Growing seasons disappearing in Bangladesh

August 3, 2011BANGLADESH – Bangladesh is known to have six seasons that support the land for crop farming. However, as climate is changing, the season pattern has also started to evolve – deeply impacting on the country’s agriculture. Nazla Bushra tells her story with testimonies of how the lands of Bangladesh and its cultivation are forced to change because of this variation. This film is the 3rd part of a series “From the Himalaya to the Bay of Bengal”, a series of short stories about climate change and its impact the people of Bangladesh and Nepal. Captured and narrated by 10 young climate champions with the support of British Council and Wild Eye, it is a collection of stories that raises crucial questions about what is happening around us and urges the next generation to wake up and protect their future. –Youtube synopsis
“The climate stability we once knew is now gone forever…blistering temperatures from a runaway global heating trend and a chaotic Sun on the precipice of convulsion will render life in many regions of the world unbearable. Every nation will be under some duress from nature’s curse. Agricultural ecology will be equally taxed as growing seasons disappear one by one.” –The Extinction Protocol, page 9
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4 Responses to Growing seasons disappearing in Bangladesh

  1. There is NO human caused global warming! History shows and proves these things happen in cycles to start…mount St. Helens released more CO2 gas into the atmosphere than all of human kind in 50 years! God made the earth and controls everything in it on it and around it. If things are “haywire” look to the creator for answers as to why…not humanity. We are a flea in the ointment compared.the less we humans realize we actually have “power” over the more we begin to work towards where we actually effect things….with each other…other human beings. Yep that’s about it…unless ya live for God and then we effect His Kingdom too! Peace 🙂


  2. Luca says:

    I agree with you too. I feel bad when I look at how people are suffering I know this isn’t about the video but saw footage on tv about the situation in Syria it’s heartbreaking and i know that the time is short and I am glad I don’t want people to continue suffering everyday forever. Yes I am safe and healthy but millions and millions of people are not. God be with them.


  3. David J. says:

    There is man made global warming, which is on top of the natural warming of the planet. The comment you make as well about Mt St Helens releasing more Co2 than humans had in 50 years is absolute nonsense, I notice you don’t state a source for this information. Volcanoes release Sulphur dioxide as well which adds to cooling so I think your argument against man made global warming is very weak.


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