believe it by faith because of their personal relationship with God.

      peace and blessings always

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Jake says:

    Awesome thread! Blending science with the things to come once we have passed from this realm to the eternal is absolutely fascinating! I mean this is good stuff!

    It’s a blessing to see so many comment with such enthusiasm, too. Those of us in Christ might be the few walking the narrow way, but we are never alone.

    But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him – I Corinthians 2:9

    Thanks for this inspiring news, Alvin.


  19. Why would darkened-Sun prophecies have anything to do with the Sun petering out? Upon the return of the Giant/Typhon/God of War, there are terrible storms that kick up. Upon the renewal of the Sun, volcanoes blow darkening our skies. History has yet to experience the storm engendered by a Great Comet. Something kicks off a great ice age cycle every 100,000 years. We are due.


    • I beheld the earth, and it was without form, and void, and the heavens, and they had no light…I beheld, and lo, there was no man, and the birds of heaven were fled..and I beheld the cities thereof were broken down.” Jeremiah 4:23-26

      We exprienced a cataclysm in the solar system in its early history…it would seem we are due for perhaps another more dramatic event.

      Good to hear from you, Ken


  20. Muy al pendiente de la información que saquen sobre ELENIN / NIBIRU.

    Saludos y hasta pronto.


  21. Another brilliant post. I never tire of this site. 🙂
    God bless!


  22. James White says:

    Thank everybody here. I like the verses in Revelation and Corinthians. I’ll read over again. This helps me.


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